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					Juniors. Newborn. Longevity
?2004 May 30, juniors company occupies 35 acres of industrial park completed the
first phase was completed and put into use. Juniors who bid farewell to the rental
office and moved into a spacious, bright office parks, and built a high standard of
production base in Ningbo's first health food GMP audits by health care
products companies.
   2009 May 30, a total investment of 1 billion Hong Kong dollars, the total area of
566 acres of juniors Health Industry Park usher in a historic moment - an area of 156
acres of juniors Health Industry Park, an area engineering put to use. Soon people will
move into the adjacent Sansheng Ningbo Fenghua River juniors Health Industry Park
office park. Juniors passed the 5-year, enterprise hardware change, software
consolidate, but the change is sustainable operation whose son, Everlasting ideal,
whose son is a marketing partner for each platform to build the best career . Passion, a
dream, glory, and every body in which "whose son" and have
witnessed, have feelings.
   5 years time as fleeting, but during this period whose son has made leaps and
bounds. Back to key parts of production set up five years of development, the
"healthy focus, sustainable" business philosophy has been
accompanied by the growth of juniors, juniors this year, a series of actions have
showed us a grand blueprint for the future.
   "Sustainability" is Wong, chairman whose son has been
created by the respected company, follow the concept. In 2001 he established the
Church of Ningbo Gobo Biotechnology Co., Ltd., began plans to develop the national
market, when the traditional way of operating, the company mainly health food
products. In the company's traditional business is in good shape when
Wong to seek enterprise "Sustainable" development of the Road,
the courage to explore the direct selling industry.
   April 2004, Ningbo sells daily necessities Co., Ltd was established, marking the
company's direct sales business official whose son set sail. "We
need to buy the land and the future should create a production base to fight
it ... ...." In 2004, a large grassy open space, Wong Kam-po on the
employees and some dealers have made such a promise. For long-term development,
size and production capacity far more than one production base of juniors health
industrial park is enclosed dream of plans, location is piece of po once stood on top of
"pointing country" the land. Wong total planned investment of
one billion Hong Kong dollars, will be here to build a total area of 566 acres, designed
annual production capacity of 18 billion yuan of juniors Health Industry Park. June
2006, whose son three works - whose son healthy industrial park grand foundation,
the move to juniors who dream of completely shines into a reality.
   2006, known as direct selling in China the first year of the healthy development of
the industry embarked on a fast track, this year, for whose son the same company
milestone. When people still immersed in the juniors the joy of health among
industrial park foundation, the juniors won the Ministry of Commerce has issued
direct selling license sixth country, which is Zhejiang Province's first direct
selling license.
   Into 2009, the industry obviously feels juniors company moves frequently, the
merger team, developing overseas markets, new industrial park into production.
   Sansheng company vice president of operations Shi Guanghui told reporters in
2009, the juniors into the high-speed development stage companies need to be
adjusted according to market development planning. From its inception in 2004,
whose son has gone through five years of solid history in the past five years, a myriad
of hardware, products, education, services, management, marketing and other aspects
laid a solid foundation for enterprises set up the rapid development of a solid platform.
Accumulated over the past five years, whose son has become a national leader in the
emerging direct sales companies. 2009, whose son entered a new stage of rapid
development, both from the development or market expansion speed of the breadth
and depth, have been greatly improved. 2009, whose son moves frequently, it is the
embodiment of this Accumulative effect.
   May 30, 2009, whose son the company took three years to the health spending huge
sums to build industrial park, greet guests and friends around. Relying on the
completion of the health industrial park, whose son company officially ushered in the
"new." Wong Kam-po, chairman whose son made the theme of
"root, Built to Last" speech. Wong said in his speech, tertiary
health industrial park development of the opening of the juniors an important
milestone, it represents not only the production of more powerful research and
development strength, has not only better quality products more abundant, The most
important thing is that all juniors were more convinced Sansheng
"Everlasting" in the future.
   With the juniors start the international market, the festival has attracted from
Thailand, Russia and Ukraine whose son partners to come. From the juniors a project
will be completed to the juniors Health Industry Park was officially opened gone
through a full 5 years. Now, whose son has been the starting of the pace of
internationalization has been launched in Russia, Ukraine, Thailand and the market,
more countries will further develop the market.
   Shi Guanghui, said a myriad health industrial park will be built: the Group
headquarters, including the corporate office, research center, information center;
production areas, including health food production areas, production areas such as
household chemical products; School District, including education and training of
juniors centers, establishment of business schools whose son, now famous training
institutions and to discuss cooperation; leisure recreation areas, including hotels, villas,
fitness center, recreation center.
   Health Industry Park, whose son such a large investment, reflects Mr. Huang Jinbao
"first input, then output" business philosophy, and practical
action to juniors dealers interpretation of the "best business
platform," the real meaning. It gives confidence and security markets, but
also consumers establish a good image.
