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					                            North American Society for Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology & Nutrition

SUMMER 2004                                         N E W S                                                                             VOL. 4, NO.3

Presidents Re p o r t . . .
It has been a privilege to serve as NASPGHAN        • Establishment of a resident recruitment              all 13 pediatric subspecialty organizations to
president for the past two years. Working with        program (Teaching and Tomorrow)                      partner with the ABP Foundation to create
the talented officers, committee chairs and         • Development of several Nutrition                     the first Quality Improvement and Clinical
members, the membership at large and the              Committee Reports                                    Research Network. Increasingly we are
professional staff have made this a truly           • Preparation of panel of new Patient
                                                                                                           working with CCFA in areas of public policy
magnificent experience. It has been a joy to          Education Brochures                                  and to expand research in pediatric IBD. And,
share your passion for the organization                                                                    importantly, we are working with the
and for our mission to advance research,            • Organization of a Board Review and
                                                                                                           NIH, through the leadership of NIDDK, to
                                                      Capsule Endoscopy Course
education and the clinical care of children                                                                expand opportunities for research in pediatric
with digestive diseases.                            • Establishment of Distinguished Service               gastroenterology.
N A S P G H A N has grown considerably in the                                                              NASPGHAN is strong, but because of the
                                                    • Addition to our funding of CDHNF research
past few years. We now have 1100 members, a                                                                commitment and talent of our members and
                                                      grants-which will allow us to fund an
20% increase since 2001 (Figure1). Similarly,         additional Young Investigator                        staff it will get even stronger. I look forward
attendance at our annual meeting is now 787,          Development Award                                    to many new accomplishments under the
a 26% increase since 2001 (Figure 2). We                                                                   leadership of Philip Sherman, MD, FRCP (C),
anticipate several thousand attendees at            • Establishment of a1st year Fellows’ conference       the next president of NASPGHAN. Phil is
an outstanding Second World Congress of               and development of an integrated curriculum
                                                                                                           the right person at the right time to take
Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and            for our 2nd and 3rd year Fellows’ Conferences
                                                                                                           NASPGHAN to new heights. I hope that
Nutrition in July and I hope to see you there!      • Continued development of Patient Care                during his term that he will experience the
                                                      Guidelines in Celiac Disease, Cholestasis,           same joy in leading NASPGHAN with which I
We have grown in many other ways in addition          Recurrent Abdominal Pain and IBD
to strength in numbers. Programming has                                                                    have been blessed.
dramatically increased with each of our             • Establishment of a Summer Student
                                                      Research Program
committees working year round on their
Action Plans. In addition to continuing to          • Posting of CME Courses on a greatly
improve our annual meeting and postgraduate           enhanced Website                                     Mitchell B. Cohen, MD
course, our Journal (JPGN) and many other           • Near completion of the Second                        President, NASPGHAN
ongoing efforts that are part of the                  NASPGHAN Workforce Survey, and
N A S P G H A N spectrum of life-long learning,                                                                    FIGURE 1 NASPGHAN Membership
                                                    • Formation of the Professional Development
we have begun new endeavors in each of                Committee and a new Mentoring Program.
our core mission areas. Some of these new
programs that have been organized or                And we have not stopped yet. In response
implemented by our committees include:              to membership survey data we are working
                                                    to establish a Washington presence for
• Establishment of a Quality Improvement and
                                                    NASPGHAN to serve in an advocacy and
  Clinical Research Network
                                                    public policy role.
• Organization of a Clinical Vignette Poster
  Session                                           M o s t i m p o r t a n t l y, N A S P G H A N h a s
• Establishment of an Endoscopy Library             increasingly become recognized as a national
  and an Endoscopy Research Prize                   leader – the go to pediatric subspecialty
                                                                                                                      NASPGHAN Annual Meeting Attendance
                                                                                                            FIGURE 2 (not including First World Congress in 2000)
• Formation of an Ethics Committee
                                                    organization. This recognition comes both
                                                    from and because of our increasing
• Expansion of the role of the Fellows Committee,   partnership with other organizations to serve
  Publication of a Fellow’s Handbook, and           mutual goals. We have regularly co-sponsored
  creation of the N A S P G H A N Cup
                                                    educational symposia with the AASLD, AGA,
  (Colons vs. Semicolons) Soccer Match
                                                    ASGE, and PAS. We have worked collaboratively
• Development of a successful CAQ                   with the ALF to address research needs in
  application in Transplant Hepatology              pediatric hepatology. We consistently partner
• Development and production of an IBD              with the Section of Gastroenterology and
  Notebook for patients                             Nutrition of the AAP and have a formal
• Creation of a sponsored program for Latin         memorandum of understanding to work
  American attendees at our annual meeting          cooperatively. We were selected from among

                                                       Table of Contents
  2   .   .   .   Secretary Treasurer’s Report • Committee Reports • News from CDHN F
  4   .   .   .   News from the A A P • Billing & Coding
  5   .   .   .   Kudos
  6   .   .   .   Mentorship & Professional Development • New Pediatric IBD Network for NASPGHAN Members
  7   .   .   .   Conferences • Off icers & Committee Members
  8   .   .   .   Classifieds
Secretary                                         I again want to personally acknowledge the
                                                  hard work of our staff, the officers and
                                                  councilors of our society, and the many
                                                  volunteer members who freely give of their
                                                                                                    The organization has continued to make
                                                                                                    major use of on-line surveys, using the
                                                                                                    survey tool developed by our internet design
                                                                                                    firm. The Workforce Survey has made good

Treasurer’s                                       time and money to make NASPGHAN the
                                                  premier society for Pediatric Gastroenterology,
                                                  Hepatology, and Nutrition. NASPGHAN is
                                                                                                    use of this, gathering important data for
                                                                                                    planning the future of our profession. Other
                                                                                                    smaller surveys have been used by several
                                                  our society, and we should be proud of            committees to provide useful data for their

Report . . .                                      our accomplishments. I look forward to
                                                  seeing you in Paris.
                                                  Bon voyage!
                                                                                                    work. Other surveys will be conducted for a
                                                                                                    variety of purposes, including data acquisition
                                                                                                    for research studies. One example of this
                                                                                                    currently on our site is the KAPS Survey of
                                                  Respectfully,                                     GER and GERD, designed to ascertain the
B O N J O U R ! It is indeed my pleasure to
again speak to the membership via the                                                               current level of knowledge and practice styles
Newsletter. I am looking forward to seeing                                                          in the management of gastroesophageal reflux
you in July at the World Congress of Pediatric                                                      by pediatricians.
Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition        Philip Rosenthal, MD                              The Endoscopy and Procedures Committee
in Paris. A NASPGHAN General Business             Secretary-Treasurer                               has placed a wonderful endoscopy photo
Meeting will be held on July 7th at 4:00pm                                                          library in the Members Only section. This is a
so please put this on your calendar now.                                                            very good resource of photos for teaching use.
Please plan to attend this important meeting                                                        Also available for everyone's use is the
that will serve as our NASPGHAN Business
Meeting for 2004.                                     Welcome                                       Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and
                                                                                                    Nutrition Handbook, developed by the Fellows
                                                                                                    Committee, all NASPGHAN position papers,
Recently, our Pediatric GI Fellows participated
                                                                                                    information on professional meetings and
in their appropriate year NASPGHAN
Conference thanks to the generous support of
our corporate sponsors (Mead-Johnson,
                                                    New Members!                                    courses, and complete information about
                                                                                                    NASPGHAN and its organizational structure.
Nestlé and Ross). I had the opportunity to
attend the 2nd year fellows’ conference this              Farhat Asahi-Khan, MD                     This year, the leadership of the Internet
year, and enjoyed interacting and socializing                                                       Committee passes from Warren Bishop to
with some of the future stars of Pediatric GI.                Linda Brady, MD                       Bob Cannon, who has many good ideas
Opportunities for research support and                                                              for further development of the website.
patient care initiatives remain important             Debora Kogan Liberman, MD                     NASPGHAN members who are interested in
goals of our society. Many members and                                                              making suggestions or contributions to the
their committees are involved in patient                      Sesi Ogunbi, MD                       site are encouraged to contact one of the
care guidelines and patient and professional                                                        members of the Internet Committee.
educational activities abound. I am happy                     Bhanu Pillai, MD
to report to you that Council at its meeting
at DDW in May approved funding of an
additional Young Investigator Award, allowing
an additional deserving researcher to get
                                                           Anshu Srivastava, MD
                                                                                                    News from
started on a productive research career.
The Bulletin Board and our website
( continue to allow
for the exchange of ideas and a means of
                                                  Committee                                         CDHNF. . .
communicating with the membership.
If you haven’t visited the website recently, I
suggest a return visit which will surely be
worth your while.
                                                  Reports . . .                                       NEW CME SLIDE SET ON
                                                                                                      CELIAC DISEASE AVAILABLE
                                                                                                      AT WORLD CONGRESS
A survey of the membership has indicated a        INTERNET COMMITTEE                                • The new CDHNF CME Celiac Slide Set,
desire to pursue advocacy on behalf of                                                                based on the new NASPGHAN Clinical
                                                  The website continues
NASPGHAN, CDHNF and our patients.                                                                     Practice Guidelines on Celiac Disease,
                                                  to grow in many ways. Perhaps the most
Again, I am happy to report that Council and                                                          will be distributed in July to all registrants
                                                  significant new feature this year is the
the Executive Committee are listening and                                                             o f t h e Wo r l d C o n g re s s o f P e d i a t r i c
                                                  addition of new CME materials to the site.
more information about advocacy initiatives                                                           Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition.
                                                  Two such courses are available at the present
should be forthcoming.                                                                                NASPGHAN members who do not attend
                                                  time, and work is being done on making
I want to congratulate the newly elected          several others available by the time you read       the Congress also will receive the slide set
officers and councilors of our society. I         this. It is the goal of our committee to make       in the mail following the meeting.
look forward to working with you as we            many new CME courses available, mostly
                                                                                                    • A new C D H N F / N A S P G H A N exhibit on
continue to advance our field. I also want        from the yearly Postgraduate Course. We
                                                                                                      Celiac Disease will debut at the World
to congratulate the members who were              can do this easily with a newly created
nominated for officer and councilor positions     software tool that converts PowerPoint
who did not win. We are truly lucky to have       lecture slides into course materials. We          • The new website on celiac disease,
so many talented and gracious individuals         hope that will soon       will launch in
within our membership. Remember, there            be the major on-line provider of CME                conjunction with the World Congress.
are no losers in our society. I am certain        materials both to our members and to the
these individuals will be called upon and         medical community at large. CME courses on        • 60 speakers are being recruited for the
will find other opportunities to lend their are free-of-charge to              new CDHNF grand rounds program on
assistance in advancing our cause.                NASPGHAN members.                                   Celiac Disease.


