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					Jade pillow
   Yu can reduce head temperature, stable intracranial pressure; jade containing trace
elements beneficial to the person, the human brain will have access to static magnetic
fields, can clear the brain that meridian; jade pillow, a man brain every contact point
with nerve stimulation on the brain massage effect, and can promote brain blood
circulation and thus play a sedative, and clear the meridians, blood flow and the role
of Tibetan Fu Ann. On headache, dizziness, dizziness, insomnia, neurasthenia,
hypertension, cerebrovascular diseases such as atherosclerosis with special effects.
Long-term use, can reduce wrinkles freckle, kidney yang, nourishing yin and blood, to
make white hair black, hair loss and regeneration; can enhance memory, filling
intelligence, clinical determination of the effective rate was 98%.

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