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Jing Bao: People_amp;_39;s Liberation Army is developing a vacuum to the engine madness


									Jing Bao: People's Liberation Army is developing a vacuum to the engine
Singing currently Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics School of
Energy and Power Engineering Thermal Power Engineering and professor of physics
a liability, aircraft engine air heat, deputy director of National Key Laboratory,
engaged in power engineering, engineering thermal physics and fluid mechanics in
the field of teaching and research work, and in basic research and multidisciplinary
field of applied technology has made a series of international advanced level of
innovative research results. In 1984 he invented the "sand dunes in vortex
flame holder", which won first prize for invention, Qian comrades call it
"a long-term ambition of the important Chinese inventions."
The results are widely used in various military aircraft engines in China, made tens of
millions of dollars in economic benefits, still retains the advanced level. Articles in
October of this year's interview with Professor Gao Ge, learned of his
recent work in some of the latest cutting-edge scientific research, especially his
tornado research and engineering applications, refreshing.

Professor Gao Ge said in an interview, the traditional aircraft engine technology,
while still being constantly improved to improve, but by the principles and materials
technology limitations, has been gradually approaching the performance limit of
development. Although the emergence of some new aero engine technology, but still
not out of the expansion process to rely on pressure to achieve heat transformation of
thinking. He stressed that people should look for other ways to find other available
works. To this end, he studied natural tornado formation and strengthening
mechanisms, known as the inventor of a "heat by pushing"
technology, the direct use of tornado vortex extraction of heat power conversion and
energy, to improve aircraft engine thrust and work efficiency, which is a major
original scientific research, is that people have never set foot in a new world.

Traditional aircraft engine technologies require new breakthroughs in singing the first
mentioned air engine has experienced two major historical phases, the first is before
1950, mainly the use of piston engines. The second phase of the Second World War,
the rapid development of turbine engines, has dominated the sport, it has many
variants, such as turbofan engines, turboprop engines, turboshaft engines, but the core
technology is the compressor - turbine combination that gas turbine.

It was made very early, after a peak turbine engines since there are no follow-up of
models. Why do I raise this issue? Because of the heat engine invented by man so far,
mostly rely on pressure to achieve expansion of heat transformation process, the
piston engine, turbo engine is so. In order to improve the performance of turbine
engines are mainly two ways, one is to improve the compression ratio, and the other is
to increase turbine inlet temperature, which is determined by how it works. The
increase of pressure ratio, turbine inlet temperature increase there is a certain limit,
the idea of compression ratio is 40, and the compressor speed will be great; same
pressure ratio increased, the intensity leaves a problem. So in terms of compression
ratio or from the temperature, the turbine engine is basically going to close its
performance limits.

Of course, all engines in the course of its development, both from low to high
performance development process. But if the principle of change is not significant,
then there would be no change in the nature. If the efficiency of its turbine engine
compressor, 40 years ago 81% ~ 82%, and today, the best compressor efficiency is
86% to 87%. It can be seen about 1% per decade increase only a little more. People
have to consider the prospects of future aircraft engines.

Pulse detonation engines and aviation turbine rotating ramjet engine now there have
been many new models, such as pulse detonation engines, ramjet, etc., which is the
main research field is also trying to find a substantial increase in aircraft engine
performance technology attempts . However, these engines still in the exploratory
stage, singing 11 of their technical difficulties and shortcomings are analyzed.

Singing that, big noise pulse detonation engine, the operating frequency to keep up.
Frequency refers to the detonation frequency of 100 Hz or so before they can produce
enough specific impulse, if not reach this frequency, the specific impulse is not
enough, in comparison with the turbine not competitive. Envisaged in a cavity inside,
exhaust, intake of a second back and forth 100 times, and do not have a piston to the
gas release, the expansion process on their own to fill, explosion, and then filling, then
an explosion, which in itself is very difficult.