• An orientation session for speakers will          We continue to work closely with the            Bradley Kessler          Victor M Pineiro-Carrero
  be held in September. It will be archived         American Academy of Pediatrics to secure        Vikram Khoshoo           Simon Rabinowitz
  on the new website for all NASPGHAN               endorsements of campaign materials and
                                                                                                    Seiji Kitagawa           Joel R Rosh
  members to access.                                activities. The AAP endorsement provides
                                                    added credibility, and recognition as well as   Alan M Leichtner         Colin D Rudolph
• A patient brochure will be adapted from           extending our audience reach.                   Neal S LeLeiko           Steven M Schwarz
  the NASPGHAN patient education flyer on
  celiac disease.                                   A special thank you to Dr. Winter and the       Joseph Levy              Mitchell D Shub
                                                    following advisory board members:               Jeffery Lewis            Robert J Shulman
• More news will follow on additional                                                               BUK Li                   Eric Sibley
  components and opportunities.                     John A. Barnard, MD                             Chris Liacouras          Lesley Smith
                                                    Robert A. Cannon, MD                            Lori Mahajan             Rita Steffen
Alessio Fasano, MD, chairs the campaign
and works with a scientific advisory board          William J. Cochran, MD                          Munir Mobassaleh         Cory T Strobel
that is developing campaign materials and           Richard B. Colletti, MD                         Michael R Narkewicz      James L Sutphen
resources based on the new NASPGHAN                 Steven J. Czinn, MD
Clinical Practice Guidelines on Celiac                                                              Gary Neidich             Annie Terry
Disease. These scientific advisors are:             Carlo DiLorenzo, MD                             Suzanne Nelson           John F Thompson
                                                    Mark A. Gilger, MD                              Leonard J Newman         Henry R Thompson
Carlo Catassi, MD                                   Benjamin D. Gold, MD                            Samuel Nurko             Vasundhara Tolia
Richard Colletti, MD                                Janet K. Harnsberger, MD                        Molly O'Gorman           V Marc Tsou
Martha Dirks, MD                                    Ivor D. Hill, MD                                Susan Orenstein          Sally Weisdorf
Stefano Guandalini, MD                              Joseph Levy, MD                                 Paul Parker              Steven L Werlin
Janet Harnsberger, MD                               Suzanne Nelson, MD                              Dinesh S Pashankar       Claire M Wilson
Ivor Hill, MD                                       Susan Orenstein, MD                             F Jean Perrault          Harland S Winter
Edward Hoffenberg, MD                               Colin D. Rudolph, MD                            Michelle Pietzak
Karoly Horvath, MD                                  Mitchell D. Shub, MD
Alan Leichtner, MD                                                                                  To measure the effectiveness of the grand
                                                    Steven L. Werlin, MD
                                                                                                    rounds program, we asked participants and
Joseph Levy, MD
                                                                                                    speakers a variety of questions. Highlights
Michelle Pietzak, MD                                We also want to recognize all 93 grand          include:
                                                    rounds speakers who participated in the
Special thank you to our campaign supporters
                                                    initial grand rounds program completing 141
who provided unrestricted educational grants:                                                            EVALUATION:
                                                    presentations and reaching more than 6400
 University of Maryland School of Medicine          medical professionals. These speakers, along         My understanding of the subject
        Center for Celiac Research                  with many NASPGHAN members, continue                 matter increased as a result of
     and Prometheus Laboratories Inc.               to use the slide set and present grand rounds        participating in this program
                                                    and talks to residents on pediatric GER and
                                                    GERD:                                                Strongly Agree:                 51%
                                                                                                         Agree:                          28%
                                                    Marvin E Ament         Yoram Elitsur                 Disagree:                        2%
                                                    Dean L. Antonson       Jeffrey C Fahl                Strongly Disagree:               0%
PEDIATRIC GER AND GERD                              Robert D Baker         George D Ferry                N/A:                            19%
EDUCATION CONTINUES TO                              John D Bancroft        Craig A Friesen
EXPAND                                              Howard Baron           George J Fuchs
CDHNF, in partnership with NASPGHAN,                William E Berquist     Glenn T. Furuta
began its Pediatric GER and GERD Education          Warren P Bishop        Mark A Gilger
Campaign at the 2002 NASPGHAN Annual                Ellen Blank            Mark Glassman                 Information presented in this
Meeting. Chaired by Harland S. Winter, MD                                                                program will change the way
                                                    Mark Blaufuss          Elizabeth E Gleghorn
and guided by a scientific advisory board,                                                               I interact with my patients
the campaign is designed to provide medical         Uwe Blecker            Benjamin Gold
professionals with the tools they need to           Linda S Book           Bruce B Grill                 Strongly Agree:                 42%
better diagnose and treat their pediatric GER       Jeffrey A Bornstein    John Grunow                   Agree:                          31%
and GERD patients. In addition, materials for                                                            Disagree:                        5%
the public are distributed through medical          John T Boyle           T. S. Gunasakaren
professionals. The goal of these materials is       Robert A Cannon        Sandeep Gupta                 Strongly Disagree:               0%
to help parents and caregivers recognize the        Dennis L Christie      Janet K Harnsberger           N/A:                            22%
symptoms of pediatric GER and GERD and              William J Cochran      Michael H Hart
determine when to seek advice from a primary
care physician or a pediatric gastroenterologist.   Stanley A Cohen        Eric G Hassall           ADDITIONAL CAMPAIGN
                                                    Richard B Colletti     Melvin B Heyman          RESULTS TO DATE:
All materials are based on the NASPGHAN
                                                    Mark Corkins           Ivor D Hill
Clinical Practice Guidelines on Pediatric                                                           • CME Slide Set (2000 distributed)
Gastroesophageal Reflux. Presently, these           Wallace V Crandall     Jay Hochman
guidelines are being revised and updated. As        Joseph M Croffie       Jeffrey S Hyams          • Guidelines Summary (38,000 distributed)
soon as the revised guidelines are available,       Anil Darbari           Paul Hyman               • Exhibit Tour (6 medical professional meetings)
the CME slide set will be revised and updated
as well and made available to all members via       Carlo DiLorenzo        Kevan Jacobson           • AAP Regional Audio Conference
the CDHNF and NASPGHAN websites.                    Eric Drouin            Benny Kerzner              (four states / 213 participants)
                                                                                                                                       Continued ...