   From 2004 to the present, whose son gone through 5 years, in the direct sales
industry, whose son is a young company. But is this new company has been going
steady development of the line, but not bound in the traditional old direct sales
business model. Three vital to innovation, but also to the direct selling business has
brought new vitality. The products, in addition to deeply exploit fit and meet the daily
needs of the family line of nutritional health food and daily supplies, 3 was born in
2008 to break the routine, Off the beaten track to introduce its first wine - Royal Van
Ye Putao liqueur, enhanced product differentiation advantages. According to Shi
Guanghui introduced in the future whose son will be involved in all areas related to
basic needs of families of products, open up direct sales industry has not yet set foot
in new product areas to further enhance product differentiation competitive advantage.
   In addition, in order to create industrial clusters whose son, whose son planned
international wineries, yacht club, Wetland Park and other projects, through direct
sales industry, the main industry and the extension of docking and interaction to
strengthen the core competitiveness of direct juniors. Next, the Internet e-commerce
and direct marketing approach will also promote graft, and the launch of the United
Nations leading kitchen manufacturers, automotive environmental protection products,
communications equipment and other products. The real implementation of the
projects one by one, I think this is the juniors on a "sustainable"
concept of the best comments.
   Enterprises want longevity, continuous development is essential. In the juniors of
the plan, at this stage is the initial stage to open up overseas markets. When asked
why we should choose this moment to open up overseas markets, Shi Guanghui told
reporters that the global financial crisis now is a good opportunity to enter overseas
markets. By the financial crisis, rising unemployment in many countries, very much
hope that such a flexible direct selling business to enter the international market is
now developing a relatively low cost.
   While the cause of stability in the country, "going out" is
undoubtedly the business bigger and stronger a must. Following the May 30 visit to a
foreign partner to industry and logistics industry, visit juniors company, June 11 ~ 12,
whose son again welcome the company's headquarters more than 50
overseas partners, whose son headquarters over a period of 2 day study tour. Wong
received the visit of our partners, and to juniors and development of the vision
development process conducted exchanges with foreign partners, while also inviting
everyone to the juniors to create a one of the most respected international direct
selling companies and work together efforts.
   "The global financial crisis is our good time to open up overseas markets,
and our juniors the company's overall strategic plan also requires us to go
out." Juniors business assistant chairman Qi told reporters the money
   He also explained to the reporters whose son "go global"
importance. First, the juniors in the country in recent years the development of
situation is good, already has initial capacity to open up overseas markets. Second,
look at direct marketing industry, direct selling is counter-cyclical industries, the
global financial crisis is the timing of the rise of direct selling industry. Financial
crisis, countries highlighted the problem of unemployment, the employment rate of
the direct selling industry is the fastest pull, less investment in the industry, so
governments would encourage the entry of direct selling companies. In addition,
people living necessities, consumables and will not be reduced because of the
financial crisis, limited impact on the direct selling industry. Third, the global
financial crisis makes it more difficult venture, and revenues declined, so has chosen
direct marketing business, or part-time people, the more the. So from a strategic
perspective, this time to open up overseas market timing is appropriate.
   But the goal of international strategy whose son is not blind, is still in a preliminary
study of foreign markets, establish contacts with national partners to understand each
country's policies, market assessment phase. Through pre-inspection, and
then gradually build distribution systems in overseas markets, decided to launch the
product. To national circumstances in the future development of the overseas strategy
to achieve Sansheng "run-off now, based on long-term"
strategic objective. According to report, from juniors to take home the products of
foreign partners reaction, the countries in the traditional Chinese culture is very
interested in a great room for development.
   Whose son has gone through the 5-year sustainable development of the enterprise,
to create the best business platform for the target. To this end, the company promises:
an unconditional commitment to honor the dealer; two construction companies to
maximize the hardware facilities for the dealers to establish long-term confidence,
dreams and beliefs. It is understood that, in the direct marketing industry, tertiary and
other hardware in the enterprise facility's input is not the
industry's largest, but compared to corporate performance in terms of scale
and investment in the factory building on the current juniors are the highest ratio of
corporate investment, and the performance scale and the proportion of investment
scale is the most. Compared to pre-channel direct marketing business has always been
a further increase hardware style, whose son is indeed unique. The juniors also
through the action, telling all the business partners, whose son is a long-term planning
has determined to sustainable management of the enterprise.
   Health Industry Park, both juniors commissioning and international market
development and market integration to expand ... ... along the way, the
implementation of an item, all that juniors toward creating a world-class direct
marketing industry cluster strategic goals are forward towards becoming the most
respected international direct selling company's vision of national big step
forward. In whose son's future plans, the development stage as the business
into high feeling, and then not only aims to be the first class of the direct selling
business, and will strive to create a global industry cluster, the progressive realization
of corporate vision for global Ying Xiao staff to create the best business platform.

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