Interpretation of the latest Canadian immigration policy

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					Interpretation of the latest Canadian immigration policy
Relax immigration standards
Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) 2006 towards the end of the annual report
submitted to Congress. The report summarizes the 2006 immigration plan
implementation, and first disclosed the 2007 Canadian immigration program.
According to Investment Advisory Co., Ltd. Nanjing Ian immigration lawyer
PATRIKWALDER analysis, the overall quota increase in investment in Quebec
relaxed immigration policies, are all herald the arrival of a better year.

Compared with the various ups and downs in 2006, 2007, Canadian immigration
policy will be stable in the trend of development has surpassed the past.
2007, Canadian immigration quota will be further enhanced. According to the
information estimated the investment will accelerate the pace of immigration
proceedings, and trial standards to be relaxed, while the quota for provincial nominee
program, surged 40%, these immigrants will bring more business opportunities.
However, immigration regulations have not yet changed and improved through the
sub-cases, the federal quota for skilled migrants was decreased significantly, which
may lead to further lengthen the time for skilled migrants.
According to the Department of Citizenship and Immigration Canada's
annual work report, in 2007 Canada will attract more new immigrants. Target to reach
total number of immigrants from 240,000 to 26.5 million last year from 225,000 to
25.5 million compared to the target level, the Canadian Immigration Department to
adjust the amount of the increase of immigrants up to 10,000 people, this is the most
recent years to attract immigrants target the highest.
Meanwhile, according to the plan the Department of Immigration, in the next 10 years,
the number of new immigrants further Zeng Jia Jiang, Zong Ren Kou Tigao to 1% of
Canada, then worked an average increase per year of 32 million immigrants Yue Wei.
This is for those who wish to immigrate to Canada, no doubt, is good news.
From 2007 / 2006 quota contrast can be found: compared with 2006, the quota
increase is mainly economic class immigrants, including skilled migration, business
migration, and family reunion with the original class of the basic quota unchanged but
more in the humanitarian category quota last year. 2007 target of economic class
immigrants from 141,000 to 15.8 million, compared to 12.6 million in 2006 to 14.3
million, growth in the number ultimate goal will be more than 10%.
Provincial nominee program quota increase
Immigration Department's work plan shows that in 2007, the Canadian
provincial nominee program (PNP) of the quota increase and the reduction was
significant, basically to reach 40%.
Therefore, applicants should pay close attention to China's new provincial
nominee program, such as including the nomination of Prince Edward Island project
(PEINP) and the nomination of the project in Saskatchewan (SINP) and so on.
Therefore, the new provincial nominee program is often very fast trial, only about one
to two months to interview. Although Prince Edward Island immigration policy will
change in March, in general, it will attract a large number of applicants. And that the
applicant has less stringent requirements, can apply more than 2 million yuan. People
with few assets and had originally refused to sign the record of Canada's
business migration applicants to reconsider the new provincial nominee program.
Skilled migration quota fall again
Following the 2006 immigration scheme to recruit the skilled migration quota
decreased compared to 2005, after about 8,500 people in 2007, a substantial decline in
the quota again, compared with 2006 by about 15,000 people. Since September 2003
assigned to 67 points lower skilled migrants has, as a more liberal policy, submitting
applications for skilled migration increased, leading to a serious backlog of cases.
Application from the current situation, since September 1, 2006 Federal immigration
hearing process technology changes, the current Department of Immigration and
further slow down the speed of processing of cases. Thus, the quota of skilled
migrants in 2007 further reduced the number of immigrants the Department of
Immigration Control one of the means. In view of this, the immigration regulations
have not changed, not improved by sub-cases, have submitted applications for skilled
migration applicants should be patient and continue to wait and see immigration
policy stance. While the Canadian federal investment quota last year were flat, but in
Canada the federal Immigration Department in October 2006 and the Immigration
Fund held its annual regular meeting, the Department of Immigration representatives
made it clear that in 2007 additional human resources to fundamentally improve the
investment rate of immigration proceedings. This means that Canada's
federal immigration applications is expected to significantly shorten cycle.
Quebec to relax the standard
In 2006, due to personnel changes and other reasons, the conclusion of Quebec, the
number of immigrant immigration investment failed to meet expectations. Therefore,
in order to timely completion of targets in 2007, the Quebec immigration program
improvements in many areas. USCIS will send more this year to Hong Kong over the
interview the immigration officer: According to the 2007 Plan, Quebec Immigration
Service will begin on February 22, while sending six immigration officers in Hong
Kong investment immigration interview the applicant.
Given the number of immigration officers over the previous year 50% average
increase in the quantities, so this year, Quebec Immigrant Investor speed of their
proceedings would be less than last year, a substantial increase, while the remaining
quota as last year, more also enabled interviews to be undertaken by a relatively more
liberal trial standards.
Chinese business people should seize this opportunity to seize the time to submit
applications for investment immigration, Quebec, Canada.
In addition to the selection of new immigrants, the Department of Citizenship and
Immigration Canada attaches great importance to improve customer service. In its
annual report, the Department of Citizenship and Immigration Canada said the
government budget in 2006 was 370 million Canadian dollars in the new language
training funding for the placement services, and this budget will further increase in
2007 to absorb More immigration and settlement of new immigrants.
Materials provided: Investment Advisory Co., Ltd. Nanjing chairman Ian, plus
membership immigration experts, law degrees, Mr. Ian
Studying in Canada
About hot spots
The past two years to study in Canada, more and more students to study abroad and
schools transferred to Canada's East Coast region, which has gradually
changed in the past the crowds swarming flock of Canada Studying in the upsurge of
the phenomenon of large cities, these changes enough to that the East Coast will be
the future of overseas students studying in Canada interested in the study of the land.
Original study of the hot spots - Toronto Area and Vancouver, now filled with more
and more Chinese.
This will for our international students in the language environment, set one of the
biggest obstacles. Are in abroad, need to learn and absorb the yes to tally different
from previous educational Moshi Xia knowledge, Name the language as a major in
"Gong Ju", 如果 not well Henkuai De Zhang Wo, You know
how to reach Xue Xue Hui? According to statistics, the Chinese in the Toronto area
have been accounted for a quarter of the local population, such a high percentage of
Chinese areas in terms of language environment for international students is evident.
Furthermore, the Toronto and Vancouver, some of the regional trade and prosperity,
economic development, of course, is also a lot of temptations. There are many small
casinos set up in the heart of the learning environment for students of the instability.
For the above solution, the East Coast is undoubtedly the most ideal study area. Learn
the history of Canada know that Canada's East Coast is the latest open
areas, it is by far Canada's most original folk customs to retain the
complete region, the people are particularly simple, regardless of the language
learning environment or the overall environment for international students that are
very good. The most important is the East Coast standing a lot of old English
For example: New Brunswick (New not lensvik Province):
New Brunswick University (1785 年 not lensvik New York University),
Mount Allison University (1839 年 Ericsson Monte Forest University);
Nova Scotia (Nova Scotia) of:
Acadia University (1838 年 Arcadia University),
Dalhousie University (1818 Dell was House University),
Saint Mary's University (1802 年 Saint Mary's University)
Newfoundland (Newfoundland) of:
Memorial University (1925 University of Newfoundland)
Above these schools, not only has a long history of teaching quality Zhiwai 质量 属
于 gold medal, and each school has its own unique expertise, to meet the diverse
requirements of international students. I believe Canada's East Coast will
be in the near future, ushering in an increasing number of international students,
because here the mysterious charm of the original Canada and the world-renowned
educational skills are superb international students an ideal Xuexi of Di.

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