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For a long time I did not write the log, and all day on the busy two things, busy
something was busy Kaoyan Block cent. Very happy, growing team of postgraduate
class, a person must mention the, otherwise I am sorry from dawn to dusk, daytime
and accounted for seat comrades. Small Bingbing. Critical Kaoyan school on a seat on
the students, now has to account for Block ... ... on the fast living in the four-taught.
Cops and robbers I've said that time is a little easier said than done, we are,
small Bingbing sit down, and not just back pain, significant renal deficiency. But you
can forgive all the schools have changed, the log will not count the school. Or a word,
I am very vengeful
  Said Zhang, the talk about Lao Zhang, and long, long time not seen him. But for
today's class will be almost forgotten, though, that one class you will
treasure the memories from my pull out. I wish you a speedy recovery. Truth ... ...
  Yesterday, a person walking, sitting with a drink can boast of eating meat, because
can not afford the 10 weeks of emptiness in advance to work. I admire him, and live a
very free and easy, bear left. Falls in the dead is the most readily realm of life, big
deal all over again, in another the hidden. This man is 06 market one I admire the
most. As he can brag and power separately, ideal and reality separate, separate dreams
and actions ... ... This is rare. On this character, I believe he could miss with his wife
separated, shelling and do separate love ... ... leg. Love fantasy-like hype, but not
serious hype, this is entertainment. Love dreams, fear not do not pull the actual
fantasy, this is the ideal. 06 markets, only he did.
  On a paper is not touted him, but despise some of the people - all from a table that is
not serious bragging to say that if capacity is normal, learning is a general, his family
was very ordinary ... ... Brother, Please, do not the. 80 100 people inside to be the boss,
20 to when the big boss, you fuckin think that this is Beijing University MBA class,
wake up, this is big tobacco marketing class, do not smoke the whole something big is
aided by Peking University Tsinghua University , when you donate some pocket
money does not all take, broken clothes? If bragging to blown boss, I converted
directly to their own hair dryer was.