; Inventory model workers actress: When the job market or workplace A letter Peacock
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Inventory model workers actress: When the job market or workplace A letter Peacock


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									Inventory model workers actress: When the job market or workplace A letter Peacock
A letter Workplace Joke
   Model Worker: work 327 days a year
   Li Bingbing is typical of the entertainment model workers, from 2003 to 2010,
seven years, her movies, TV shows and even music at all to produce fruitful results. In
the past year, Li Bingbing basically never stop. Continuous filming of
"wind",             "Di            Renjie"        and
"Double Tap King of the" three films. Li Bingbing said in
addition to hospitalized day, the rest of the time no rest day every day doing different
work. Last year she set a record of 327 days of work a year.
   Model worker characteristics: tenacity uphold self-improvement
   Among the first line in ten years of experience in which no secondary sex scandal,
no hidden rules rumors, Li Bingbing along the way, just like the workplace A letter.
   Labor model of education: less complaints and more efforts
   This is to say the obvious but very few actually do. To learn after the low-key
performance in the win, do not complain after the subject unfair. Great wisdom of this
career is not a dozen years of hard practice, how can easily do so.
   1: Do not complain to the boss to work colleagues not to complain; the former is
because supervisors will doubt your ability, therefore; the latter is because the secret
of my colleagues will tell on you. They have grievances to go home self-digestion, in
the workplace, or behaved sun spot.
   2: self-essential, busy work, such as Li Bingbing will find the time to learn English,
you certainly have no reason to reject a company training courses.
   Model workers have less than: do not know self-promotion
   Li Bingbing say her PR team would like to thank is their strong sales in the last
year only to Joke unprecedented exposure. Not the case with Li Bingbing Mensao
personality but also "Lotus" many years ah. The workplace to
learn a low profile, but the appropriate expression, self-exposure is also necessary.
   Workplace Peacock Fan Bingbing
   Model Worker: 7 times throughout the year and a half flying around the earth
   Annual flight around the earth 7 times the equivalent of half a year, took eight
games, shot 14 times fashion magazine covers, was photographed 35 times, took part
in film-related promotional activities 48 ... ... This is the work of Fan Bingbing room
to the media sent a "summary annual report." In 2009, Fan
Bingbing "topic queen" name remains, but gain the
"Fanlao mold" the new name.
   Model worker characteristics: proactive beats
   Compared to a lot of work even approached by brokers, who knocked legs crossed
actors, Fan Bingbing has always been proactive, do not ask, something, that any start
with. According to investors, said a film, as long as the movie is Chou Pai, Fan
Bingbing can receive basic information, so she often will be the first time with the
parties expressed the hope that starred. In 2009, the heroine of the film are several
volunteered her come.
   Model worker Education: Institute of Communication Society whom
   How many times have you refuse department has meals? Have not found, the office
is the last major decision you know, someone else already has good plans for
contingency. Lofty camouflage can not survive in office. Even if you can not force
themselves into a "socialite", at least the performance of
   1: The tea room gossip, can not miss; In addition to the a complex affair, but also
with the company's latest trends. If you really can not do it,
"gossip," then remember that "talk less and listen
more," is to say, they share a number of "open
   2: meet the owner's interest, whether in the workplace can benefit, at
least, your boss will have a common topic, but also allow employers to remember you!
Elevator hit the boss, not embarrassed to think hard to find words.
   Labor model is also inadequate: need to over-
   Fan Bingbing laughing their lunch with the staff to monitor the quantities of
vegetables, too much attention to detail personality out of thin air to increase their
workload, if you do not like her "love life, love working as a
general." So how to "poor selling." If you are driven
marketing programs, then the executive department to help you get the 38 party
program, you can politely refuse.
   Workplace intimate sister Joey Yung
   Model Worker: Ten years 0 100% attendance and leave
   Hong Kong music scene, "a sister" Joey joined the
King's 10 years, before the new album "JoeyTen" the
conference presented by brokers Mani, "attendance bonus" in
recognition of her years of 100% effectiveness of company's attendance
and 0 leave. As a singer Joey Yung frankly, never knew this is the day of the week:
"do not have time concepts and the idea of a holiday, as are the working
conditions 24 hours, overtime, night is routine." And the commercials start
day the record set 18 hours is a long time no one can break.