• Patient brochures (60,000 distributed)         economics, and healthcare advocacy at the          UPDATE ON PROFESSIONAL
  adapted by NIDDK                               state and federal level. Dr Heitlinger, a New      COURTESY - ALL OR NONE
                                                 York Medical College graduate, has served as
• Parent Take Home Guide
                                                 the Chairperson of the Section’s Practice          As published in the March 26, 2004, Federal
  (10,000 distributed)
                                                 Committee for the past four years. He has          Register, Stark phase II will take place on
• CME Case-based newsletter series               been instrumental to the AAP in addressing         July 26, 2004. Professional courtesy is
  (15,000 distributed)                           coding and other practice issues. With access      defined in Stark II as “the provision of free
                                                 to care and reimbursement as priorities for        or discounted health care items or services
• Kaiser webcast/video clips (40 sites)          the AAP leadership, they will both be valuable     to a physician or his or her immediate
• Website (500,000 hits in 2003 / average        additions to the Section leadership and for the    family members or office staff.” Besides the
  user session six minutes 10 seconds)           rest of the AAP!
                                                                                                    prohibition to Medicare patients, profession
                                                 Overweight and obesity continues to be a           courtesy rules include:
NEW ACTIVITIES AND MATERIALS:                    priority for the AAP. William Cochran, MD,
                                                                                                    • Must be offered to all physicians on
• Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Styles        FAAP is one of the members of the Academy’s
                                                                                                      the practice’s staff or in the local
  Survey                                         Task Force on Obesity that is identifying ways
                                                 to help pediatricians better screen, assess,         community without regard to volume
• AAP State Chapter presentations                prevent, and manage obesity in their offices         or value of referrals.
• Grand Rounds /Resident Talks                   and within their respective communities.           • May include only those services regularly
                                                 Prevention, treatment, reimbursement, and            offered by the practice
• Family GERD Week                               advocacy are the 4 key areas the AAP will
                                                 focus on in the coming year. “Soft Drinks in       • Must be a policy written and approved
• Internet Promotion                                                                                  by top practice management.
                                                 Schools” is the latest related policy statement
• Web Site Completion / New GERDY                that was published in Pediatrics in January        • Cannot be offered for copay waivers unless
  animation and games                            2004. Over 13 obesity CME sessions from              the insurance company paying the bill is
• Updated Slide Set                              motivational interviewing to media will be           informed in writing.
                                                 offered at this year’s national conference in
• Promotion of revised guidelines                San Francisco, CA October 9-13, 2004.              • Does not violate anti-kickback laws or
                                                 A one-day obesity symposium, “The New                claims submission rules and regulations
• Parent Advisory Committee
                                                 Science in Obesity” will be held on
                                                                                                    For the full ruling, see page 16054 in the
• Exhibit at World Congress                      Wednesday, October 13 in conjunction with
                                                                                                    March 26, 2004, Federal Register.
                                                 the AAP national conference that will
• Sky Radio Interview airing on 64,000
                                                 cover additional topics such as environmental
  United Airlines flights in September –
                                                 design factors and alternative therapies/fad
  October 2004
                                                 diets. National and international experts
                                                                                                    Q UESTION & A NSWER FORUM
A special thank you to our major supporter,      will be invited to a panel discussion to
          TAP Pharmaceuticals Inc.
                                                 identify ways to change practice. GI and
                                                 nutrition sessions are also being sponsored
                                                                                                    Q  uestion: A complex patient comes to
                                                                                                    you for a complete revamping of care
The campaign is a great success and continues    by the Section-neonatal cholestasis and            and intends to remain your patient, even
to disseminate vital information. Please         screening /assessing GI disorders. For more        though one of your partners has taken care
watch for more information on upcoming           information about these sessions, visit            of her for years. When it is billed under
resources and activities. If you would like to,, or           "second opinion", the insurance company
get involved in the campaign, please email:      contact Ms. Pamela Kanda at the AAP at             pays at some nominal rate. If it is billed
                                                 847/434-4927.                                      "new patient", the insurance rejects it
             Margaret Stallings at
                Want to be an AAP member and become a              because the patient has been a patient in your
                                                 “go to” expert in your state? The Section          group practice for a long time. What is the
                                                 Executive Committee is continuing to identify      proper way to bill?
                                                 liaisons from the Section for each of the
                                                 60 AAP State Chapters. If you have an
News from                                        interest in becoming more involved with
                                                 advocacy locally, this is a great opportunity to
                                                 vocalize improved GI disease management,
                                                                                                    A  nswer: When a patient decides to change
                                                                                                    physicians within the group, this causes some
                                                                                                    turmoil on many levels but especially with
the A A P :                                      reimbursement, and research priorities or
                                                 simply serve as faculty for GI and nutrition
                                                 CME sessions. Contact the Section at
                                        847/434-4927. Looking
                                                                                                    When the physicians are billing under the
                                                                                                    same tax ID number and the same specialty,
Heitlinger, Byrne elected to office                                                                 the patient is viewed as an established patient
                                                 forward to hearing from you!
                                                                                                    (99211- 99215) even when transferring
at AAP, Obesity sessions,

                                                                                                    to another physician in the group when seen
Section liaisons to state chapters
By AAP Staff                                     Billing and                                        within 3 years by anyone in that group. If the
                                                                                                    patient returns longer than 3 years since last
                                                                                                    visit within the group, a new patient visit
Our hats off to Leo Heitlinger, MD, FAAP and                                                        (99201- 99205) can be billed.
William Byrne, MD, FAAP who were recently
elected to office as American Academy of
Pediatrics (AAP) Section on Gastroenterology
                                                 Coding                                             When the patient comes in for a second
                                                                                                    opinion (confirmatory consultation, codes
and Nutrition Executive (SOGN) Committee                                                            99271- 99275) and remains your patient,
members. They’ll start their terms on            Provided by Kathleen A Mueller,                    the second opinion is not an option. In order
November 1st of this year and will serve         RN, CPC, CCS-P, CCC                                for the visit to remain a second opinion,
through October 30, 2007. A graduate of                                                             there is no assumption of patient care,
“The” Ohio State University , Dr Byrne’s         Healthcare Consultant in association               just an opinion is rendered and the opinion
expertise includes medical education, medical    with McVey Associates, Inc.                        is requested by the patient, family, or other
                                                                                                                                      Continued ...

agency, not a physician or provider. If
another physician requests a second opinion,
it is viewed as either an outpatient or
inpatient consultation.
                                                                          Kudos . . . .
                                                    The NASPGHAN Endoscopy Prize 2004, “to promote the pursuit of research related to
              • • • • • •
                                                    endoscopy and other procedures in children”, was presented to Anil Darbari, MD, Johns
Question:       If the patient’s mother brings      Hopkins School of Medicine during the NASPGHAN / ASGE joint symposium for his abstract
the child to our office as a self-referred          entitled “Push Enteroscopy and MRI are Effective Diagnostic Tools for Pediatric Proximal Small
patient and our physician wants to send the         Bowel Crohn's Disease”.
child directly to the hospital to be admitted,
do we bill the office visit or the hospital
admission? What if the patient was a consult
referred to us in the same scenario?

A  nswer: Whenever the patient is seen in
one area e.g., office, emergency room and
then admitted to the hospital with your
physician’s name as the attending physician
on the hospital record, whether it be as an
inpatient or an observation patient, the
appropriate level of admission should be
              • • • • • •
Question:        My doctor removed a PEG
(Percutaneous gastrostomy tube) not placed
by him, he did not replace it he just removed
it. I think that we can only bill for the consult
and not the removal, but my office manager
says that since we did not place the PEG to
begin with and that it is not a G tube that we
can bill for removal of the PEG. Will you
please give me your expert opinion and what
codes to bill for?
                                                    Advances in Pediatric Nutrition Scholarships
A nswer:     Well, it doesn't really matter who
                                                    NASPGHAN is very pleased to announce that Diane Volpert, MD, New York Presbyterian
put the tube in. A PEG is still a gastrostomy
                                                    Hospital and Eduardo Beltroy, MD, UT Southwestern Medical Center were awarded scholarships
tube, it was just placed endoscopically. If
                                                    to attend the Sixth Annual Advances in Pediatric Nutrition Conference which was held June
you just removed the tube in the office, you
would just have a visit only since there is no      14-16, 2004 in Baltimore. The scholarships allowed for GI fellows in the U.S. who have a
code for removal of a g-tube. If the tube had       particular interest in nutrition to attend this highly recognized nutrition conference. The
to be removed endoscopically, you would bill        scholarships were made possible by an educational grant from the Nestlé Research Institute.
as 43247 (EGD with removal of foreign body)
if the scope was advanced past the gastric          CDHNF Young Investigator Development Award
outlet) or 43215 (Esophagoscopy, rigid or
                                                    • Alan Mayer MD, Medical College of Wisconsin
flexible; with removal of foreign body) if the
                                                     “Biochemical mechanism of Nil per os (npo), a novel RNA-binding protein required for
scope is not advanced past the pylorus.
                                                      intestinal development”
              • • • • • •                           • Joshua Friedman MD, PhD; Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
                                                     “Regulation of liver development by Foxa1 and Foxa2”
Question:      My physician recently dilated
the pylorus endoscopically. How would I code        CDHNF/Nestlé Nutrition Research Grant for New Investigators
                                                    • Robert E. Kramer, MD University of Miami School of Medicine9
                                                     “Bupropion and leptin: Treatment of morbid obesity in adolescents”
A  nswer: That code would be 43245 Upper
gastrointestinal endoscopy including                Shwachman Award
esophagus, stomach, and either the duodenum         • Fayez Ghishan, MD
and /or jejunum as appropriate; with dilation
of gastric outlet for obstruction (e.g., balloon,   Distinguished Service Award
guide wire, bougie). The pylorus is considered      • James Keating, MD
the gastric outlet. If the gastric outlet
(pylorus) is obstructed, the physician dilates
it using various methods, such as a balloon,          Presentation of these awards will be made during the NASPGHAN Annual Business
guide wire, or bougie. If balloon dilation            Meeting on July 7 at 4:00 pm during the World Congress. Please be sure to join us
is performed, the balloon is inflated briefly         in honoring all of these distinguished award recipients. Refreshments will be served.
several times to enlarge the gastric outlet.

Mentorship                                       Questions, comments?

