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					Introduction & Orchestra members perform
Members show
Ma Jie Hai. Pei children Leite PERLETTE MATTHEWS
Grew up in Taiwan and U.S. law mixed. Former Taipei Municipal Youth Orchestra
harp performer, tenor suona
Performer. Taiwan Youth Choir was the soprano, accompanying went to Canberra,
Sydney concert; Head
Former Taipei Philharmonic Chamber Choir soprano, accompanying to South Korea,
mainland China (Shanghai, Nanjing), Czech Republic,
Turkey, Israel, the United States, Hungary, Macao, Mongolia, Poland and other places
tour. In addition to speech
Singing, the current model and also the concert / event host.
Shin Kong Star game ╱ 2007 Supermodel Competition (Changzhou). Magazine ╱
Vogue, Beauty, Next Magazine, Ping
Fruit daily, Sugar, Body, FF Beauty ... ad ╱ Global Mall, Xcute cellphone, Alcatel
cellphone, Zebra pen (Japan) ... plane ╱ Sasa perfume section, 3M Spa Series,
Samsung Ice
Box (Thailand), LG TV (Thailand), Heineken Beer (Thailand), Feye glasses plane
spring 2008,
Artdeco makeup, ModelCo. Makeup ... MV ╱ Mayday: Interview with the Vampire.
When the show ╱ Nokia
Shang Fenghua, Shiseido make-up show, Lexus Auto Show, Mercedes-Benz VIP
show, ARMANI makeup ...
Theater ╱ Fated to Love You (playing Tiffany), lost dog queen (playing models).
Musical performances ╱ "The Magic Flute Fantasy" (Taiwan
Tour 12 games), "Shanghai. Taipei - Twin Cities writing a love song
Wan, Shanghai tour 6 games).
Buy Dai children. Danxiluolun MAITAL ? DAKILUDUN
2009 ─ "Si Ji baby - vagal mountain" Taiwan aboriginal
2009 ─ wind musical theater performances and beautiful life.
2008 ─ shoes, large-scale theatrical troupe of children, "the secret magic
circus," decorated Nana, Chiayi
Propaganda drama actor Christian Hospital, Neihu Elementary Education and
Promotion actors perform skits, play green
Group "Little Prince" campus tour, the United Daily News
"Stunning Miller - pastoral beauty exhibition" opening speech
Members, Paper Windmill Theatre electoral actors, Lu Ya Zhana studio
"cry the sky," Assistant
2007 ─ shoes Children's Theatre Qiaohu large theater to "save
Christmas" main actor, Paper Windmill
Children's Theatre "sweet potato Forest Adventure,"
the main actor, Drama Association of Taiwan, the five schools of the joint exercise
Suite, "decorated Yang Ruomei.
2006 ─ Nantou train a lot of festival hosts performances by the North the Arts
Experimental Film Film
"Hungdog" actors of Drama Department performance of
"The Merchant of Venice" decoration - choir.
2005 ─ Taipei University of the Arts Drama Department performance of
"Harvey" decoration - Betty.
2004 ─ Taipei University of the Arts graduate was making independent,
"Chicago" decorated journalist & dancers, students
Film "Mysterious hole" actor.
Cheng Ya-Wen YA-WEN JEN
Department of Geology National Taiwan University graduate, now studying at
National Chengchi University's Radio and Television by. Since 2005,
"Taiwan chorus group" on
Before contact with chorus, orchestra and musical voices. Was "Lan
creative body" to accept physical performance, tap
Dance, jazz dance and musical performers singing musical training. Vocal music
teacher had something Lin Wenping, Chen Ying
Fong Pui Ling, and even teachers.
While no formal walking path in the music, the singing continues to bounce, impact.
In child-year-old diary written: she can not eat one day, but not a day without singing.
From the independence
Le piano to children, to combat juvenile percussion group; from outdoor music
performances flag, switch to
Quiet chorus, again Acapella vocal band singing and dancing in the poems, dream
theater stage.
Fortunately, also like to thank my life has been accompanied by music.
Performance through ╱
2009 ─ "PRT drama factory," "Shanghai. Taipei
─ Twin Cities writing a love song. "
2007 ─ The 7th Taiwan International Choral Ensemble Festival and Competition
singers group quartet was third.
2005 ─           recording CCA "Taiwan Song" album
"Taiwan", "Unforgettable North Link" 2.
