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Introduction of Guangdong College of Pharmacy


									Introduction of Guangdong College of Pharmacy
?Guangdong College of Pharmacy
Guangdong College of Pharmacy is an independent establishment of three of China
Pharmaceutical University, one of popular universities in Guangdong Province, the
first stationed in Guangzhou University City is one of 10 elite schools, Guangdong
Pharmaceutical training, preventive medicine, clinical medicine and other senior
Commerce technical and managerial cadres in the base of the state Cultural Quality
Education Base, Guangdong Province, the national training center licensed
pharmacist and the Guangdong Pharmaceutical statutory three units of measurement
accreditation of CMA. Schools have the right to grant master's degree, and
to receive Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan students, foreign students, and enrollment
status for the country.
Schools in Guangzhou University City Campus, Chigang campus, campus and
Zhongshan Baogang campus, the campus covers an area of nearly 3,000 acres, the
school headquarters is located in the beautiful scenery of Guangzhou University City.
Schools with general education, graduate education and adult education system of
higher education such as complete. There are drug Sciences, School of Public Health,
Clinical Medicine, Chinese University, Medical School of Business, College of Life
Science and bio-pharmacy, medicine, Information Engineering, Food Science,
College of Nursing, Medical Institute of Chemical Technology, Foundation Institute,
Continuing Education College, English Department, Humanities Department of Social
Sciences, Sports Centre from 15 Division II. Total undergraduate medicine, science,
engineering, management, economics, law, literature and other disciplines 7
qualification, with Pharmacy (Specialty Construction point national, provincial
famous professional), Preventive Medicine (National Specialty Construction points,
Province famous professional), pharmaceutical preparations (province famous
professional), clinical medicine, in pharmacy, international economic and trade,
biotechnology, information management and information systems, food science and
engineering, nursing, Chemical Engineering and Technology and other 74
professionals in this specialist and professional direction. Existing graduate education
in medicine, pharmacy, pharmaceutical chemistry, Pharmaceutical Analysis, internal
medicine, epidemiology and health statistics, pathogen biology, human anatomy and
embryology, etc. 8 Master. Higher Education set up in various forms such as
correspondence and amateur multi-level academic education and non-academic
education. Wide range of disciplines to support each other, complement each other,
professional adaptability, reasonable structure, complete with strong competitive
advantages and development potential. Pharmaceutical and preventive medicine, and
even in the Guangdong Province in southern China has significant advantages.
Schools of all types in nearly 35,000 students, of whom more than 22,000 general
education students. The overall structure of the school teachers more reasonable,
strong, rich teaching experience. The college has more than 2,500, of which more
than 1,600 main campus; full-time teachers in 1254 were; is high title 98, said Fu
Gaozhi 314; 162 people with doctorates, 712 master's degree in personnel;
master instructor 149. Enjoy the State Council, the provincial government special
allowance of 12 people, members of the Steering Committee of the Ministry of
Education Teaching 6, 1 international referees, national referees 3. School has four
national and provincial research institutions and pharmaceutical research field grade 3,
more than 230 teaching bases, 2 affiliated hospitals, a subsidiary of pharmaceutical
School is committed to compound, applied and creative talents and training, the
overall quality and attention to student ability and improve. Half a century, our school
for the transportation industry, a large number of medical and health technicians and
senior business managers, over the past decade, the employment rate of our graduates
in the fierce competition for talent has been in Guangdong province in the forefront of
undergraduate students since 2004 employment rate of over 98% employment rate of
junior college students over 92% graduates are well qualified and the community

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