                                                 Email Linda Book MD, Chairperson
                                                 Professional Development Committee at

                                                 4TH ANNUAL PEDIATRIC GI                           Pediatric IBD
Professional                                     TEACHING AND TOMORROW
                                                 PROGRAMWORLD CONGRESS OF
                                                                                                   Network for
                                                 PEDIATRIC GASTROENTEROLOGY,
Development                                      HEPATOLOGY AND NUTRITION
                                                 JULY 4~7, 2004                                    NASPGHAN
                                                 PARIS, FRANCE
PROGRAM                                          The goal of this program is to attract the best
                                                 and brightest residents into subspecialty
The goal of this program, created in 2002, is    training in pediatric gastroenterology,
                                                 hepatology and nutrition. NASPGHAN will           Several decades ago pediatric oncologists
to develop a program at multiple sites
                                                                                                   formed a national collaborative network,
throughout the U.S. and Canada where             bring pediatric residents from North America
                                                                                                   began working together and successively
medical students could have 10 week              to our annual meeting to see first hand the
                                                                                                   reduced the mortality rate of childhood
research experiences under the mentorship        cutting edge basic and clinical science of        leukemia from 95% to 15%. In 2004 pediatric
of basic or clinical scientists with research    our subspecialty. Through an unrestricted         gastroenterologists are now forming a
focuses in pediatric gastroenterology/           educational grant from Procter & Gamble,          collaborative network to work together to
hepatology/ nutrition. U.S. and Canadian         we will bring these residents to Paris, France    dramatically reduce the morbidity due to
medical students in good standing between        to experience the 2nd World Congress.             inflammatory bowel disease.
their first and second years identified          During this period we will also meet with
NASPGHAN members with track records of           these residents, to share our enthusiasm          The new Pediatric IBD Network for
independent peer-reviewed research support       for pediatric gastroenterology and to             Research and Improvement (PIBDNet)
from PHS, Medical Research Council               provide career guidance. Congratulations to       will be launched in July, and all members of
of Canada, or Private Foundations (Cystic        the following residents who will take part in     NASPGHAN who care for children with
Fibrosis Foundation, American Liver              the program this year.                            Crohn’s disease are invited and encouraged to
Foundation, ADHF, AHA) and a demonstrated                                                          become a Network physician.
track record of previous success with trainees   • Tonya Adamiak, MD, Brown Medical School
                                                                                                   The Network will begin by enlisting physicians
at the level of residents, fellows or students   • Kristin Ammon, MD, UCSF Children's              to participate in two prospective analytic
and a commitment to provide the necessary                                                          cohort studies of the predictors of successful
resources and staff to make the experience                                                         treatment with 6-MP / azathioprine and
meaningful for the student.                      • Jaime Chu, MD, Northwestern University          infliximab in Crohn’s disease. There will also
                                                   School of Medicine                              be small group quality improvement projects
This year, Jared Cohen, a 1st year student at
Tufts University School of Medicine, has been    • Jennifer C. deBruyn, MSc(Hon), MD,              leading to a spread of improvements of care
selected to participate in this program under      University of Alberta Stollery Children's       throughout the Network. These studies and
the mentorship of Harland Winter, MD,                                                              projects will be the vehicle for building a
Mass General Hospital for Children. Jared's                                                        dynamic network that will integrate quality
research project focuses on fecal and blood      • Jason E. Dranove, MD, Cincinnati                improvement, standardization of care,
biologic markers in inflammatory bowel             Children's Hospital Medical Center              randomized clinical studies and translational
disease in children. Jared plans to evaluate                                                       research in a quest to improve the health care
                                                 • Meghana N Haté, MD, University of Texas         and well-being of children with IBD.
whether biologic markers, disease activity         Southwestern Medical Center
indices and measures of quality of life                                                            When you are a Pediatric IBD Network
correlate with disease activity and response     • Linda Hiraki, MSc, MD, The Hospital for         physician, you will have the opportunity to
to therapy in children and adolescents with        Sick Children                                   receive the most current recommendations
IBD.                                                                                               for the management of IBD, to receive
                                                 • James L LaBelle, MD, Children's Hospital,
                                                                                                   materials for use in clinical practice, to
NASPGHAN MENTORING                                 Boston
                                                                                                   improve the care of your patients, to compare
PROGRAM                                          • Jaime Liou, MD, Tufts-New England               your personal performance with your peers,
                                                   Medical Center                                  to learn early the results of Network studies
We are looking for a ”few good                                                                     and quality improvement projects, to be able
WOmentors and Mentors”                           • Ying Lu, MD, The Children's Hospital at         to provide input into the establishment of best
Would you like to share your wisdom                Montefiore                                      practices, to potentially utilize the Network
and experience with junior pediatric             • Sean R. Moore, MD, Vanderbilt Children's        for your own research, to contribute to the
gastroenterologists? Do you have sage                                                              advancement of science and clinical practice,
advice to offer? If so, the new NASPGHAN                                                           to be a certified member of an esteemed
mentoring program is for you. Whether you        • Nadia Ovchinsky, MD, Children's Hospital        organization, and to satisfy a requirement
are academic, private practice, clinical vs.       of New York-Presbyterian                        for maintenance of board certification. In
basic research, administrative or other, your                                                      exchange, you will enroll and submit data on
                                                 • Brandy Ries, MD, The Children's Hospital,       3 or 4 patients, taking about 3 or 4 hours per
skills are needed.
                                                   Denver                                          year in total.
Please check out the new web page from the
Member’s only section under What’s New.          • Lisa Ann Smith, MD, USF College of              The Network organizers are Richard Colletti
Here is the link:                                  Medicine                                        (University of Vermont), Robert Baldassano   • Alvaro Tori, MD, Indiana University             (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia), and
                                                                                                   David Milov (Nemours Children’s Clinic),
Mentees: Please continue to sign up.             • Jamie-Dawn Twanow, MD, Children's               working in collaboration with the Center for
Mentors will be assigned soon!                     Hospital of Wisconsin                           Children’s Healthcare Improvement in North
                                                                                                                                     Continued ...


Carolina, and with a Network Steering                                                            • Professional Development
Committee and Advisors consisting of more                                                          Maya Srivastava, MD
than 20 leaders in pediatric IBD. As a                                                           • Professional Education
NASPGHAN member you will be invited in an                                                          Victor Pineiro-Carrero, MD
email from the NAPSGHAN NEWS List to
participate in this great venture to transform
the care of children and adolescents with IBD.
                                                 Committee                                       • Public Education
                                                                                                   Elizabeth Gleghorn, MD
                                                                                                   Jay Hochman, MD
We hope you will be an early joiner!
                                                 Members                                           John F Thompson, MD
                                                                                                 • Research
                                                                                                   Wayne Lencer, MD
                                                                                                   Susan Orenstein, MD
                                                 SPECIAL THANKS TO OUTGOING
                                                                                                   Michelle Pietzak, MD
                                                 OFFICERS & COUNCILORS:
                                                                                                 • Training
Conferences                                      • Mitchell B. Cohen, MD – President
                                                   (now Past -President)
                                                 • Richard B. Colletti, MD – Past -President
                                                                                                   Sylviane Forget, MD

                                                                                                 AND WELCOME TO THE NEW
                                                 • Maureen M Jonas, MD – Councilor               INCOMING CHAIRS & MEMBERS:
 Pediatric Liver Disease and Liver               • Lesley Jacqueline Smith, MD – Councilor       CHAIRS
          Transplantation                        WELCOME INCOMING                                • Michael Hart, MD – Clinical Practice
    SNOWMASS CONFERENCE CENTER                   OFFICERS & COUNCILORS:                            Committee
  Aspen, Colorado • July 18 – 23, 2004           •   Philip M Sherman, MD, FRCPC – President     • Christopher Liacouras, MD - Endoscopy &
                                                                                                   Procedures Committee
 Conference Chair                                •   John A Barnard, MD – President-Elect 2006
                                                                                                 • Ivor Hill, MD – Ethics Committee
 William F. Balistreri, MD, Director,            •   Warren Bishop, MD – Councilor
 Division of Pediatric Gastroenterology,                                                         • Edward Hoffenberg, MD – International
                                                 •   Robert M Issenman, MD – Councilor             Committee
 Hepatology, and Nutrition, Children's
 Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati, Ohio       THANKS TO OUTGOING COMMITTEE                    • Robert Cannon, MD – Internet Committee
 An exciting conference entitled “Pediatric      CHAIRS & MEMBERS:                               • B U.K. Li, MD – Professional Education
 Liver Disease & Liver Transplantation,”         CHAIRS                                            Committee
 will take place in Aspen, Colorado in July      • Janet Harnsberger, MD – Clinical Practice     • Steven Czinn, MD – Research Committee
 2004. This will be the 26th in a series of        Committee                                     • James Heubi, MD – Training Committee
 annual conferences sponsored by the             • Jonathan S Evans, MD - Endoscopy &
 Institute for Pediatric Medical Education                                                       MEMBERS
                                                   Procedures Committee
 (IPME). Previous conferences have been          • Samuel Nurko, MD – International              • Clinical Practice
 well attended, highly regarded, and widely        Committee                                       Marjorie McCracken, MD
 lauded and renowned faculty has been                                                              Joel Rosh, MD
                                                 • Warren P Bishop, MD – Internet
 invited to participate.                           Committee                                     • Endoscopy & Procedures
                                                                                                   Robert Dillard, MD
 The preliminary program can be viewed           • William E Berquist, MD – Professional
                                                                                                   Kenneth Lee, MD
 at                       Education Committee
                                                                                                   Petar Mamula, MD
 For conference information please contact:      • John A Barnard, MD – Research
                                                   Committee                                     • Ethics
              Celeste McNair                                                                       J Decker Butzner, MD
                                                 • BU K Li, MD – Training Committee                George Ferry, MD
   17000 Commerce Parkway, Suite C
            Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054                 MEMBERS                                           David Gremse, MD
                                                 • Clinical Practice                               Janet Harnsberger, MD
 Telephone: 856-642-4435
                                                   Wallace Crandall, MD                            Colin Rudolph, MD, PhD
 Fax: 856-439-0525
                                                   Jeffery Lewis, MD                               Judy Sondheimer, MD
 Email:                                                                          Baruch Brody, PhD
                                                   Ellen Blank, MD
                                                                                                   Thomas Kahle, Esq.
                                                 • Endoscopy & Procedures
                                                   John Peters, MD                               • International
                                                   Sally S Schindele Weisdorf, MD                  J. Roberto Moran, MD
       Intrahepatic Cholestasis                                                                    Ruben Quiros, MD
          AASLD Pediatric Single                 • Hepatology
                                                   Parvathi Mohan, MD                            • Internet
            Topic Conference                                                                       Martin Ulshen, MD
                                                   Humberto Soriano, MD
       EMORY CONFERENCE CENTER                                                                     Drew Kelts, MD
                                                 • IBD
 Atlanta, GA • September 9 - 11, 2004              Harland Winter, MD                            • Nutrition
                                                                                                   Jane Balint, MD
            Course Directors:                    • International                                   Pamela Brown, MD
          William F. Balistreri,MD                 Ajay Kaul, MD                                   Linda Casey, MD
           Jorge A. Bezerra, MD                  • Internet                                        Maria Mascarenhas, MD
        Peter L.M. Jansen, MD, PhD                 Peter Lee, MD                                   Francisco Sylvester, MD
           For more information,                 • Nutrition                                     • Professional Development
           go to                     Christopher Duggan, MD                          Conrad Cole, MD
           or call 703-299-9766                    Frank Franklin, MD                              Charles Roberts, MD
                                                   Neal S LeLeiko, MD                              Latifa Yeung, MD
                                                                                                                               Continued ...

