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									Investment bank
Strong interpersonal and leadership of Morgan Stanley China CEO Mr. Zhu Jia-image
and said: "We want everyone to do both 'side' of
things, it can do 'round' of things." Visible , under all
circumstances in a variety of good communication with customers, and final
settlement of people relative to the investment banking talent search 容易 vision. If
graduates can not only have good grades, but also had extensive involvement in
extra-curricular activities and organizations will undoubtedly increase its own chips.
Excellent learning ability and logical thinking
The highly competitive investment banking jobs, but graduates were employed after
the normal starting from the junior level, such as written information collection,
collation and analysis. One of the workload and work pressure are quite impressive, if
you do not have the careful thinking and ability to quickly analyze information
collected, it is difficult to adapt. Moreover, even if the senior positions within
investment banks do not do these specific matters, as above capacity remains to
ensure that you drop off in the fierce competition in an invincible position.
Good basic literacy and expertise
Leading financial institutions do not generally on the professional background of
limited talent. As the United States is not a lot of good investment banker in finance,
economics background, but the elite of the MBA is often an effective stepping stone
into the financial industry. According to statistics, over 70% of U.S. investment bank
vice president or president of the management level and above have MBA degree.
They have considerable financial knowledge and fluent use of financial analysis tools,
have strong analytical skills.
Abundant creative passion and ability to work
Finance is the intelligence industry, the competitive strategy differs from traditional
manufacturing, the financial services sector, to win customers, the most important is
that the most timely provision of services they need. As Mr. Zhu Jia said:
"As a service industry, there is no sophisticated technology and machinery,
but the difference with other companies to win the competition, the biggest weight is
the talent!" Financial services are sometimes very complex, before may not
have done before, and this requires team members with sufficient creativity and
The success of winning full faith and courage
Challenging the financial industry, who in the final to win the competition need to
undergo numerous tests. In this long process, a successful career must always
maintain high morale, sufficient confidence and unflinching courage. Only by keeping
up the faith to forge ahead in order to successfully complete the task, and ultimately
win the trust of customers.
Both the enterprising spirit of global consciousness and
Rhetoric of the ideologues do not need the financial industry, is any practical work
hard to maintain the character of a phase. Who first joined the work of leading
financial institutions have very low starting point, even MBA graduates. However,
there are plans for a future career people, the starting point is the learning opportunity.
And colleagues discuss, negotiate with customers, not small, you should gradually
clear from what they ought to do, and work on global thinking and a grasp. In fact,
formally entered internationally renowned financial institutions, any prior written
cumbersome application procedures and written tests, interviews and other activities
that have attracted me, impulsive and impractical people outside the shield.

   MBA circles a popular saying: If you love him, send him to the investment bank it,
because there is paid, if you hate him, send him to the investment bank it, because
there is no rest days.
   Investment banks with high barriers to entry, "no rest day" is
a bit cruel, but the starting annual salary of 150,000, can not be said that a
"noble profession", then 80 years from the beginning of last
century people have awakened read by overseas MBA, outside development,
domestic TOUCH the "roundabout" tactic, as the investment
banking side is golden rice bowl, ten generations, and now has gone through three
generations ... ...
   The first generation of representative Xie, chief Asia economist at Morgan Stanley
   1983, graduated from Shanghai Tongji Road and Bridge Department, 1987
Massachusetts Institute of Civil Engineering was in 1990 by Massachusetts Institute
of Technology Ph.D. in economics. He joined the World Bank as economic analysts.
In 1995, Singapore joined Macquarie Bank as Associate Director of Corporate
Finance. Joined Morgan Stanley in 1997.
   The last century 80's MBA education in the United States in full swing,
already the mainstream of academic economics, management and finance in the
country had just started from scratch, but at the time of the Chinese economy can
afford high tuition fees to study MBA in the family it is the United States rare, most
Chinese students are to read easy to get scholarships in science and engineering or
economics, and then explore the transfer application management class subjects, and
then hustle into Wall Street.
   Although the Chinese proverbial wisdom and hard work on Wall Street, but
because of history, culture, interests and beliefs of the differences, the Chinese student
wants to succeed on Wall Street is not easy. Xie generation before entering the
financial sector almost no relevant experience, into Wall Street for most of them are in
an unfamiliar world full of thorns a new way trip, not enough ambition, courage, and
determination can not do. 10 years later, still remain in the first generation of Wall
Street and many people, but quickly come to the fore in his writings.
   Second-generation representative of Yong-Hong Sun, United States Vice President,
JP Morgan Chase Bank
   From 1980 to 1987 studied at the Beijing Foreign Trade University, a Bachelor and
Master's degree. Between 1987 to 1989 of the Beijing Foreign Trade
University economics lecturer. He graduated from Harvard Business School in 1994,
was MBA. After the bond department at Goldman Sachs, debt capital markets and
investment banking department office for 8 years. The current U.S. Vice President
JPMorgan Chase Bank.
