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									Insurance, medical insurance insurance analysis
  Medical benefits insurance, and that is a result of accidental injury or illness led to
interruption or reduction of income, the income from the insurance companies to
protect the insurance compensation. Insured for accidental injury, illness requiring
hospital treatment, the insurance company will compensate according to the agreed
standards or to provide hospitalization benefits for loss of income.
   Medical reimbursement insurance, and that is to produce an accident or illness
payment of medical expenses for the condition, according to the agreed percentage of
medical insurance premium payments. The most common medical costs of
hospitalization and surgical expense reimbursement insurance, and some emergency
expense reimbursement insurance, the door.
   Account-based health insurance is a life-long rise of the last two years, after the
insurance needs of a certain period of time (such as 10 or 20 years) to pay a fixed
premium each year, equivalent to a life-long health care to start his own fund account.
In the future as long as hospitalization due to illness or accident, you can get from the
medical benefits of this account, up to life.
Purchase of medical insurance and social security preferred complementary 2005 年 11 月 24 日 18:38 Xiaoxiang Morning

As a supplementary means of social health insurance, business health insurance more
and more public attention. According to newspaper "2005 Billboard Hunan
finance and insurance," insurance online and mail polling data show that
compared with other insurance products, the general public's concern for
the health care insurance, the highest, on "the most popular type of health
care insurance products" selected number of votes up to 189,506 people at
present. Among them, Taikang Life, "Century Tai individual hospital
medical insurance," Pacific Life "wishful well-being well-off
family insurance" safe "three Hong Jiankang Insurance
Scheme" temporary top three.
The face of the insurance market, many medical insurance, whether your own needs
and have sufficient understanding of insurance terms, spent the money it has been
duly protected? How to buy bed of roses for medical insurance? This reporter
interviewed Tai Ping Insurance agencies and other relevant experts in the province.
Insurance experts say, for different groups of people, the economic situation of family
and shoulder the family responsibilities, the Bao Zhang Yi You 等 situation different
in the Xuanzejiankang Yi Liao Lei Ying insurance also be emphasized to distinguish
different priorities of products to choose type.
★ As the family economic situation, security situation varied choice of medical
insurance should be emphasized. Photo's Yin Jianjun
Have focused on three types of health insurance
There are currently three major health insurance - critical illness insurance, hospital
charges and hospital reimbursement-type insurance, the insurance subsidy type.
Newspaper Distinguished Insurance
Financial experts, Taikang Life Insurance Company of Hunan Xian-feng that,
depending on security and family responsibilities, the public health insurance choices
should be emphasized.
Critical Illness: The payment terms for the disease, in general, as long as the insured
person is diagnosed with a disease as defined in the contract, regardless of the number
of medical expenses, can be agreed upon by the insurance contract on the amount of
compensation. Such insurance does not require the insured to provide the appropriate
invoice cost.
Hospital reimbursement type insurance: to accident or disease resulting from
conditions of hospital medical costs paid by the insurance contract reimbursed. Such
insurance and complementary social insurance, claims gold in the hospital after the
insured benefits, the insured needs to provide the appropriate invoice cost.
Hospitalization subsidies based insurance: the insured person is an accident or illness
leads to hospitalization, insurance companies, according to the standard contract to
pay the insurance subsidy income protection insurance, and social insurance and other
commercial health insurance has nothing to do, is in hospital after the payment.
For different groups, since the family's economic situation, take the family
responsibilities, the existing security situation so different, the choice should be
emphasized when, instead of biting off more than a perfectionist.
First consideration and complementary social security
Select insurance first consider whether to participate in social basic medical insurance.
Insurance experts said that if there is social security, then the insurance business
health insurance is an add, so are advised to consider the subsidy-based health
insurance. If there is no social security, you need business to provide comprehensive
medical insurance, medical insurance, medical expenses before the election, and then
consider the medical benefits. In addition, children under the age of 16 and adults
over the age of 35 should be considered with a heavy disease risk.
"In full consideration of all the items to be insured, should follow the
'proper insurance, comprehensive protection' principle, in order
to avoid duplication of insurance." 专 家 say, for example, such as
medical expense insurance, the general asked the invoice to the insurance company,
"claims", So instead of buying the more you pay the more. If
ready to buy a number of insurance should cover as much as possible in an integrated
manner to avoid policies that may arise between the various separate duplication,
thereby saving insurance.
Second, re-insurance illness insurance, long-term health insurance, try to choose the
form of payment of long. Installment payment fee each time less, not too great a
burden to families. Moreover, many insurance companies provide that insurance
coverage for major diseases in payment period from the date of payment shall be
exempt from the subsequent period of insurance, so that better reflect the safeguards.
Should be chosen according to different age insurance
People of different ages should choose different types of health insurance. Insurance
experts said, in general, just to the community of young people, physical risks mainly
from accidental injury, a combination of medical insurance accident health insurance
can be based. And people over 30 years of age can buy hospital insurance focus to
meet the general hospital medical expenses.
"Healthy women should be planned before the age of 35 their risk of major
diseases. 35 years ago is the shift from single-family phase of growth period, the
family insurance plan should better their own accident insurance and term life
insurance. In addition, the insured after age 35 Health insurance premiums will be
much higher, so 32 to 35 women between the ages of the health insurance plan is
Middle-aged pillar of the family should be "re both sick and
subsidies," head of the household, especially middle-aged members of the
family to buy a major risk of major diseases is necessary. Insurance experts have
warned that, for men, 35 to 40 years old in critical illness insurance plan is more
reasonable, but after 40 years of insurance are required when the possibility of
additional charges or refused insurance coverage increased.
For people over 50 years of age, will have to catch up as soon as the last train ride big
dangerous. Elderly more likely to major diseases, the risk of major disease focus of its
coverage. However, due to the higher incidence of the insurance company
underwriting restrictions on the type of people more, so the best in 55 or even 50
years ago to complete the purchase. Therefore, the elderly should be the first major
disease insurance coverage, and then select the appropriate hospital medical expenses
the cost of insurance and subsidies for the insurance.

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