• Professional Education                            • California - Pediatric GI position –             • Connecticut
  Benny Kerzner, MD                                   San Francisco, California
                                                                                                       The Department of Pediatrics at Yale
• Public Education                                  The Division of Pediatric GI, Hepatology and       University School of Medicine is seeking
  Judy Splawski, MD                                 Nutrition at California Pacific Medical Center     full-time or part-time entry-level faculty
  Allan Rosenberg, MD                               (CPMC) in San Francisco has an immediate           members in pediatric gastroenterology.
• Research                                          opening for a board certified/eligible Pediatric   Candidates should have clinical expertise in
  David Mack, MD                                    Gastroenterologist. CPMC is the largest            the diagnosis, treatment, and management
  Thomas Sferra, MD                                 private medical center and a major referral        of disorders of the alimentary tract and
  Aliye Uc, MD                                      center in the San Francisco Bay area. CPMC         hepatolo-biliary system. Clinical activities will
• Training                                          delivers over half the babies born in San          take place on in-patient and out-patient units
  Susan Henning, MD                                 Francisco each year. The Department of             at Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital and
  Nicola Jones, MD                                  Pediatrics includes a Level 3 regional referral    at Yale satellite clinics in Connecticut.
                                                    center NICU, Pediatric Ward and PICU. The          Candidates should be board-certified in
                                                    Department’s Medical Staff includes over 100       pediatrics and board eligible or certified in
Classifieds                                         primary care pediatricians as well as pediatric
                                                    hospitalists and subspecialists in multiple
                                                    disciplines. CPMC will build a new Woman’s
                                                                                                       pediatric gastroenterology. Full-time salary
                                                                                                       begins at $150,000.

There is a $100 charge for the placement of         and Children’s Hospital in the next few years.     Candidates should send a curriculum vitae
classified advertisements. This includes a                                                             and a list of professional
                                                    The Pediatric GI division support staff            references to:
one-time listing in the quarterly newsletter        includes dietitians, nurse practitioners, and
and six months on the NASPGHAN website.             specialty nurse and clinic coordinators. The       Norman J. Siegel, MD
The deadline for the receipt of copy and            position offers both inpatient and outpatient      Department of Pediatrics
payment for the Fall 2004 newsletter is             service and teaching pediatric gastroenterolo-     Yale University, School of Medicine
August 1, 2004. Please send your requests           gy to residents and students rotating from         P.O. Box 208064. 333 Cedar Street
to the National Office: PO Box 6, Flourtown,        UCSF. Candidates should have excellent             New Haven, CT 06520-8064
PA 19031 via email at         clinical and procedural skills and a strong
accompanied by payment                              interest in teaching residents and medical         Phone: 203-785-6053
                                                    students. Clinical faculty appointments at         FAX: 203-785-5383
• California - Faculty position -                   UCSF are available. Clinical research is           Email:
  Section of Gastroenterology                       optional but encouraged. A competitive salary      Yale University is an equal opportunity,
The Department of Pediatrics, University of         and excellent benefits package will be offered.    affirmative action employer. Minority and
California, Davis, is seeking to fill 2 faculty     Interested applicants should submit a brief        female candidates are encouraged to apply.
positions in our Section of Gastroenterology.       cover letter and curriculum vitae to:
One position is to serve as Section Chief. The
                                                    Chuan-Hao Lin, MD                                  • Delaware -
junior faculty position can be in either a                                                               Pediatric Gastroenterologists
                                                    Director, Div. of Pediatric GI,
clinical or research series track. This section
                                                    Department of Pediatrics                           The Division of Pediatric Gastroenterology
currently consists of 2 board certified pediatric
                                                    2340 Clay Street #309                              and Nutrition at the Alfred I. duPont
gastroenterologists, 2 nurse practitioners and      San Francisco, CA, 94115
2 full time nurse clinicians. The position                                                             Hospital for Children seeks two BC Pediatric
appointments will be commensurate with              Phone: (415) 600-3479                              Gastroenterologists with a strong background
credentials in the In-Residence, Clinical X or      FAX: (415) 441-0246                                in motility and/or liver. Positions are located
Salaried Clinical Series, and depending upon        E-mail:                     in Wilmington, DE. The Alfred I. duPont
the series, a record of research achievement        California Pacific Medical Center ( C P M C )      Hospital for Children is a 183-bed, full-
will be required.                                   is an equal Opportunity/ Affirmative Action        service hospital equipped to care for children
                                                    Employer.                                          with a wide range of conditions. The Alfred I
Requirements include BC/BE in Pediatrics                                                               duPont Hospital for Children is the major
and Pediatric Gastroenterology, and eligibility     • Colorado - Clinical Coordinator                  tertiary care pediatric center for Thomas
for licensure in the State of California.             (Manager, Pediatric GI Procedures Unit)          Jefferson University Hospital. The Division
Applicants should have the ability to work                                                             of Gastroenterology and Nutrition serves
cooperatively and collegially within the            Do you want to work day shift, with no weekend     infants, children, and adolescents who have
diverse environment of UC Davis. The UC             or holiday commitment? The Children's              all types of gastrointestinal and nutritional
Davis Children’s Hospital provides a full           Hospital in Denver, Colorado, has a full-time      disorders, including abdominal pain,
complement of services throughout Northern          Clinical Coordinator position available in the     inflammatory bowel disease such as Crohn's
California and is the sole academic                 Pediatric Gastroenterology (GI) Procedures         disease and ulcerative colitis, chronic liver
center east of the bay area with patient            Unit. Requires an RN degree (BSN preferred),       disorders, malabsorptive disorders, and
referrals from all points to western Nevada         with 2 years’ inpatient pediatric and 1 year of    feeding disorders. Comprehensive outpatient
and southern Oregon. The clinical site noted        management / supervisory experience. Ability       and inpatient services are available for
above is based on the UC Davis Medical              to provide direct patient care pre and post GI
                                                                                                       evaluation, diagnosis, and management of
Center campus in Sacramento. Sacramento is          procedures, as well as assist physicians
                                                                                                       routine and complex gastroenterologic
an easily accessible, friendly, family-oriented,    and anesthesiologists during GI procedures
                                                                                                       disorders. These services are enhanced by
moderately sized city and is in close proximity     and liver biopsies, required. GI endoscopy
                                                                                                       an integrated cooperative program, including
to Lake Tahoe and the Sierra Nevada                 procedure/surgical background a plus.
                                                                                                       nutritionists, family services, and psycholo-
Mountains, the California coast, and Napa           Apply in person or submit resume                   gists.
Valley.                                             (referencing job code 19725) to:
                                                                                                       Interested candidates, send curriculum vitae
Submit CV and letter of inquiry to:                 The Children's Hospital                            and cover letter specifying position to:
                                                    1827 Park Ave.
Anthony Philipps, MD                                Denver, CO 80218                                   Jan Roberts-Jolly, Employment Manager
Chair, Department of Pediatrics                     Fax: (303) 861-6238. For more information,         Alfred I duPont Institute
2516 Stockton Blvd. Ticon II                        call Gail Smart at (303) 861-6479.                 1600 Rockland Road, Suite 3B-372
Sacramento, CA 95817                                EOE M/F/D/V                                        Wilmington, DE 19803

                                                                                                                                          Continued ...