   90 MBA education as a popular stepping stone to the U.S. investment bank suffered
the attention of many such portraits Yong-Hong Sun after graduating from university,
work at home a few years before, and then at their own expense or loan to study
abroad to gain access to the Wall Street financial circles MBA. But to the United
States read MBA is an investment, business schools often do not have a scholarship
examination of Chinese students in the United States is well-known ability, Arts and
Science, Engineering and Agricultural Jiao-Jiao can see their shadows, but in case
teaching well-known business school, Chinese students are not so popular, even if
they are admitted, the situation is also much more difficult, the job market after
graduation and companies in the United States was promoted when the public does
not want to swallow the bitter fruit of unfair competition.
   The second generation of many people there before going abroad in multinational
corporations or joint ventures 企业 work experience, on the Western economic Li
Lun, management system and financial affairs Duyou understood and accumulated
some money. But U.S. immigration policy makes the United States continue to indent
the employment outlook is not optimistic. And when they return home, the majority of
the wages or job expectations too high, inevitably caught in the embarrassing position
of underachievement. An American MBA graduates of top elite schools have
complained: "and the domestic MBA graduates earn the same wage, then
when I can pay off foreign loans?"
   Third-generation representative: Wang Lei Leiman Brothers Intern
   Wang Lei in college students after graduation and co-founder of financial
information company, gained after two years of practical management experience,
preparing for the Wharton School at the same time by the Beijing International MBA
(BiMBA) school admission immediately. After six months, the U.S. elite's
application has not yet decided and had got Lehman Brothers (Lehman Brothers) in
Tokyo's summer internship opportunities.
   In recent years, multinational financial institutions in China's rapid
development into a golden talent needed time, they directly recruit local talent in
China, as local talent in addition to have outstanding personal qualities, but also
familiar with the domestic situation, their grade can be a little training quickly carry
out domestic operations. The fall of 2004, Morgan Stanley for the first time in
Tsinghua University and Peking University Center for Economic Research Advisory
Council organized a Session recruitment, Wang Lei is also the result of the application
in six months waiting 国外, the use of domestic resources MBA programs, lead up to
her original abroad after graduation goals.
   As the third generation of aristocratic portraits, "our success":
do not go abroad, to enjoy the special recruitment of Wall Street financial giants will
be. Spend the least money, with the shortest possible time, by the most direct route to
take two generations before 5 years, 10 years of effort to achieve. Mature domestic
MBA education to study abroad into the top MBA no longer a prerequisite for
cross-border financial institutions. The largest local MBA talent advantage is more
understanding of China's reform process, those who worked hard swim
back to the "Turtle" were often away for three to five years even
if the changes in China is not completely ignorant, but also usually know these but I
do not know it is exactly, even the survival of the environment are unknown, and also
talk about its capability?
   Postscript: an investment bank for three generations dream come a different way,
there way through the hardships, the joy of the early opportunity, but also comfortable
open the door, or a microcosm of our, or our model. With the development of the
domestic MBA education and maturity, the investment bank further down the road
straight in 1999, led by Wall Street investment bank Goldman Sachs in China for the
first time recruit interns, followed by major European and American investment banks
have in the Peking University, Tsinghua University, Fudan University, Shanghai
Jiaotong University held teach-ins, direct recruitment of local talent, the past two
years, Standard Chartered Bank employees in China has quadrupled ... ... a
well-known business schools in North America, read a one-year MBA students
transfer home MBA reading Chinese-foreign cooperation projects, he thought the time
MBA not only to learn management theory and methods, but also accumulated
Guangfan 的 alumni resources, Ji Ran Zai development on the determination of the
future is set, then the country attending an MBA Keyi built directly based on the
Interpersonal Communication platform for local, why not? Moreover, time to go
abroad into the top MBA no longer a prerequisite for cross-border financial
institutions, the.
     ?Apply tips investment banking
   Shijisuizhuo top international financial institutions flood into China market, their
access to talent campus recruiting is an important way to generally from each of
September starts to be Yan Xu Dao next year's 3,4 month.
   Lectures will be held in the name of the institutions teach-ins, is the candidate with
the best opportunity to directly exchange.
   Net applications that many companies will ask applicants fill out a form online and
answer some open issues. To monitor the online application as of the period, it is best
not to rush at the last minute to submit.
   The first round of telephone interviews interviews, mostly in English, focus on
personal experience and would not involve too much expertise. But the final rounds of
interviews will have a "wheel face" situation, the overall quality
of the individual is a true test.
   Summer internship opportunity in the year before graduation to enter investment
banking summer internship, not only have the opportunity to show their early, more
his choice of career try provided a rare opportunity.
   Source of information and more attention to domestic famous universities BBS job
search page, where someone who has accumulated a lot of valuable experience, is an
annual gathering place for the latest recruiting information.

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