Introduction of Chongqing Medical University

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					Introduction of Chongqing Medical University
Chongqing Medical University
Chongqing, Chongqing Medical University, formerly Medical College, 1956 from the
Shanghai First Medical College (now the Fudan University Shanghai Medical College)
founded by sub-transfer Lai Yu. Present name in 1985. The school has under the
Ministry of Health, People's Government of Sichuan Province, now part of
Chongqing Municipal People's Government. After 50 years of
development, Chongqing Medical University has become one with the
"Bachelor - Master - PhD - postdoctoral" training system where
the full key universities.
      School covers an area of 4693 mu, building area of 1,630,000 square meters,
total assets of 6.778 billion yuan, including teaching, research, medical equipment
worth 983 million yuan, 1.32 million books.
      Schools are set based Medicine, Clinical Medical College, Second Clinical
College, children academy, Fifth Clinical College, School of Chinese Medicine,
School of Public Health, School of Management, College of Pharmacy, College of
Oral Medicine and College of Nursing in 11 colleges and 7 Department (Department)
and a Medical School. Existing Third Grade Class Hospital 5, more than 7,000 open
beds sheets, more than 554 million people in outpatients, the hospital in-patients 150
000 people; another Third Affiliated Hospital, and University City Hospital, affiliated
hospitals, rehabilitation of yellow water 3 hospitals are under construction stage.
Directly affiliated hospitals 8, 27 teaching hospitals.
      Schools-based medicine, medicine, science, engineering, management, literature,
law and other subjects of mutual infiltration and coordinated development. Now has
23 undergraduate majors, 53 master degree programs, 26 doctoral and 5 post-doctoral
research stations; 4 existing national key disciplines, 43 provincial and municipal key
disciplines; National Engineering Research Center 1 provincial level engineering
research center 1, the Ministry of Education Key Laboratory of three, provincial
national key laboratory developed a provincial key laboratory, 18.
      School for the 31 provinces, cities (autonomous regions) and enrollment in 18
countries and regions. 1997 Seven Year Straight Entrance the Undergraduate Medical
students enrolled. Existing school students 26 397, including 406 doctoral, master
2919 person, general of the specialist (including vocational) students 18 427 people;
into the 4116 junior college students who textbook, students 605.
      Schools serving 4,824 employees, including senior professional and technical
staff are more than 300; deputy senior professional and technical personnel more than
800 people, including 198 doctoral tutors. Have a "team of the Ministry of
Education       Innovation,"       2,    Chongqing      "innovation
team" 2. A large number of experts and professors to receive the National
Outstanding Youth Science Foundation, appeared in the "Changjiang
Scholar" program, the state, "Millions of Talents
Project" first and second-level candidates, 100 million project to train the
new century, the government special allowance, the Ministry of Education,
"New Century Talents Support Programme ", Ministry of
Education," cross-century talents ", the Ministry of
Education" University Key Program "and other funded projects
and programs.
      Since 2000, the school received second prize of National Teaching Achievement
3, municipal (provincial) Teaching Achievement Award 7, second prize 23; countries
Courses 3, Municipal Courses 14; States a bilingual education model curriculum,
bilingual education model municipal course 3; national outstanding teaching team,
two, four city-level teaching team; national characteristics, professional 3,
professional municipal characteristics, 6; national experimental teaching
demonstration centers 1, municipal Experimental Teaching Center 4.
    ?Principal of the school as the lead unit has assumed the national key research
projects, major national scientific projects, 973 projects, 863 projects, the national
support schemes, the National Natural Science Foundation project, the National
Outstanding Youth Fund, the State Drug Fund, the Ministry of Education Cross (New)
Century Excellent Talents in high-level project funded projects, but also a multitude
of international cooperation projects. 2008 by the Chinese Science and Technology
Papers and Citation Database (CSTPCD) included domestic Papers 2337, ranking
28th in college; SCI included 166 papers, the first 100 universities in the nation.
School publication, "Chongqing Medical University" (Chinese
core journals),        "Chinese Journal         of Hepatology",
"Ultrasound in Clinical Medicine", "Journal of
Pediatric      Pharmacy"        and     "Journal      of     Medical
Education" and other publications, for domestic and international public
issue. Since 2000, the school won the State Science and Technology Progress Award 2,
the National Technology Invention 1, provincial and ministerial level scientific and
technological achievements more than 80. Our school developed focused ultrasound
tumor therapy equipment (HIFU knife) is the world's first, is
China's first computer that has fully independent intellectual property
rights of major medical equipment and industrialization has been, has more than 30
major hospitals across the country put into use, have export EU, Russia, Japan, Korea,
Singapore and other countries and regions.
      School attaches great importance to international and domestic exchanges and
cooperation, the school has with the United States, Britain, Canada, Japan, France,
Germany, Australia, the Netherlands and other countries and Hong Kong's
many universities have established good inter-exchange cooperation. In recent years,
and the French Bordeaux University School of Medicine, Strasbourg University
School of Medicine, Toulouse University, three medical and 西布赫塔尼 Priestley
School of Medicine in clinical medicine and medical technology have close academic
exchanges, joint training of seven-year clinical medical personnel; and Michigan State
University, in Canada a century Institute of Technology, Humber College and other
institutions to carry out exchanges and cooperation in nursing education, joint training
of graduate students, undergraduate and specialist care at different levels of
professionals; and British Royal Free UCL Medical School and have close academic
exchanges and research cooperation, especially in the field of lipid-depth cooperation,
the two sides regularly exchange personnel exchanges.
     Passing the torch more than 50 set, hard struggle of several generations, forged
the success of today's brilliant. Currently, doctors are united struggle of all
weight, forge ahead, innovation, is to build first class, internationally influential
Medical and work hard.

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