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   A Wright Investors' Service Research Report:

   Bank of the Philippine Islands
                                                                                           440 Wheelers Farms Road
                                                                                           Milford, CT 06461 U.S.A.

  Figures in Philippine Pesos

                                 Wright Quality Rating:BAC5                                     Key Data

   Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) is a commercial bank. The Bank has two major            Ticker:
   categories for products and services. The first category covers its deposit taking           BPI
   and lending/investment activities. Revenue from this category is collectively termed
   as net interest income and accounts for about 61% of revenues. The second                    2010 Sales:
   category covers services other than and auxiliary to the core deposit taking,
   lending, and investing business and from which is derived commissions, service
   charges and fees from turnover volume. These include investment banking and
   corporate finance fees, asset management and trust fees, foreign exchange,                   Major Industry:
   securities distribution fees, securities trading gains, credit card membership fees,         Financial
   rental of bank assets, income from insurance subsidiaries and service
   charges/commissions earned on international trade transactions, drafts, fund                 Sub Industry:
   transfers, various deposit related services. Non-recurring gains are derived from the        Commercial Banks
   disposal of foreclosed/acquired properties.
                       Stock Chart                                  Officers                    Country:
                                                                    Chairman                    Philippines
                                                           Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala
                                                                                                Philippine Pesos
                                                              Aurelio R. Montinola III
                                                                                                Fiscal Year Ends:
                                                           Executive Vice President &           December
                                                            Chief Operating Officer
                                                               Gil A. Buenaventura              Employees
                                                           Executive Vice President &
                                                                   Treasurer                    Exchanges:
                                                                Antonio V. Paner                PHL

                                                                   Secretary                    Share Type:
                                                                 Carlos B. Aquino    
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