Kangaroo and cage by fdjerue7eeu


									Kangaroo and cage
  One day, the zoo administrators have found that kangaroos came out from the cage,
and then met to discuss the consensus is that the low height of the cage caused. So
they decided to cage Mega height from five to six meters high. The results next day,
they went outside to find the kangaroo, they decided then to eight meters high

     did not expect a few days, actually they all ran outside to see kangaroos, so
administrators have much tension, decided it thoroughly, the raising of the height of
the cage to 10 meters.

     day, giraffe and a few kangaroos in the chat, "Look, these people will
continue heightening your cage?" Giraffe asked.

      "hard to say," said the kangaroo, "if they
continue to forget to close them!"

     Mr. Taiichi Ohno, Toyota production one of the founders. Mentioned in his book,
Toyota Production System is Toyota may also wish to say a few people repeatedly
asked "why", accumulate and carry forward the scientific
understanding of attitudes, only created. Ask a few "why", you
can identify the causal relationship between things or hiding the real reason behind.

     It is clear that the story of the zoo administrators failed to find the kangaroo cage
ran from the real reason to deal with inappropriate measures, waste material is rational
also had.

     when enterprises are faced with dilemma of the time, many people may blame
the responsibility of environment is not good, then there is no significant internal
reasons? There. Why customers do not come to us orders? Because we often can not
guarantee period, offend the customer. Why can not guarantee period? Continue to be
investigated carefully, you will see a number of reasons. We need to change is our
outdated ideas and habits of inertia. In the enterprise, often face tight deadlines
problem. In accordance with the normal production schedule, complete the
customer's schedule is impossible, how do? At many organizations, people,
night raids. The customer is God, and would rather not sleep, we should also complete
the task! Step by step, unhurried, our long-standing habits. Peace of mind under the
planned economy, state-run factories sense of superiority, many companies
unwittingly develop our own plan everything to the center, contempt, or to turn away
customers demand problems. Only the real needs of the customer as top priority, we
will gradually strengthen the concept of duration. Customer satisfaction, that is,
duration and quality, this fundamental issue is resolved, we will gradually have a large
number of old customers, and will have to ensure the prosperity of business.
      sometimes from the streets and see some customers were full of small restaurants,
some sparse. And so have the opportunity to go eat before we know the root cause of
this result is that the quality of food is different. Customer at his door in addition to
affordable food restaurants but also doing fine work, You Ziwei, mostly repeat
customers. The few customers restaurants, food is often rough, poor taste, not the
restaurant's customers who occasionally visit, will leave in disappointment.

     In our own ideology, the Chinese products is strong natural rough old stupid
thing, as long as the product durable, looks almost does not matter. In
today's increasingly competitive market, the shrinking gap between
internal quality product than have the details of that product, service details of who
did better. Many enterprises in the implementation of the Japanese
"5S" management, you go after their business, will see the
production site clean and orderly environment, workers, neat, and always clean.
Reflected in the production, not only the production efficiency, product is also on the
grade and level. Products such as dishes, is also reflected in character, we only put
some of their products have done fine, and then more precise, will win customers and
win market. Old rough Lara meals do not win customers back, the old do rough
Lara's popular products, and enterprises will not rapidly.

     at the national macro-control efforts this year to strengthen, in an increasingly
competitive market is relatively depressed, can stand firm and appropriate
development, is the real litmus test of ability of an enterprise. As long as we grasp the
quality and duration are fundamental to customer satisfaction and continuously
improve staff quality, refined product quality, they will survive the storm, ushering in
a better tomorrow.

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