"Taipei Symphony Orchestra" Opera "La
Traviata" chorus actor. The 5th Taiwan International Choral Arts
Festival and Competition quartet quartet surgery group was the second best stage
show cum.
Taiwan chorus group's musical "oh Mammamia!"
One of the actresses.
Hello!! My Ma Yanjun ~ currently a student of Chinese Culture
University's Graduate Institute of vocal groups Year ~ Teachers
Things Xin Yongxiu teacher ~ I joined the Philharmonic plays the factory has more
than 3 years unwittingly into my participation ~
Through      the     "New        Tortoise     and    the    Hare",
"Joseph's Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat,"
"The       Magic      Flute   Fantasy",       "home     to
men's different
World "together with the" Shanghai - Taipei Twin Cities writing
a love song "performance ~ Although I studied classical
Singing with the pop music vocal ~ ~ so completely contrary to the struggle for a
while I was temporarily retired
A musical circle ~ want to say is it nice to go back to sing opera orthodoxy!! But
because I was the musical
Love ~ So finally I decided to return to the musical stage ~ the musical performance
I bid farewell to the stage one year after the first performance can be well ~ ~ hope
the audience can see me
Their best performance ~ but this can be difficult to get to the Shanghai Grand
Theatre ~ all the Twin Cities theater
Group of colleagues with everyone filling it ~!!
Chiayi University Music Department assisted the Department of Chinese graduates
(with vocals), in February 2008 joined the Taipei Philharmonic Youth
"China Taipei Philharmonic Chorus concert tour" ─ 2008 04
"Love Always" Taipei Philharmonic Youth Choir Annual
Concert ─ 2008 05
Eighth Taipei International Choral Music Festival closing concert Handel
"Israel in Egypt"
Oratorio SDI ─ 2008 08
NTCH flagship opera, "Black to the Mackay" ─ 2008 09
Taipei MRT exit music festival ─ 2008 12
"Rudolph the odd birthday fantasy" Annual Taipei Philharmonic
Youth Concert ─ 2008 12
He graduated from Chinese Culture University, Department of Chinese Music,
majoring in dulcimer, teacher was Jiangju Song teacher. Early age
Chorus has a great interest in participating in the college choir Hwa Kang, Chengming
Choir, Taipei song
Opera Chorus. In the Republic of China 72 years since the Taipei Philharmonic
Chorus, has participated in opera and large-scale sound
Music will be performed. In 2003 joined the Taipei Philharmonic Chamber Choir, and
joined a delegation to Asia, Europe and
American performances. In 2008 involved Philharmonic Opera Factory
"Shanghai. Taipei - Twin Cities writing a love song
"performances, roving
Taipei, Hsinchu, Kaohsiung and Shanghai, performance. Incumbent Taipei
Philharmonic Chamber Choir members.
Tang Sugar TANG-TANG
Childhood learning music, a number of years! Had a habit of singing, dancing and
music from Dance, therefore
Dance club had a close relationship! 7-year-old entering elementary school music
classes Kuang-jen, so read all the way to the benevolence of light
School music program! Also participate in school during the school dance groups,
choirs and orchestras have to Malaysia
Region and the United States and Canada shows. Admitted to major in vocal music
department of Chinese Culture University in the West, first year in
That is to join the Taipei Philharmonic Chorus, the Taipei Philharmonic Youth Choir,
Taipei Philharmonic Chamber Choir. Its
And participate in several concerts between performances.
With the Taipei Philharmonic Youth Choir Competition ─ 2000 to Barcelona, Spain
And won two championship-winning choral ─ 2003
With the Taipei Philharmonic Youth Choir to the United States in international choral
music festival ─ 2004
With the Taipei Philharmonic Chamber Choir to Macau, Poland, Beijing
performances ─ 2008
Participation Philharmonic Opera Factory "Shanghai. Taipei - Twin Cities
writing a love song, "Tour of Taipei, Hsinchu, Kaohsiung and Shanghai
Performance ─ 2008
Tang Xuan soft HSUAN-JOU TANG
Taipei County, small violin, love to sing, especially the bath. Kam and attended
elementary school together
Choir, Chung Cheng High School Choir, Choir summer country fair, Fu Jen Catholic
University Choir, the Taiwan Youth
In Choir, Taipei Philharmonic Choir. High School came into contact with the
command, the old teacher was Xie Yuxiang
Teachers, who led the choir is named after the provincial race; college students as a
means Fu Jen Catholic University Choir
Command post. Currently freelance, usually hiding in the Taipei Philharmonic
Chamber Choir, that
The world of music is both sad and wonderful manner, secretly glad that they can be
found here belong
National Taiwan University Graduate Institute of National Development. Since the
construction of 15-year-old to join
In the choir, the date has been singing for 18 years, 16 years old admitted to
Golden Harvest Chorus and began formal training in choral and vocal music.
