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					International Marketing Public Relations
Marketing Public Relations in direct support of business marketing public relations, it
is a combination of marketing and public relations born.
Public Relations (Public Relations, referred to as public relations or PR) is a business
or organization to improve relations with the public and enhance public trust and
support of enterprises, to make a good reputation and image of the various activities
and strategies adopted. Public relations is also known as "the art of shaping
the corporate image." Is a promotional tool, with the ultimate aim is to
promote and improve the enterprise's product sales. Because of good
public relations, can guarantee the stability of business and strong cohesion. But also
by consumers, and improving sales.
In multinational operations, may at any time There are many exceptions, and the
company's goal or Li Yi generate Chongtu encountered Zhezhong time,
public companies must Shan Yong Guan Xi, Jia Jiang and 东道国 government
officials Lian Ji, understand their's intentions, to understand their legal,
deal with unexpected incidents, coordinate and host countries and the relationship
between the target market of consumers, in order to achieve long-term development of
business activities.
Marketing, public relations and other relations between the characteristics compared
(1) Indirect promotion
(2) long-term effects
(3) reduce promotional costs
Task of the international market, public relations
Public Relations international markets where the tasks and target market countries or
regions, enterprises the status in the international market, the product nature, scope,
complexity of import and export, market supply and demand and competition,
companies have to face the external macro-environment, and country's
foreign trade policy is closely related. Its mandate in the following areas:
1) information collection
2) Promotion Company
3) to strengthen the communication between enterprises and the public
4) maintenance of corporate image
The implementation of the international market public relations program
Companies succeed in international markets to establish good public relations must be
based on faith-based, public interest point of departure in order to establish a
corporate image for the purpose. High visibility and high reputation company and the
image can not be completed overnight, the enterprise needs persistence and patience,
methodically, slowly and surely carry out its work according to plan, and through
certain procedures to ensure that. Enterprises to develop international markets in
general public relations activities, the general should follow the following four
1. Relevant public research
2. Development of public relations objectives
3. Effective communication of information
4. Effect evaluation of public activities
Common strategy for international marketing public relations
In the actual marketing work, business needs based on different periods, the specific
objective conditions to determine the specific public relations objectives and
1) import-type public relations strategies
For business or new product during the Early Period of inputs. At this time the main
purpose of public relations companies and products as soon as possible to improve the
visibility, the formation of the target market of public companies and products a good
first impression. The focus of public relations propaganda, communication, to the
public enterprises and their products or services to the public enterprises, enterprises
of new products or services awareness, generate interest, for the widest possible
public understanding, trust, support enterprises and products. Import-based public
relations generally with opening ceremony, opening advertising, new products on sale,
introduce new services, free trial, free to visit the gift of publicity materials, discount
bargain, and other forms of community activities carried out.
2) stable public relations strategy
Stable public relations strategy aimed at the public long-term, stable and good
relationship. Specific implementation strategies are:
(1) through preferential services and emotional contact to maintain relations with the
public. Services by providing various incentives that aim to attract the public to
cooperate again. Such as business-to-business products to buy over a certain number
of persons and some valuable complimentary gifts or services. This applies to already
established business organizations and individuals.
(2) maintaining a certain business and products mentioned rate. Such as regular
advertising, organization reports, provides news piece, so as to enable the public
enterprise will not be forgotten. This is not directly promote corporate, promotional
products, but mainly low-profile publicity, public unconsciously understand the
situation of the enterprises, help to deepen their impression of the company and its
(3) participate in or organize a number of influential public relations or activities.
Such as donations to schools and sports activities and social welfare funding activities
to further strengthen the company's good image, better maintain relations
with the public.
Practice, the enterprise may use a method can also be combined using different
methods. Such as through a public relations activities to enhance the corporate image;
through advocacy reports often suggest to the public; through preferential services to
the public tangible benefits, starting from their own needs, to take the initiative to
maintain the relationship with the business.
3) The type of public relations strategy of conflict
Also called a crisis public relations. When the enterprise and the public, the friction
between business and the environment or conflict, thereby affecting the business or
brand reputation, the firm is to restore the adversely affect or improve its image, must
be considered to take some type of public relations strategies to deal with conflict.
Foreign latest study shows that, if the enterprise fails to advance well-developed
public relations strategies, and not in the situation of Wei Ji's Zuichu
Jieduanduiqi be controllable, the ripple effects the crisis will be a Jiasufazhan of
Guocheng --- the economic losses from the Chu Shi until the painstaking efforts of the
brand image and reputation destroyed.
Crisis Public Relations Strategies There are four:
(1) innovation. That is to open up new areas, changing business environment, the old
dependency. If taken to develop new products, ne w markets, form new partnerships,
etc., to attract new customer base, so get rid of negative factors.
(2) cooperation. Take the initiative to make friends, join industry associations or
engage in collaborative exchange meetings with competitors to reduce conflict,
(3) transfer. To avoid the negative environmental factors in the adverse impact to the
enterprise, companies can take roundabout route of transfer of public attention.
(4) correction. When conflict or crisis, corporate and product ima ge on the damage
should be promptly identify problems, correct mistakes and improve the bad image. If
you can use the actual action or by self or with the authority to correct the image.
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