 8                                 skills are useful but not required. Faculty        AA/EEO Applicants should submit a letter and
(302) 651-5589 (phone)                               appointment at Rosalind Franklin School of         curriculum vitae to:
(302) 651-6119 (fax)                                 Medicine and Sciences (formerly Finch
                                                                                                        Thomas C. Stephen, MD                                      University of Health Sciences / The Chicago
                                                                                                        Director, Division of Pediatric
                                                     Medical School), commensurate with interest
• Florida -                                                                                             Gastroenterology
                                                     and experience.
    Pediatric Gastroenterologists                                                                       571 S. Floyd Street
                                                     Interested physicians should forward their         University of Louisville
The Division of Pediatric Gastroenterology and       curriculum vitae to                Louisville, KY 40202
Nutrition at the Alfred I. duPont Hospital
                                                     or by mail to                                      Phone: (502) 852-3874
for Children seeks a two BC Pediatric
Gastroenterologists with a strong background         Daniel Johnson, MD                                 Fax: (502) 852-4093
in motility and/or liver. Positions are located      Chairman, Department of Pediatrics
in Orlando, FL.                                      Sinai Children’s Hospital                          • Massachusetts - Chief of Pediatric
                                                     15th Street and California Avenue                    Gastroenterology Academic Pediatric
The Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children is        Chicago, IL 60608                                    Gastroenterology and Nutrition
a 183-bed, full-service hospital equipped
to care for children with a wide range of            or by phone 773-257-6474.                          The Department of Pediatrics the University of
conditions. The Alfred I duPont Hospital for                                                            Massachusetts Medical School and UMass
Children is the major tertiary care pediatric        • Kentucky - Associate or Assistant                Memorial Health Care is seeking a Division
center for Thomas Jefferson University                 Professor
                                                                                                        Chief of Pediatric Gastroenterology and
Hospital. The Division of Gastroenterology           The Department of Pediatrics, Division of          Nutrition. This candidate should be Board
and Nutrition serves infants, children, and          Pediatric Gastroenterology at the University       Certified in Pediatrics, with fellowship
adolescents who have all types of                    of Louisville, Louisville, KY. The Division is     training and board certification in Pediatric
gastrointestinal and nutritional disorders,          currently seeking one pediatric gastroenterol-     Gastroenterology and Nutrition. Demonstrate
including abdominal pain, inflammatory               ogist at the Associate or Assistant Professor      strong leadership skills, interest excellence in
bowel disease such as Crohn's disease and            level, term or tenure track.                       clinical care and, teaching, and a commitment
ulcerative colitis, chronic liver disorders,                                                            to clinical or basic science towards
malabsorptive disorders, and feeding                 The division currently is comprised of two
                                                                                                        research/scholarly activity. Applicant would
disorders. Comprehensive outpatient and              pediatric gastroenterologists and has a
                                                                                                        preferably have experience and interest in
inpatient services are available for                 subspecialty -training program with one
                                                                                                        establishing a pediatric liver /small bowel
evaluation, diagnosis, and management                Pediatric Gastroenterological fellow. The
                                                                                                        transplant program. Currently the Division
of routine and complex gastroenterologic             division is affiliated with and located directly
                                                                                                        consists of one faculty member, experienced
disorders. These services are enhanced by            across from Kosair Children’s Hospital             physician assistant, senior clinical /research
an integrated cooperative program, including         in downtown Louisville. The hospital is            nurse, and three excellent Pedi Dieticians
nutritionists, family services, and psychologists.   Louisville’s only free-standing children’s         however recruitment for three to five
                                                     hospital and houses the city’s only Pediatric      additional faculty members is taking place.
Interested candidates, send curriculum vitae         Intensive Care unit. The hospital is the
and cover letter specifying position to:                                                                Academic faculty appointment rank is
                                                     regional pediatric center for Kentucky and         dependent upon experience. The combination
Jan Roberts-Jolly, Employment Manager                southern Indiana and serves as the regional        of a major academic medical center with a
Alfred I duPont Institute                            trauma center for patients less than eighteen      diverse community one hour from Boston and
1600 Rockland Road, Suite 3B-372                     years of age. The clinical office is located one   rich in cultural offerings provides for a high
Wilmington, DE 19803                                 block south of both the hospital and academic      quality of life. Salary is highly competitive and
                                                     office.                                            benefits are excellent.
(302) 651-5589 (phone)                               The division desires to recruit an individual      Send curriculum vitae to:
(302) 651-6119 (fax)                                 with a strong interest in clinical and teaching
                                                     responsibilities within the University setting     Marianne E. Felice, MD
• Illinois                                           and private practice. The individual will          Professor & Chair, Department of Pediatrics
                                                     actively participate in the teaching of medical    UMass Memorial Health
Exciting practice opportunity available for          students, residents and fellows. The job           55 Lake Avenue North, Room S5-866
BC/BE Pediatric Gastroenterologist in                description can be negotiated to reflect the       Worcester, MA. 01655
Chicago at Sinai Children’s Hospital of the          candidate’s requirements. A wide range of          Telephone: (508) 856-3199
Sinai Health System. Our hospital includes:          opportunities for research is available at the     Email:
•   39 bed NICU                                      University of Louisville for candidates wishing    Fax: (508) 856-1540
•   24 bed Pediatric Med/Surg Unit                   to pursue the tenure track. The position offers
•   8 bed PICU                                       a competitive wage and opportunities to allow
•   Excellent pediatric subspecialty services        for personal and professional needs.               • Massachusetts - Faculty Position
•   Pediatric-certified Level I trauma center                                                             Academic Pediatric Gastroenterology
                                                     Louisville, Kentucky is a growing community
•   Pediatric Subspecialty Clinic                                                                         and Nutrition
                                                     of approximately 700,000 people and a
•   Residency Programs in Pediatrics
                                                     wonderful city in which to live. Known             The Department of Pediatrics at the University
•   Medical student programming
                                                     nationally for the “Kentucky Derby”, there         of Massachusetts Medical School and UMass
•   New obesity prevention and research
                                                     is also a thriving arts community with first       Memorial Health Care is seeking two to four
                                                     class theater and fine arts, a nationally known    additional faculty members who are Board
Candidates should have excellent clinical and        park system and affordable family housing.         Eligible or Board Certified in Pediatrics, with
procedural skills and an interest in teaching        Louisville is located on the Ohio River, which     fellowship training and certification in
medical students and residents. This position        offers additional recreational opportunities.      Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition. In
involves patient care, teaching of medical           Applicants must have completed a fellowship        addition, applicants should have a strong
students and residents, and participation in         in Pediatric Gastroenterology. Candidates will     interest in clinical care, and teaching, and an
clinical research. Excellent opportunity to help     be expected to be licensed to practice in the      interest in research. Responsibilities include
grow a pediatric subspecialty in a supportive        Commonwealth of Kentucky and to be ABP             inpatient and outpatient clinical care, limited
environment. Patients are from the west and          certified and subboard certified or eligible       outreach services to nearby areas, teaching
south sides of Chicago. Spanish language             with certification imminent.                       medical students, pediatric residents and

