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Japan Visa Travel Visa


									Japan Visa Travel Visa
Japan Visa Travel Visa
At least 5 people
1. Original passport (valid for 6 months) (passport issued in Beijing, Shanghai,
Guangdong, if the guest is now the official accounts for the above three Japanese visa,
a passport issued for the other provinces, please produce the booklet for more than
three and ID card copy of a Japanese visa China visa through the Irish students for
IELTS Australia Regent's College London study in Switzerland, Ireland
and Singapore students studying abroad cost Queensland University of Technology
study in New Zealand, Ireland student visa to study in Japan cost the Canadian
students studying network forum Ireland U.S. students study in Germany mesh
3. Form 1 (Japan visa application visa Japan visa, please book in Japan,
"group travel with"), (upper right corner of the form, write the
person's number in the invitation), (passport number on the same paste)
4. Japan's recruitment of warranty, list of tables, original and a copy of a
calendar (A4 paper copy)
Check the embassy sent to start the next day, 10 working sunrise visas, passports and
forms by invitation letters were arranged in the order list
Note: The 10 groups in the sign, not consumers sign. To eliminate check, will be a
good reason for that.
(B) of the Japanese short-term business Visa
If you go through Japan cultural exchange, local exchange, sports exchange and
short-term stay in Japan. For business purposes as business liaison, attended the
meeting to discuss the Japanese visa to conclude the contract, service, promotion,
market surveys of Japan for short-term business visa activities. Please bring the
following materials to apply for the China International Travel Service.
A: Japan issued material (Japanese) French student visa studying in Australia costs the
cost of the Australian study ranked Canada office decoration Office decoration Office
decoration Office decoration decoration decoration study in Germany cost the
Japanese education agents in Australia studying Forum fmlqq1112
1. Recruiting grounds for the book (in principle, should be invited to units of legal
persons, groups, national, or local government body, but for example, invited
university professors conducting official business units can be identified as the
2. Stay schedule (with to the day, returned to Japan, Japanese visa pre-set daily
activities, nightly hotel name and phone accompany the names and phone)
3. Body element guarantee (for the person who invited the Government of Japan
central government ministries and agencies of the department head or university
professors and more persons invited for the business may also be omitted.) Japan visa
4. The material on the invitation unit
(1) has registered legal entities (legal persons register? This, within 3 months after the
release valid) (if the stock market listed companies in Japan, the latest available
version of the "club seasons reported" on the part of the copy
instead of the enterprise )
(2) No registered units (companies, groups fact sheet; University
professor's "certificate of employment"; About the
book or the propaganda organs of the information may be invited to explain.
These materials can be only one original
Note: Japan issued material is valid for 3 months.
2: China issued material:
5. <Business License> copy of a copy (A4 paper copy)
6. <Certificate of employment "(need to specify where in this
company are any post and passport number) a (A4 paper copy)
7. More than six months valid passport, a passport issued to those who do not belong
to Beijing Consular District, need to pay the original work to the temporary residence
permit (the three northeastern provinces, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Shanghai, Fujian
Japanese visa, Guangxi, Guangdong, Hainan, Sichuan, Chengdu, does not belong to
Beijing Chongqing Consulate)
8. Off, retired from the need to issue a retirement card copy (A4 paper copy)
9. State organs, public institutions, state-owned enterprise personnel in Japan apply
for private passports visa, must hold the units issued by "the reason why
the private passport holders and to agree to use the private passport visa,"
the letter (A4 paper, one is a complex)
10. The original and two inches past six months, a color photo, visa application form
1 (form fill it out and paste it) and a health declaration
3: Note:
If there is no problem in issuing a visa under the premise, which normally takes six
working days, as materials are returned to the Japanese Foreign Ministry for approval,
time is not fixed by inviting people urging the Japanese Foreign Ministry's
foreign class, phone: 0081? 03? 64,022,618 switch Foreigners Division.