Ramjet can not solve the zero speed start, low speed situations of low efficiency.
Singing to the reporters that the recent rotation at home and abroad are conducting
research ramjet, rotary ramjet is to overcome the DC Ramjet shortcomings can not be
zero-speed take-off. Rotating a rotor within the ramjet engine, start first with the
electric drive, or by other high-speed rotation starter for the rotor, flow into the rotor
after the occurrence of impulse waves, resulting in high pressure, using the
rotor's own rotation to create a supersonic or transonic's inflow,
increase in the rotating field in Mach number, the last to achieve the effect of
punching. The United States a level of 100 kilowatts have been rotating ramjet engine
test run a success.
However, the use of rotary ramjet engine to the air is very difficult, we must first
solve the engine problem in diameter, aircraft engines can not install much in diameter.
In addition, after the combustion rotor system how to configure, how come in
hypersonic flow into not rotate, it developed will we be able efficiency, size, thrust to
weight ratio and so compete with existing turbine engines, which are subject to future
development in order to obtain conclusion. Originally ramjet is an empty bobbin, and
now have a rotor rotating inside the engine, to solve the slow start, but after flying
high-speed, air rushed in and met with the rotor such a big obstacle, how to solve, but
also face a series of problem. Singing that the rotation will depend on the future of
ramjet series of key technologies can be properly addressed.

Pulse detonation engine, ramjet, etc. These new technologies are still not free from the
conventional heat engine works, but to improve it, the real breakthrough would also
like to look in other directions.

Tornado principle in aviation Engine singing about, aircraft engines has recently
shown some very promising research direction, is there any pressure on inflation may
not be used to achieve the heat transformation process, while all previous heat are
swelling of heat stress power conversion. He pointed at the nature of the direction of a
tornado. Tornadoes are not using the pressure but to use the process of vortex, relying
on tornado-like rotation of the special vortex energy into mechanical energy. Singing
led researchers have done a lot in this test and applied research.

Singing that the tornado's rotation energy source for the study of
atmospheric fluid dynamics of the people, they can certainly understand correctly that
this is a tornado of hot air outside the heat energy provided by the rotation, but there
are some dogmatic people who will say, " There is no assertion of
thermodynamics, thermal energy into mechanical energy must be pressure expansion
process! "tornado actually observe the process in the rotation with a
theorem of fluid mechanics, known as the Crocco (Crocco) Theorem. The theorem
simply, is a vortex in the periphery, if cold outside, hot inside, it produced a direction
along the radius of the enthalpy gradient within the means, or the temperature gradient,
the greater the enthalpy gradient, the greater the intensity of the cyclone spin . If the
tornado, then surrounded by adding heat, tornadoes will be strengthened.

Singing using the principle of development of a tornado, "waste heat by
pushing" technology, without changing the core machine can easily get
under the premise of the increase in engine thrust, by pushing effect is considerable.
The theory and technology is singing first, and in the air engine has been verified,
there is great practical value. Through the "waste heat by
pushing" technology, you can directly use the tornado vortex will be
converted to rotational kinetic energy, and thus improve the engine thrust and
thrust-weight ratio, lowering the unit thrust specific fuel consumption. Tornado
compound combustion technology could substantially improve the combustion
performance, the combustion efficiency from 85% to 97.5%, resistance, oil wealth,
stability and other performance indicators also reached the international advanced
level. It is certain that opened up a heat engine cyclone principle is worth exploring
the development of a new direction.

Crocco theorem in the early 20th century alone, and is a purely theoretical tool, it
does not find its way to the use of engineering technology. Singing the first trial found
that a tornado can bring heat into mechanical energy, and then thought to use it to
increase the engine thrust, and finally found Crocco Theorem. Not Crocco theorems
to guide the development of the relevant technology, but singing out after doing it in
order to find theoretical explanations thought Crocco Theorem.

Singing stressed that China should strengthen self-confidence, we have the ability of
independent innovation in science and technology. "Dune
Vortex" technology for China's aviation engine technology has
contributed to, and this "waste heat by pushing" technology
than the "Dune Vortex" value is much greater.

