Top 8 Common Mistakes on using Postcard Marketing

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					Top 8 Common Mistakes on using Postcard Marketing Marketing with postcards is a great way to achieve five major goals. These goals are:      To generate sales To introduce a new product or service To acquire new customers To build a brand name recognition To strengthen customer relationships

However, marketing with postcards the wrong way may not only prove to be unfruitful but a waste of marketing budget as well. Here, we’ve listed the most common mistakes on postcard marketing that must be avoided. 1) Sending to the wrong people. Your postcard marketing campaign would be ineffective if you’re not targeting the right market. For instance, do you think bachelors and yuppies would be interested to buy baby products or infant products? Remember, sending your postcards to the wrong people is a big mistake. 2) No follow ups. You can’t expect to get the results you want with just one sending. You may need to send and resend your postcards to the same market at least three times before your prospect take action. After a week or two, follow up your campaign with another batch of postcards. 3) Lack of personal touch. Many successful entrepreneurs notice that prospects respond positively to postcards with a more personal touch. A professional postcard should not only advertise but appeal to the recipient’s heart as well. 4) Not sending first class. A first class stamp may cost a bit more but at $0.25 per postcard, you create a more personal and friendlier appeal plus the “return to sender” option so you’ll know if your postcards have been received. 5) Overspending. Spending your marketing budget on postcards alone is unreasonable and a big mistake. Postcards should enable you to save your budget not spend more. If you have a large market, it may be more practical to hire a professional printing service rather than to print the postcards yourself. 6) Poor message. To be effective, your message needs to be short, clear and compelling. Take more time in putting together the concept of your postcard rather than rushing and coming up with a poorly written message. 7) Overstuffed postcards. Make sure that your postcards are not overly stuffed with information and details about your products. Instead, focus on just one product per postcard.

8) No contact details. Are your contact information (business address, website URL, email address, fax number, telephone number, etc) included? Make sure that these important details are printed correctly on each on your postcards so prospect can reach you easily.
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Description: Marketing with postcards is a great way to achieve five major goals.