Universities and research institutions and active participation during the various other
types of cooperation
Choir: PRT, Golden Harvest, Taipei male, attached to the TSO
Choir, t42, bellavoce, Rui Fuji, Mulou other choral
Group. May 2005, at the Philharmonic Opera Factory production of Chinese Music
Music drama "Kingdom of Heaven" in play "to
pump pumping Princess", the whole drama
To the soprano, so that all viewers not already scared. 2006
In October, again to the Chinese musical "The Magic Flute
Fantasy", decorated
Three glamorous and lovely maid speech three Fairchild.
Very pleased to be able to play with the Philharmonic Choir to perform in the factory
Theater "Shanghai. Taipei - Twin Cities writing a love song,
"singing and dancing on me
That is a good way to lose weight!! But the important thing you can learn
Many, I hope to see everyone again, the Philharmonic will make musical
Give you different feelings You Sha!
Education ╱ Western Music Culture University graduate
Experience ╱
2006 ─ Philharmonic Opera Factory "Joseph's Amazing
Technicolor Dreamcoat."
2006 ─          Philharmonic Opera Factory "The Magic Flute
2007 ─ Philharmonic Opera Factory "house man's fantasy
world," "house man
The difference to the world Xd Edition. "
2008 ─ Philharmonic Opera Factory "Shanghai. Taipei - Twin Cities
writing a love song. "
2009 ─        Philharmonic Opera Factory "Si Ji baby - vagal
Sun Wenkai WEN-KAI SUN
Tenor BASS
Chinese Culture University, Department of Western Music, majoring in vocal music.
Room 2002, joined the PRT
So far within the choir, performed in hundreds of games at home and abroad, as
baritone voices, and many fear
Ren solo.
Experience ╱
2009 ─        Philharmonic Opera Factory "Si Ji baby - vagal
2008 ─ Philharmonic Opera Factory "Shanghai. Taipei - Twin Cities
writing a love song. "
2006 ─          Philharmonic Opera Factory "The Magic Flute
Fantasy" Chinese opera, decorated with three flowers of my sister.
2006 ─ as a small country music singing contest Lienchiang assessment.
2005 ─ and Matsu and a half semi-Theatre "is not old by Reverend
Mother," decorated the groom.
2004 ─ factory sensation theater drama performances Philharmonic debut,
"The Magic Flute Fantasy" Chinese musical
    ?Decorated priests; children's musical "Tortoise and the
Hare" decorated turtle congregation.
2003 ─ participation in school concerto competition, by winning vocal group the
following year at the Itabashi Culture
    ?Center, and Hanaoka Symphony Orchestra.
2001 ─ aboriginal Piano Competition, was third.
From Centro Escolar University (CEU), Department of the Central University of
Industry. Admitted to the Philippines in 2002 the only professional chorus Chorus
Shengmi Ge
Mission (San Miguel Master Chorale); 6 months since officially settled in Taiwan,
And joined the Taipei Philharmonic Chorus and the Taipei Philharmonic Chamber
Choir; since living
Yao in Taiwan's music scene.
In 2002 joined the Taipei Philharmonic Chamber Choir has had joined a delegation to
visit Turkey
Its, Israel, San Francisco, Oregon, Montana, Poland, Macau, the
Shanghai, Beijing and other places, and has performed as a soloist on many occasions.
June 2007 to participate in
Taipei Philharmonic Chorus concert "Puccini: glorious mass" as
a man
Treble solo. October should be invited by the Republic of China Association of
Automobile Safety on the new dance
Love performed Latin jazz. In January 2008 of the Hong Kong grass field together
Choir was invited to visit Hong Kong show.
In addition to on-stage concert experience, his vigorous and soulful voice,
Also made him the hottest singer in Manila in recent years. States have
The National Defense Management College Choir vocal coach, Tamkang University
Winter training choir vocal coach, vocal coach, Fu Jen Catholic University Choir old
Teacher, Chung Cheng High School Choir singing instructor training. By 2008
Li Ning foundation invited to guide the singer and duet at the Avenue of Stars
program. Current
Taipei Philharmonic Chorus professional singer and vocal instructor.