   Model worker characteristics: public relations gestures amazing soft
   Joey King's appearance is not superior was able to firmly secured a sister
location, thanks to figure soft enough. From the original proposal submitted to the
singer, not the size red when the company's activities are
"free" to participate, but also choose the easy way out to say
"all as karaoke." Not only to "sensible",
became popular after Joey under rapidly Shoulong on people's minds, that
startled the entertainment TWINS Gillian concert dressing was shot after she came
out to support Joey Yung would like to receive Gillian His wife's great
gossip. Gillian also quickly made his mind to Joey as a friends list. The TWINS back,
Joey Yung, more generous to the media broke the news "very afraid
TWINS will rush back to do their thunder." Fear is false, that means public
relations, but also your boss, no return are happy.
   Model worker education: by the Office of good relations with others by small
   At work, who do not want to obtain the trust and high regard leadership? Who does
not want colleagues and clients appreciate and praise? Annual performance appraisal
or assessment titles do not want to stand out there who does? Needless to say, the
workplace needs good relations with others.
   1: Be happy to help things in the middle heart; companies will inevitably be a small
group, all the real master of both ways, is standing on a firm stand on their own, are
not biased do not swing. Responsibility is the primary, regardless of other gangs but
also to reach out and help people in need, so there are both popular with the cause of
edge, best of both worlds.
   2: ground reporting, more referrals, regular communication; on a boss and
subordinates under the left with his comrades, the right colleagues, has long been the
Office of the interpersonal pattern. And good interpersonal communication is the only
way to simplify, to the boss to more referrals, more than listening to their voices and
opinions, so it will know the right direction to grasp the preferences of their superiors.
   Labor model is also inadequate: mask wearing long lost charisma personality
   Although the job market means "leak," but Joey Yung also
lose some "personal charm." As the Hong Kong media said,
were in fact the set of her anyway, no news point. This smooth and slick in the
workplace makes people wary colleagues generated. Usually does not matter with my
colleagues to share their share of embarrassments or pressure, do not let their looks
too "Oil Stick," the.
   Zhao Wei's career were the least sense of responsibility
   "Zhao Wei pregnancy" begins at the end of the movie
"Mulan" propaganda on the subject, was considered to be
speculative chip side, less than a month, Zhao Wei Zhao Wei brokerage companies
have been recognized to be produced overseas and have to After the absence of a
series of video propaganda. Behind this is the "heroine absent"
belly full of anger nowhere to send the movie side, there are long-term contracts
signed with her, now can not find people to participate in publicity brands ... ...
Swallow's personality has always been a romantic freedom, as first-line
star, she has the courage to build has remained in the "fat" and
"" plump "between, even signed a weight-loss
endorsements have not thought about losing weight. She dared to refuse to accept the
years like a day fashion education, the big clothing piercing cheap taste, so it was
rumored that a certain brand of clothing is no longer available to support naming; and
as North shadow of graduate students, she said the rhetoric from the beginning to
enter the ranks of the director to postpone their graduation year to year now ... ... This
romantic personality, or fans can get the understanding and interpretation of the true
nature, but people for the workplace, this loose Barbara undisciplined personality can
be fatal.
   Workplace Education:
   Unless the company is open your father, or sister, you really do not like Vicki Zhao
such trouble. Do not bring personal problems the company, the boss does not need to
pay the price for your life. Signed the contract, receive a salary, you need to maximize
the value of eight hours to achieve this. Also, do not easily own initiative, once led
down to throw the task to complete, can not delay the completion of various reasons.
   Cecilia Cheung
   End retreat for love is hard to say workplace
   Since Cecilia Cheung pregnancy, the transmission of news to come out every day
and more, then the new argument is the future Mrs. Nicholas Tse want to stay at home
full time housewife, and his words were: "I am a more traditional Chinese
men, I hope are men working outside, woman wife, mother at home. "carry
out the implementation of this doctrine, once down, Cecilia Jiugen senior Cherie
Chung, Lin Ching-hsia and other line ranks among the housewives. This selection has
a very romantic, but you never know whether the insurance was. Do not you see,
before saying that they have quit Cherie Chung, Brigitte Lin to be low-key comeback
yet? In the end the family so that their incursion into the economic crisis, or really as
they say "pure feeling really ambitious." The results are, at this
point on with the young actress grab bowls of rice, enough to see how elegant figure
   Workplace Education:
   Love can not pay the price for life, this point who do not know. There are also
career women marry Homer, from carefree life, and stingy boss forget themselves in
the lakes are moving story (although rarely). But in this turbulent period, even if you
can not doubt a man's true, you have to worry about his ability, the burden
of a family, you have the heart to let him lug? Most companies are now employees of
reproductive rights for women have a very good protection, advance arrangements for
their own reproductive plans, and full communication with the company and the
nature of work and after childbirth strength of a re-orientation,
Qishimama's staff can identify the timing of scenery back.

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