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About the Australian dream of Mr. Jin Kaiping

Victorian Government National Corporate Advisory
Australia and Macao-China Trade Promotion Association
Australia and Macao Association of Real Estate
Australia and Macao in the Group Chairman Mr. Jin Kaiping Introduction

Mr. Jin Kaiping emigrated to Australia in 1987, he enrolled at the Royal Melbourne
Institute of Technology MBA from Deakin University in Australia (Deakin University)
taught at the Victoria School of Business. Given his deep understanding of the
Chinese market, the prospects for cooperation on the Australian forward-looking
thesis, 1988, he won the Deakin Business School, University of Victoria authorized
the formation of the "China Trade Center," and as a senior
manager. He wrote in English the "China Trade" and
"how to conduct business negotiations with China," two works
were chosen as Australia's institutions of higher education textbooks and
reference books business engaged in China trade. Mr. Jin Kaiping written about in the
Australian trade, China-Australia joint venture, cooperation and published many
articles in major English-language newspaper in Australia, well the attention of the
Australian business community.
In recent years, Mr. Jin Kaiping Australian group led by a figure in real estate in
Australia, in Melbourne city bought 10 commercial buildings, including office
buildings, exhibition halls, shops, educational buildings, etc., has invested 100 000
square meters of land. Only the center of the "Australian
Building" (the former Prime Minister Bob Hawke Building), which has
more than 200 million yuan, China is seen as a successful immigrant entrepreneurs in
Australia's "first" and the logo, Immigration Minister
Feipulilei Duo praise Jin Kaiping as "a model for new
Since 2002, Australia Group and the Joint State Government of Victoria, successfully
held the third "Australian economy, trade, urban construction and real
estate development in the international forum." Chinese Vice Minister of
Construction Liu Zhifeng, vice president of China Real Estate Association Guyun
Chang, Jiangsu Provincial Government, Vice Governor of Chiang determined, Yunnan
Province, executive vice chairman of CPPCC and accounted Jun major provincial
government officials and leaders led more than domestic strength strong business has
hundreds of representatives to Australia to participate in the Forum, and the results
achieved the previous forum gave high appraisal and appreciation! Previous forum
was the Australian Federal Government, Victorian Government, Victorian Employers
Chamber of Commerce in Australia, Australian Real Estate Institute of Architects,
Australia Real Estate Association, the Chinese Consulate General in Melbourne, the
support and participation
Over the years, Mr. Jin Kaiping in the development of the Group is committed to
actively help the Chinese entrepreneurs to set up point of Australia ﹑ ﹑ up
companies to open up the market or investment development. Mr. Jin Kaiping for
economic and trade exchanges in Australia and the outstanding achievements,
Australia and China have made extensive news media coverage of the major
English-language newspaper in Australia, such as "Age",
"The             Australian",          "Sun."
Australia's main television stations: ABC TV, on the 7th and the 9th TV TV,
SBS Radio ﹑ were all interviewed in the prime-time Mr. Jin Kaiping. China Central
Television, the Central People's Broadcasting Station, Shanghai TV,
"Daily",            "Liberation         Daily",
"Shanghai Overseas Chinese News", "International
Business         Daily",          "Anhui         Daily",
"Dazhong Daily", "co-Times" ﹑
"Voices of magazine", also on Mr. Jin Kaiping to promote
cultural exchanges between Australia's economic performance ﹑ several
reports, praised Mr. Jin Kaiping for "Australian civil Jia
November 1994, Mr. Jin Kaiping invited the Chinese State Council Overseas Chinese
Affairs Office, led the Australian delegation of young entrepreneurs to visit China 7.
National People's Congress of China Federation of Returned Overseas
Chinese Affairs Committee Chairman Yang Taifang officer, the State Council
Overseas Chinese Affairs Office Deputy Director Li Haifeng ﹑ ﹑ Ministry of
Foreign Affairs and the leadership of CCPIT leaders met with the delegation. The
delegation also visited Shanghai, Jiangsu, Liaoning and other provinces and cities ﹑
﹑ Shandong Province, met with a group of provincial leaders and entrepreneurs.
October 1995, should be invited to the Shanghai Municipal Government, Mr. Jin
Kaiping new Chinese business delegation led by Australia and 33 participated in the
Shanghai Chamber of Commerce organized by the Shanghai Municipal ﹑ main city
leaders met.
August 1996, Mr. Jin Kaiping and Information Office of Shanghai Municipal
People's Government ﹑ Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Shanghai
Municipal Government held a large exhibition in Melbourne, Australia "in
Shanghai yesterday, today and tomorrow." Australia's Deputy
Prime Minister attended the opening ceremony, the Shanghai Municipal Committee
Propaganda Department on behalf of Shanghai Mayor Jin Binghua. A team of
Australian federal and state government ministers also attended the opening
October 1996, the Chinese State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the
re-invitation, Mr. Jin Kaiping second lead, "the Australian delegation of
young entrepreneurs," 10 people visited China, and invited to attend the
Beijing's "11" state banquet. ﹑ By Vice Premier
Qian Qichen, Vice Chairman Wang Guangying cordial meeting. The delegation also
visited Shanghai, Hebei, Guangxi ﹑ ﹑ ﹑ Zhejiang, Yunnan provinces and
municipalities, provinces and cities along the way met with key leaders and local
In mid-November 1996, the invitation of the State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs
Office, Mr. Jin Kaiping tour in Beijing as a foreign head of young entrepreneurs and
representatives of groups by the then President Jiang Zemin's cordial
meeting. "People's Daily" (November 20, 1996) and
"People's Daily" overseas edition (November 18,
1996) have made special reports.
August 1998, the CPPCC National Committee invited 12 representatives of the new
global overseas Chinese to visit China, Mr. Jin Kaiping as the representative of
Australia to accept the invitation, and subject to the leadership of the CPPCC National
Committee and the provincial leaders, the Urban Main cordial meeting. Mr. Jin
Kaiping CPPCC Dalian was also employed as a consultant.
May 1999, the CPPCC National Committee should be invited, Mr. Jin Kaiping third
of young Chinese entrepreneurs led by the Australian delegation to visit China by the
right of the CPPCC National Committee Vice-Chairman of the friendly nations met at
the same time by the State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office and other leaders
met with Guo . The delegation also visited Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong ﹑ ﹑
Shandong provinces and cities, the leadership of the provincial and city leaders met
with the delegation and the CPPCC.
October 1, 1999, should be the national federation's invitation, Mr. Jin
Kaiping, attended the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the founding of the
People's Republic.
September 12, 2001 -10 2, should the invitation of the CPPCC National Committee,
the fourth of young Chinese entrepreneurs led by the Australian delegation to visit
China and was vice chairman of CPPCC National Committee Luo Haocai the cordial
September 28, 2001, by state leaders at the Great Hall of the kind Mr. Hu Jintao, and
met with President Hu about 2 hours of cordial discussion.
September 2005, Mr. Jin Kaiping's autobiography, "Australian
dream - a student of the modern gold rush story," by the Shanghai
Literature and Art Publishing House.
Mr. Jin Kaiping currently serves as the main duties:
Victorian Government National Corporate Advisory
Australia-China Trade Promotion Association
Australia Real Estate Association
Chairman of the Australian Chamber of Commerce
Overseas Chinese newspaper publisher in Australia
Australia Group, Chairman of the Board
Australian Real Estate Company Ltd. president of the Australian Chinese Charity
Celebrity China and China Association
Honorary Member of Zhejiang Province, China Overseas Friendship Association
CPPCC members, Dalian, China (Invited)
Changzhou, China CPPCC adviser
Australian Financial Investment Company Ltd.

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