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					JMP software with University of Connecticut School of Business
American University of Connecticut University of Connecticut is a research-oriented
schools, the Carnegie Foundation is designated a class of research in public
universities. The school's teaching and research are very strong, has been
awarded nine consecutive New England's best universities, the number of
applications received every year students and graduate student satisfaction increased
year by year, more than a decade ago turned a Fan.
The school's Business School and General Electric Capital Corporation GE
Capital and other world renowned companies who have been very close cooperation.
From these companies in recent years in various business schools to submit business
to support the needs of the list, the leading business schools and teachers have long
known that modern e-business models with the increasing maturity and the emergence
of electronic supply chain, customer , business processes and other internal resources
to produce large amounts of data every day, throughout the business world and have
obviously different than a few years ago, has entered a brand-new environment filled
with huge amounts of data. Large number of operational issues to be covered by the
flood of data, no suitable data analysis methods could not be identified and solved on
the front of those annoying business issues. Moreover, companies from more senior
leaders (including the Chief Information Officer CIO, information technology director,
corporate vice president, etc.) requested on the recruitment survey found that: they
think the university business school graduates must master the skills, the row in the
first place should be the business of business analytics capabilities.
To this end, University of Connecticut School of Business has taken a series of new
measures to address this new challenge, the world's largest software
company, SAS, and statistical's famous exploratory data analysis (EDA)
software JMP have played an enormous effect.
1. To improve teaching methods and curriculum
Although the students were aware of the value of data and analysis of the importance,
but the specific implementation process was the difficulties. For example, for business
data analysis, the regression, decision tree like the tools, while very good, but very
inconvenient to use them, because these tools rely on programming in the past are
complete, students without considerable programming basics not help to discourage.
Friendly interface, full menu operation JMP software solves this problem, making
business students can easily access areas of business analysis, and can go deeper, go
further. To better respond to business needs, business schools will set the visual
analysis skills to business students must have one. Today, JMP visual data analysis in
the outstanding performance has led many of the command JMP graphics business of
the school curriculum has become an integral part of the content.
2. To increase the research and practice opportunities
This is mainly in the school and the General Electric Company jointly established
"advanced laboratory" to achieve. Here students and teachers
can and General Electric's managers with the team for the General Electric
business problems encountered make plans, resulting in many creative solutions to
quite the value.
Many of which are inseparable from the success of the project the help of JMP
software. For example, the use of JMP's interpretation of principal
component analysis and prediction of macro-historical factors influence customer
behavior; use JMP's selection of design and analysis of the characteristics
of health care services revealed preferences and price sensitivity and so on.
Most representative peer to peer lending is a research (peer-to-peer lending) project.
In this project, the research team used the JMP software decision tree analysis
function, and obtained some interesting new findings. The most traditional lending
institutions rely on the credit rating. If a customer's credit rating is A +, it
means very much to his credit is a very safe thing. But the depth of the data analysis,
we unexpectedly found: in point to point the loan market, profits are often the most
lucrative investment from borrowers with lower credit ratings, credit ratings from
people in the hands of higher borrowing income received is meager. JMP software for
the analysis of all of the modeling and forecasting provides a complete analysis, but
also very convenient to use.
3. The implementation of two new proposals
This refers to the two new proposals were added, "Business Analysis and
Project Management" Master's degree (Note: business analysis
related to curriculum and teaching system in top business schools abroad have been
very popular) and create a "senior business analysis" Certificate
and certification. The former is characterized by its innovative programs, courses in
organic integration of a mature theoretical system, the latest technical methodologies,
best practice cases and so on. The latter feature is its extensive radiation, not only for
students but also to all the right ways to make science based on data analysis Juece
interest of all Zhiyejingli and Jishuzhuanye to Kai Fa. Whether a proposal in which
the requirements set by the course, see the JMP can be a lot of shadow, but it involves
the scope of content covered by the further improved. Business students are very
willing to learn to use JMP software, as well-known companies in the United States,
the actual number of work operations, JMP is that they be used for business
visualization, data showed that the implementation of Six Sigma and quality
management of the ideal vector.
For these reasons and results, University of Connecticut Shang Xueyuan pair of JMP
software, given a high evaluation, operations and information management at the Ram
Gopal Jiaoshou once said: "I am so being able to JMP a fully installed,
there will more than 100 M, in small software enables a variety from simple to
complex data analysis was very surprised, great! "

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