Wang Ting WANG, TING
Read through - National Taiwan University Department of Philosophy.
When too - Taiwan chorus groups of students command.
She acted in - <Into The Woods> <Let's
Broadway> <I
Love You, You Are Perfect, Now Change> enharmonic
Music drama.
Having worked on - Children's birthday party.
Sing-Focal Plus vocal orchestra.
Took - Quartet No. 2 match.
Is currently performing full-time workers.
Reserve actor UNDERSTUDY
Dance of love USAY
Performance ╱ Taiwan
2009 ─ "Si Ji baby - vagal Forest" Aboriginal Music
Music drama.
2009 ─ as "Neo-Classic Dance," Liu. Professor for
Product: musical - "the hometown of the clouded leopard," lead
2009 ─ as the "Keelung Girls Choir" results released
Council presenter and singer.
2008 ─ as the "Keelung Girls Choir" results released
Council presenter and singer.
2002 ─ Taiwan's Garden of Hope Foundation, the second daughter
Special Creativity Award winners.
2006,2007 ─ participation in Taiwan "Formosa Choir"
Taiwan tour.
2001 ─ Taiwan's Indigenous Peoples Commission, Taipei City
Second chorus singing contest.
2000,2001,2002 academic year, the Taiwan National Student Local
Champion Premium songs first.
1999,2000 organized by the Committee on Aboriginal Aboriginal
Singing contest second.
Band Introduction
Tang Wanjun young pianist, graduated from National Taiwan
North University of the Arts Master of Music degree course. Won the 2006
New Horizons in music Concert Hall; judges described the soup
Wanjun as "high potential musicians
With great Music and infectious piano tremendous and
Sound, so impressed the judges, "" Tang Wanjun first
Times that of Taiwan are able to breed international standards
Performer. "
   In addition to recitals, she both indoor
Active form of music and accompaniment music circles; now
Any of the Taipei Symphony Orchestra Piano, who is also "
Players tribes, "Piano Trio members; worked with
American flautist Gary Schocker, Hungary length
Flute family Andras Adorjan, and a number of domestic
Artists perform together.
   She is currently teaching at South University, Taipei
Guting Elementary School, Fuxing Elementary School, Hwa Kang Arts School,
And Taipei County thick German small music classes. With
, She also will be May 19, 2010 in Taipei
National Hall piano recital.
Experience ╱
Join the Ju Percussion Group 2 Group - enlivened
Percussion ─ 2001
As the Ju Percussion Group 2 Group - enlivened
Percussion troupe General ─ 2003
As the Ju Percussion Group 2 Group - enlivened
Percussion Instrument Management ─ 2004
Graduated first in major large practice
School of Music majoring in combat ─ 2005
Hot Music Rock Music Competition transparent best drummer ─ 2005
Admitted to practice playing the University Institute of Music majoring in
Click ─ 2007
Former Zhongshan Elementary School, to exercise Elementary School, South strong
Performing arts and film and television companies against Division Division
Teacher, is currently studying Music at the University of practice
The second year, majoring in percussion, teacher was Wu Peijing
Teacher, is currently drummer sonar Orchestra, playing Aurora
Percussion Instructor
He graduated from National Taipei University of the Arts Philharmonic
And percussionists Institute, since ten years old then
Touch double bass, enlightenment and education in Fu Yonghe
Granted. Art Taipei 2003, admitted to the National
University Department of Music, teacher was Professor Rao Daou.
Home during the school had received double bass Jeff
Bradetich, Bernard Cazauran,
Thierry Barbe, Jane Zhang Wenting, Deng Min
Hui ... ... and so the guide, learned a lot. And product
Most participated in musical activities outside school, who have been
Invited to participate in the Taipei Symphony Orchestra, Taipei
Philharmonic Orchestra, when the orchestral music Xing
Orchestra, the Eurasian Philharmonic Orchestra, Kaohsiung City
Chinese Orchestra, Symphonic Band, Hsinchu, Taoyuan Band
Mission ... ... and so performance is room for the stupid rhyme
Philharmonic Principal Bass. In addition,
In 2009, for selection into the national symphony
Group (NSO) play special co-workers.

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