The Department Address: 103 Fuxingmennei Avenue, Beijing China Travel Building,
a layer of Japanese visa Citizenship visa office in Japan (Fuxingmen Subway Station,
east of Parkson Shopping Center) Tel :66021188-709 or 712,66039336 Visa Office
Fax: 66030659 Postcode: 100800
(C) instructions to go to Japan to visit relatives and friends
If the applicant is required to prepare materials
1 visa application form and health declaration form (I can provide community, please
fill in each and posted two inches color photo)
2, family relationship certificate (only for visa to visit relatives and friends to bring
their relatives in Japan when the author)
3, copy of ID card
4, household registration
5, more than half of valid passport
Second, the guarantor needs to prepare materials
1, body element guarantee
2, obtained a certificate (issued take government agencies)
3, vocational certificate (such as: occupational visa in Japan, a certificate or business
license, etc.)
1. Guarantor is required to provide the Japanese: the original inhabitants votes ranked
American University students study Canada Canada Italy to France to study Korean
students studying in Japan students studying in the UK network of students studying
in France, Italy intermediary network of New Zealand students studying intermediate
study in Suzhou, Hangzhou, education agents education agents in France, Switzerland
student visa for New Zealand students ranked Italian Japanese university student visa
or a motor vehicle driver's license copies of both sides
(If the sponsor is holding more than three years of non-resident status in the Japanese
people, the need to provide: Certificate of landing of the original ticket record)
2. Household registration transcripts (guarantor is required to provide a Japanese
Another: An Invitation to human students, the guarantor is a Japanese professor taught
Japanese visa or when only the second material to provide:
a body element guarantee
b Certificate of employment
Third, invite people to be prepared materials
1, recruitment on the ground for
2, delay in Calendar
3, vocational certificate (such as: in-service certificate, school certificate or business
license, etc.)
4, resident card or motor vehicle driver's license original copies of both
(If you invite non-Japanese people who, the need to provide: Certificate of landing of
the original ticket record)
1. Invited the reasons for the care of relatives in the day of delivery, caring for the sick,
attend weddings, examinations, etc., please provide additional
Pay the hospital medical certificate, wedding venues book an appointment,
examination notices related materials.
2. The reasons for the friends invite, please submit to prove that the applicant and
invite people (sponsor) friends relationship material.
3. State fee students invited parents, spouse, children visiting relatives in Japan when
the visa does not need a guarantor. The second material may from time to
Submitted. Just submit the third material, which certificates or foreign scholarship
students studying abroad by the intermediary to prove
(Material costs required to indicate the country as students, scholarships and the
amount paid during the period)
Note: New Zealand university ranking French visa for Beijing students study in
Canada, the UK student visa to France to study intermediary intermediary
Netherlands New Zealand students studying in South Korea, study in Germany
studying Forum Forum French student visa to study in Germany cost of tuition and
fees in Australia study in Australia Forum Canadian students studying in Japan cost
the Australian university rankings intermediary
1, the applicant is limited to the embassy to apply in person or by designated
authorities in the embassy agent application.
2, the above is valid for three months, all the materials, application materials will not
be returned after all.
3, the guarantor and to invite the same person, the same material repeated from time
4, individuals apply for visas Hours: Mon-Fri 14:00 to 16:30
5, under the jurisdiction of the Embassy Beijing: Beijing, Tianjin, Shandong, Shaanxi,
Hubei, Shanxi, Henan, Yunnan, Hunan, Hebei, Gansu, Jiangxi, Qinghai, Guizhou,
Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Ningxia
Hui Autonomous Region, Tibet Autonomous Region
More than residents in these areas or live in long-term visa from outside the Japanese
Embassy in Beijing can apply for.
Note: All copies are using A4 paper
(D) support "in the Certificate of Eligibility" to Japan are
required to use the private passport application materials submitted by the office decor
office decoration office decoration office decorations office design office design
decoration decoration decoration decoration decoration decoration decoration
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