Concept of material change and vacuum the engine singing can also be extended to
high-energy physics research areas. He said that the beginning of the 21st century, the
spread of some and the 20th century view of science has a major mutation in the
nature of the view that a concept of material change, another change is the concept of
vacuum. The so-called concept of material change in the material universe is
constituted 4.4% of the significant material, 95.6% of the dark matter, dark energy.
Dark matter, dark energy is what, how to extract it, use it, will be the 21st century,
technology has great significance for a sign change. If you can extract and use of dark
matter, dark energy, science and technology and human civilization will enter a new

The concept of the vacuum, a vacuum over the past textbooks say what is not, and
now view of major changes in the vacuum that the "vacuum is a condensed
matter" (Lee Language), a vacuum is the energy of the sea, a vast reservoir
of energy . Some people say that one cubic centimeter of vacuum which contains
1095 g of energy, mass and energy exchange by Theorem (E = MC2), the vacuum
energy can be regarded as infinite.
Singing further explained that the dark energy universe full of galaxies in deep space
far from being, a simple magnetic repulsive force caused the universe to accelerate
expansion; in the earth around the vacuum, dark matter is embodied with a simple
suction. Dark matter particles of the same size and electronic, are free to penetrate the
material substance was, in fact, people are "immersed" in a sea
of dark matter, because each of the local density are the same, it is unlikely that its
presence felt. How can "feel" to it? Is used in the container or
the electromagnetic vortex, cold fusion and other methods, to a local space into a
vacuum, the so-called significant Wuzhi vacuum, so the concentration of dark matter
should be further improved, and there were not the same as the external material the.
With the density gradient after dark, it will obviously play a role in materials and
vacuum on the significant role of substance known as "community

"Community change" and material "phase
change"        is   completely    different,    and    "qualitative
change" is also different from the vacuum is a community-point, the
material and the vacuum will be to the energy interaction between morphology and
physical properties of the mutation. Can be said that the important role of the vacuum
is to make physical changes to occur world, while the sector is entropy change can
make the process of becoming a negative entropy process, are substances into
antimatter. Vacuum suction together with the role of dark matter, can enhance the
vortex rotation, the vortex vacuum which is the basis of dynamical systems theory can
be. "Vacuum energy" in a foreign country known as the
"ZeroPointEnergy". To this theory as a guide, used in projects
such as: magnetic fluid vacuum energy system to produce anti-gravity system, the
vacuum energy technology can also be combined with aviation turbine engines.

Singing that these two concepts of human caused changes to an earth-shaking changes
in technology, aviation engines, the future direction of development is undoubtedly a
solid first step is the development of turbine and engine vacuum can be combined.
This is a hybrid power system is a vacuum to the engine's primary
application form, but for the existing aircraft engine technology is already advanced
form, and it will be a follow-up of existing aviation turbine engine aircraft. 2001 held
in London to promote a field meeting, had an American experts to the 20th century
was the century of nuclear energy, the 21st century is the century of vacuum energy.
Some people believe that within 5 years may Zaochu vacuum to the engine. Singing
in a vacuum to the engine has also done a lot of research to prove the existence of
vacuum energy and the possibility of extraction, but also confirmed the possibility of
the application of aviation engines.
The second step is to create a pure vacuum to the engine. Both the level of vacuum to
power the engine type, including vertical power type. Unipolar vertical magnetic fluid
power vacuum to the engine is made of a disc-shaped, it has hundreds of tons to 100
tons of lifting power on, can make aircraft suspended in the air, but also high-speed
lift. This engine in the next few decades will certainly be able to make out, singing
hope to personally participating in a vacuum to the engine development work, and
saw the arrival of its practical application. Singing also said that once China has
developed the first vacuum to the engine, then the Air Force's combat
effectiveness will be back before five years of the Chinese Air Force.

In addition to the engine vacuum to the next generation of aerospace dynamics system
is anti-proton engines, of the curtain has been opened. July 2003, the United States
NASA as the anti-proton engines over the next decade one of the three top-secret.
After the engine made of anti-protons, aerospace vehicles will provide very strong
motivation, because it allows all the mass-energy exchange. Singing, said:
"Americans can not succeed, I do not do comments, the Americans with
the direction and technical details we do not know. But we do not have to go back
with them all day long, we can get out of the way the Chinese themselves. To Chinese
wisdom, can make these things to innovation.


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