o t h e r p o s t g r a d u a t e s t u d e n t s , and   • Minnesota - Division Director,                    Applications will be considered upon receipt.
initiation/continuation of research. Applicants             Pediatric Gastroenterology Department             This position will remain open until filled.
will be considered for academic faculty                     of Pediatrics University of Minnesota
appointment at the Assistant or Associate                                                                     Minneapolis/St. Paul is frequently listed as
                                                            Medical School                                    one of the most desirable places to live in the
Professor level, dependent upon experience.
The Division currently consists of one faculty            The Department of Pediatrics at the                 United States. The city is clean and beautiful
member, experienced physician assistant,                  University of Minnesota Medical School is           with many parks and recreational areas as
senior clinical / research nurse, and three               seeking a Director for the Division of              well as excellent shopping and restaurants.
excellent Pediatric Dieticians but active                 Gastroenterology. This Division has a long          Opportunities for cultural enrichment are
recruitment of a Chief and other faculty                  tradition of excellence in academic training,       extensive, and the public schools are some of
members are on-going. The combination of a                research and patient care, and strong               the best in the country.
major academic medical center with a diverse              relations with adult gastroenterology and
                                                                                                              ~ The University of Minnesota is an Equal
community one hour from Boston and rich in                transplant surgery. Candidates should
                                                                                                              Opportunity Employer ~
cultural offerings provides for a high quality of         demonstrate evidence of academic and
life. Salary is competitive and benefits are              clinical leadership, teaching, research and         Send curriculum vitae and names/addresses
excellent.                                                patient care. Appointment will be as a tenured      of three references to:
                                                          Associate Professor or Full Professor,
Send curriculum vitae to:                                 depending on clinical and research                  Sarah Jane Schwarzenberg, MD
Marianne E. Felice, MD                                    accomplishments. Applications will be               Professor, Department of Pediatrics
Professor & Chair, Department of Pediatrics               reviewed beginning June 1, 2004, and will be        Gastroenterology, Hepatology & Nutrition
UMass Memorial Health                                     accepted until the position is filled. The          University of Minnesota
55 Lake Avenue North, Room S5-866                         anticipated start date is January-June, 2005.       MMC 185
Worcester, MA. 01655                                                                                          420 Delaware St S.E.
                                                          Applicants should send a detailed letter            Minneapolis MN 55455
Telephone: (508) 856-3199                                 of interest and Curriculum Vitae to:
                                                          Alan Sinaiko, MD
Fax: (508) 856-1540
                                                          Chair, Search Committee
                                                          c/o of Julie Legg
                                                                                                              • New York - Position for an
• Michigan -                                                                                                    Academic Pediatric Gastroenterologist -
                                                          University of Minnesota
  Pediatric Gastroenterologists                                                                                 Women & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo
                                                          Mayo Mail Code 391, 420 Delaware Street SE
The Division of Pediatric Gastroenterology,               Minneapolis, MN 55455                               Women & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo
Hepatology and Nutrition at Children's                                                                        invites applications for a pediatric gastroen-
                                                          The University of Minnesota is an Equal
Hospital of Michigan seeks two at the                                                                         terologist to join 3 full time and 1 part time
                                                          Opportunity Educator and Employer.
assistant-associate professor level on a                                                                      gastroenterologists in an academic practice
clinician -educator track academic appoint-                                                                   with a strong research component. Women &
ment. Candidates must have completed a                    • Minnesota - Assistant Professor or
                                                            Associate Professor                               Children’s Hospital of Buffalo is the only
certified fellowship in pediatric gastroenterol-                                                              freestanding hospital for children in New York
ogy, hepatology, and nutrition, have excellent            The University of Minnesota, Department of          State and is the pediatric teaching hospital
clinical and endoscopic skills, and be                    Pediatrics seeks a physician for a full-            for the State University of New York Medical
dedicated to patient care and teaching. The               time faculty position in the Division of            School in Buffalo. It has 313 beds, 18 PICU
section support staff currently includes a                Gastroenterology, Hepatology & Nutrition.           beds and 54 NICU beds. The Digestive
pediatric dietitian, 3 nurse practitioners,               This position will have clinical responsibilities   Disease and Nutrition Center is continuing
4 nurses, and a research coordinator.                     in pediatric gastroenterology. The individual       Women & Children’s Hospital’s long tradition
Competence in all areas of pediatric                      will actively participate in the teaching of        of strength in the care of children with
gastroenterology is essential. This position              medical students, residents, and fellows at         gastrointestinal disorders. The Center is
offers both inpatient and outpatient clinical             the University of Minnesota.                        active in clinical care, clinical research, basic
and teaching pediatric gastroenterology                                                                       research and education. Opportunities in all
                                                          The rank of this position will be Assistant
responsibilities. Teaching involves students,                                                                 these areas are available. The applicant must
                                                          Professor or Associate Professor, Clinical or
residents and fellows, participation in                                                                       be board eligible or board certified in
                                                          Tenure Track, Department of Pediatrics. The
Divisional conferences and symposia, and                                                                      Pediatric GI and, if successful, would have the
                                                          candidate would join four other full-time
participation in Divisional and multicenter                                                                   rank of assistant or associate professor,
                                                          faculty in an academic pediatric gastroen-
clinical research. Outreach clinical                                                                          depending on qualifications.
                                                          terology practice that includes patients with
responsibilities include seeing patients at
                                                          diverse and fascinating problems.                   Strong points of the program:
satellite clinics. Some of the strengths of our
program are an established pediatric motility             Essential qualifications: Board certified or        • Busy, financially sound clinical practice
program including Impedance and strong                    board eligible in Pediatric Gastroenterology.          (All GI practitioners received productivity
clinical research in different areas. There is            Competency in procedures commonly per-                 bonuses during the past year)
an established Pharmacologic research unit                formed. Experience with both liver transplan-
as well as a Research center. There is                    tation and bone marrow transplantation are          • Accredited pediatric GI fellowship
tremendous scope for interdisciplinary                    desirable, but not required.                        • Excellent and adequate support staff:
research opportunities. We are affiliated with            The University of Minnesota is a premier              nurse practitioners, endoscopy nurses,
Wayne State University, which is an equal                 institution for clinical and basic research. A        a dietician, research nurses and
Opportunity /Affirmative Action Employer, and             wide range of opportunities for research are          administrative staff.
women and minorities are encouraged to apply.             available. Current faculty interests include        • Active and NIH-funded basic research lab
Interested candidates should send a CV                    gastrointestinal complications of cystic
                                                                                                              • Nationally recognized GI referral lab
and three letters of recommendation to:                   fibrosis, regulation of inflammation and its
                                                          impact on growth, GI issues in autism, and          Buffalo is a wonderful place to live. It has
Dr. Vasu Tolia, MD                                        outcomes research. We have a long-time              excellent schools, many outstanding cultural
Director of Pediatric Gastroenterology                    interest in liver disease including a tissue        attractions such as the Buffalo Philharmonic
3901 Beaubien Blvd.                                       bank. We also direct an active pediatric            Orchestra and the Albright-Knox Art Gallery.
Detroit, MI 48201                                         obesity program, including a pediatric              It is close to fabulous outdoor activities such
Phone # (313) 745-5056                                    bariatric surgery program.                          as sailing, hiking and skiing.
                                                                                                                                                 Continued ...

Interested applicants are requested to call Dr.   Cindy Bagwell, Manager, Physician Recruitment         All candidates should be board certified in
Robert Baker or Dr. Susan Baker at                Moses Cone Health System                              pediatrics and board certified/eligible in
716-878-7793 or e-mail one of them at             Greensboro, NC                                        Pediatric Gastroenterology as well as having or       Phone: 336-832-7621                                   outstanding procedure skills, clinical abilities
                                                  Fax: 336-832-7782                                     and teaching skills. This full-time position is
Please submit Curriculum Vitae to
                                                  Email:                    ideally suited to the physician who wishes to
Digestive Disease and Nutrition Center,           Sorry, this is not a J-1 visa opportunity.            practice in an academic climate while pursing
Women & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo                                                                  a research interest in a nationally recognized
219 Bryant St.                                    • North Carolina - Board certified /                  institution.
Buffalo, NY, 14222                                  eligible pediatric gastroenterologist
                                                                                                        Located in Northeast Ohio, residents enjoy
Children’s Hospital of Buffalo is a Division of   Carolina Digestive Health Associates in               the cultural stimulation of the world-
Kaleida Health and is an equal opportunity        Charlotte, North Carolina is seeking a third          renowned Cleveland Orchestra, the recently
employer.                                         board certified /eligible pediatric gastroen-         renovated Playhouse Square District, and the
                                                  terologist to join a thriving and unique private      Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, just to name
• New York -                                      practice. Position is for full time and will          a few. Cleveland also is the home of
  PEDIATRIC GASTROENTEROLOGY                      be clinical with teaching responsibility to           professional sports teams such as the
Prime opportunity to practice pediatric           pediatric and family practice residents. There        Cleveland Indians, Cavaliers and Browns.
gastroenterology in prestigious Medical           is the opportunity for clinical research if           Lake Erie provides residents with the
Center. State-of-the-art facility serves an       desired.                                              opportunity for fishing, boating, parasailing,
enormous catchment area and can support                                                                 water skiing and other water sport activities.
                                                  Charlotte is a beautiful and rapidly growing
multiple Ped GIs. Enjoy an academic                                                                     The combination of the city's downtown
                                                  city with a population of over 500,000. It is a
appointment, competitive compensation and                                                               skyline, fine restaurants, entertainment
                                                  major banking center with two of the nation’s
excellent benefits. Local population is                                                                 options, and affordable housing, makes
                                                  largest banks, Bank of America and Wachovia,
increasing daily with the growth and addition     having headquarters here. Charlotte has two           Northeast Ohio a very desirable place to live.
of a major high-tech businesses in the area.      professional sports teams in football and             Interested candidates should submit a cover
This "white collar" community boasts numer-       basketball. It is a three hour drive to the nearest   letter and curriculum vitae to:
ous cultural and recreational opportunities,      beaches and a one hour drive to the mountains.
excellent cost of living, reasonable housing      Lake Norman, North Carolina’s largest man-            Steven J. Czinn, M.D.
and top-rated public and private schools and      made lake is 20 minutes north of Charlotte.           Division of Pediatric Gastroenterology,
local colleges and universities.                                                                        Hepatology and Nutrition
                                                  Our group is affiliated with two hospital             Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital
Contact Robin Harrington                          systems in Charlotte that are two miles apart.        11100 Euclid Avenue
800-365-8900 ext. 257                             Carolinas Medical Center is a 777 bed                 Cleveland, Ohio 44106-6004
FAX 203-523-5843                                  private and teaching hospital with pediatric          or email information to                        and family medicine residency programs.               SJC3@PO.CWRU.EDU
Ref. #613459 EOE/AA                               Carolinas Medical Center was named one of
                                                  America’s best hospitals by U.S. News and             CWRU is an equal opportunity and affirmative
• North Carolina - BC / BE Pediatric              World Report in 2003. A new state of the art          action employer. Qualified women and minority
  Gastroenterologist                              pediatric hospital is planned to be completed         candidates are encouraged to apply.
                                                  by 2007. Presbyterian Hospital is a 593 bed
Moses Cone Health System is recruiting a
BC/BE Pediatric Gastroenterologist to             private hospital that includes a children’s           • Pennsylvania -
Greensboro, NC. Excellent opportunity to          hospital and separate pediatric ER. Our main            Assistant Professor
help grow a new Pediatric subspecialty within     office is within five minutes of each hospital,
                                                  and we currently have two satellite offices and       The University of Pittsburgh, Department of
the Health system. (Currently pediatric GI                                                              Pediatrics, is seeking a candidate for an
services are being provided by specialists        other potential future locations.
                                                                                                        Assistant Professor position with a research
from nearby medical centers.) Qualified           If you are interested in an outstanding               focus in the area of functional gastrointestinal
candidate will blend clinical and teaching        opportunity to become a part of a vibrant             disorders. The candidate must have extensive
responsibilities. Faculty appointment com-        private pediatric GI practice please contact:         experience supported by research publica-
mensurate with interest and experience.                                                                 tions and currently have at least 50%
Full access to Endoscopy facilities and           W. Stokes Houck, MD
                                                                                                        protected time through research grants.
appropriate equipment.Moses Cone Health           300 Billingsley Rd.
System is a 1000+ bed, 5-hospital, not-for        Charlotte N.C. 28211                                  Please fax cover letter, c.v. and references to
profit community based system with a Level        Tel: 704-372-7974; Fax: 704-372-6531                  Claudia Brazet, Department of Pediatrics,
III 36-bed NICU housed at the Women’s             e-mail:                  412-692-5946
Hospital (6000 deliveries/yr.). Moses H. Cone
Memorial Hospital (Level II Trauma Center                                                               The University of Pittsburgh is an Equal
                                                  • Ohio -
                                                                                                        Opportunity, Affirmative Action Employer.
and 4-bed PICU) has residency programs            In conjunction with University Hospitals of
in internal medicine, family practice and         Cleveland and Case School of Medicine the
pediatric residents and medical students from                                                           • Pennsylvania - Board Eligible or
                                                  Division of Pediatric Gastroenterology,                 Board Certified Pediatric
the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill,   Hepatology and Nutrition at Rainbow Babies
with on-site tenured and non-tenured UNC                                                                  Gastroenterologists
                                                  & Children’s Hospital is seeking a Pediatric
Pediatric faculty and 2 Pediatric Surgeons.       Gastroenterologist at the Assistant/Associate         The Department of Pediatrics at the
Greensboro, a city of 220,000+, with referral     Professor Level. Currently, the division is           University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and
base of 400,000+, located in the beautiful        comprised of 5 full time and one-part time            Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh has openings
Piedmont region of North Carolina, is located     physician, 3 nurse practitioners, 1 registered        for several Board Eligible or Board Certified
2 hours from the mountains and 4 hours from       nurse, an administrative assistant and                Pediatric Gastroenterologists. We welcome
the beach. This family oriented community         excellent secretarial support. The division           applicants at the Assistant or Associate
boasts a wide variety of cultural, social and     also has an active Pediatric Gastroenterology         Professor level in the non-tenure stream. The
educational opportunities.                        Fellowship Program, which is NIH funded and           positions require strong clinical skills in
Interested candidates please contact:             ACGME accredited.                                     gastroenterology or hepatology and the ability
                                                                                                                                           Continued ...

