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  ?CCTV news said the day before yesterday to see the addition to the current national
real estate other than immovable property is no longer rely mainly on bank deposits,
but a fund equities.
  ?With the development of national economy, China's stock market
climbing higher and higher to tell, I can not resist buying some, become a successful
stock investors, but still relatively small investment. Unfortunately units of work in
July has been arranged so that I do not have time to open an account, the results
missed the shield security environment. Now I can ping the main hold 000780ST,
14.10 and 000 593 Chase purchase of gas, 7.18 purchase, and 000 585 Northeast
Electric, Tokyo Electric Power is really a junk stock. A while ago I have a Chinese
connection, at 7.25 to eat goods, as are weights, and feel a long slow, it out, I am after
opening 7.85 of the goods, the result, climbing higher and higher to stop Zhang, now
9 more, Oh, sorry you do not regret it.
?The following stock market to see inside the Peter Lynch precepts:
   1. He knows nothing of the company's shares do not buy;
   2. Grapevine flying stocks do not buy;
   3. Do not buy stocks with high price-earnings ratio;
  Peter Lynch was born in 1944, 1968, graduated from the University of Pennsylvania
Wharton School, to obtain MBA degree; in 1969 into the Fidelity Management
Research, a research fellow in 1977 as Magellan Fund, the fund manager. In the
1997-1990 years as Magellan fund manager Peter Lynch office 13 years, the
fund's assets under management grew from the 20 million U.S. dollars to
140 billion, more than 100 million fund investors, as Fidelity's flagship
fund, and the amount was the largest global asset management funds, whose
investment performance has ranked first. 13 years, the average compounded annual
return rate of 29%, and currently is Vice-Chairman of Fidelity or Fidelity fund trustee
board member. Now living in Boston