to teach medical students, residents and               nutrition program at the University of Vermont      • Wisconsin - PRIME OPPORTUNITY
fellows. The program has exceptional opportu-          and Vermont Children’s Hospital at Fletcher            to practice pediatric gastroenterology
nities for clinical, basic, and translational          Allen Health Care, the tertiary medical care
research in multiple areas of gastroenterology,        center of Vermont and Northern New York             PRIME OPPORTUNITY to practice pediatric
hepatology and transplant. Salary is                   State. We are seeking a pediatrician who is         gastroenterology with six other physicians.
commensurate with experience.                          Board Certified or Board Eligible in pediatrics     Enjoy a light call of 1:7 and teaching and train-
                                                       and pediatric gastroenterology for a position       ing opportunities. Excellent compensation
Candidates should send Curriculum Vitae,               as an Assistant Professor, Associate                package, up to $300K, and comprehensive
letter of interest and a list of three references to   Professor or Professor. Responsibilities            benefits including malpractice insurance and
                                                       include providing subspecialty clinical care for    relocation assistance. Located in a beautiful
Mark E. Lowe, MD PhD
                                                       a wide range of disorders, as well as medical       college town with abundant amenities, both
Director of Pediatric Gastroenterology,
                                                       student, resident and postgraduate education,       cultural and recreational.
Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh
3705 Fifth Ave.                                        with an opportunity to become program               Contact Myrna Daniels,
Pittsburgh, PA 15213                                   director. Candidates with an interest in            800-365-8902, ext. 1311
                                                       research would have an opportunity to     
The University of Pittsburgh is an Affirmative         develop an active research program. Vermont         Ref.#511554 EOE/AA
Action, Equal Opportunity Employer.                    is a beautiful place to live and work. We aim to
                                                       fill the position by or before July 1, 2005, and
• South Dakota -                                       we encourage rapid reply to this announce-          • Wisconsin - MARSHFIELD CENTER
                                                       ment from interested applicants. Applications          IS SEEKING Its 3RD CLINICAL
                                                       will be accepted until the position is filled. If      GASTROENTEROLOGIST WITH A
Avera McKennan Hospital & University                   you are interested in this position, please send       4TH JOINING IN 2005.
Health Center is seeking a board eligible/             a letter of intent and your current curriculum
board certified Pediatric Gastroenterologist to                                                            Marshfield Clinic is a not-for-profit physician-
                                                       vitae with bibliography to:                         led multi-specialty group practice with more
join our team of pediatric specialists.
Avera Children’s specialists on staff include          Richard.Colletti@UVM.EDU or                         than 700 physicians practicing in over 80
critical care, GI, ID, cardiology, surgery,                                                                medical specialties in 41 locations throughout
                                                       Richard B. Colletti, MD                             northern, western and central Wisconsin. Our
radiology, pulmonary, orthopedics, hematol-
                                                       Professor of Pediatrics                             new colleague can anticipate a rewarding
ogy/oncology, genetics/endocrinology, psy-
                                                       E-203 Given Medical Building                        practice with professionals dedicated to high
chology, neurology and neonatology. The
                                                       University of Vermont College of Medicine           quality care. Our environment - a tertiary level
physician would practice at the new Avera
                                                       Burlington VT 05405-0068                            medical center located in a rural city -
Children’s Clinic located on the campus of
Avera McKennan Hospital. Call would be 1:2.            The University of Vermont is an Equal               provides a unique personal / professional
The ideal candidate will be energetic and              Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer and         experience. Practice in the on site state of the
motivated, while valuing relocating to a               applications from minorities and women are          art GI outpatient unit. Marshfield Children’s,
family-friendly environment. The physicians            strongly encouraged.                                which is located in St. Joseph’s Hospital,
are employed, have a base salary plus                                                                      includes a Level III- 8 bed PICU, with an
production incentives and a generous benefit                                                               average of 300 admissions per year and a
                                                       • Washington - Pediatric                            Level III- 24 bed NICU. Teaching opportunities
package. Minimal managed care penetration.
                                                         Gastroenterologist - Spokane, WA                  exist with our Pediatric and Med/Peds
Avera McKennan Hospital & University Health                                                                Residency Programs. Marshfield is a small
Center is a 490-bed, non-profit, Catholic              The New Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital is         community of 20,000 with outstanding public
facility and the regional referral center for the      seeking a BC/BE Pediatric Gastroenterologist        and private K-12 schools as well as a
Avera Health System and surrounding                    to join the team of dedicated health                University of Wisconsin extension. This
five-state area. Check out our website at:             professionals providing high-quality inpatient      opportunity includes a competitive salary; a                                  services in a caring environment. Work              fully-funded retirement plan; a 401(k) plan;
                                                       closely with the Pediatric Trauma Center,           malpractice, health, dental, life and disability
Sioux Falls, South Dakota, is South Dakota’s           general pediatric unit, PICU, NICU (level III),     insurance; four weeks paid vacation; two
largest city and the county seat of Minnehaha          and Pediatric Surgery known for their               weeks CME time; $5,500 CME allowance and
County. It serves as a healthcare, governmen-          exemplary care.                                     generous relocation.
tal, law enforcement and financial hub for the         Our new Children’s Hospital is the State-of-Art
area. With a population of 177,000, the city                                                               Contact Sandy Heeg at 800-782-8581 ext. 1-9781
                                                       154 bed facility-serving children throughout a      or 800-782-8581 ext. 1-9781 or e-mail at
has been judged by Money Magazine as the               four state area. Children’s Hospital is located
“best place to live in America” for its quality of                                               
                                                       on the campus of Sacred Heart Medical Center        to learn more about this excellent practice
life, including its low crime rate, high-              (SHMC), the largest hospital (653 bed) in the
quality education, clean air and water, lack of                                                            opportunity. For immediate consideration,
                                                       region and serving 1.5 million people. Located      please send your curriculum vitae to
traffic congestion, and friendly residents.
                                                       between the Rocky and Cascade mountain
Check out our community website at:                                                                        1000 N. Oak Ave.
                                                       ranges, Spokane offers a mild four-season cli-                                                                                          Marshfield, Wisconsin 54449
                                                       mate. Spokane provides excellent schools, (K-
If you would like more details please contact:         12) with numerous colleges and universities         or fax it to (715) 221-9779.
Suzette Hohwieler, Physician Recruiter, at             in the area, affordable housing and an              You may also access our website at
605-371-1783 or fax 605-371-1784 or email              abundance of outdoor recreation activities. A                         great place to raise a family.
                                                       For more information contact:
• Vermont -                                            Kevin Malee
  Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology
                                                       Providence Physician Services
  and Nutrition Position
                                                       Toll 1-800.442.8536
The Department of Pediatrics at the University         Tel (509) 232.1189
of Vermont is seeking a physician to join the          Fax (509) 232.1196
pediatric gastroenterology, hepatology and