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									Insurance reimbursement for medical expenses
Insured medical expense reimbursement insurance needs attention to blind spots
Bowen in front of you introduced, including health insurance, critical illness
insurance and medical expense reimbursement Insurance.
Critical illness insurance is the insured person suffered during the insurance period the
insurance contract, insurance major diseases. Critical Illness insurance is the serious
illness. The so-called serious illness, is likely to be the event of the insured risk to the
life and safety and the need for high cost of treatment and rehabilitation of the insured
or the insured's economy hit of major diseases.
China Insurance Regulatory Commission on the Ministry of Health and critical illness
insurance are clearly defined: the life insurance company critical illness insurance, to
cover at least the first six of our country's most high incidence of major
diseases. In addition, insurance companies can operate freely, under the premise of
fair competition, choose cover more diseases. Ministry of Health and the China
Insurance Regulatory Commission to prevent the type and severity of disease caused
by non-uniform interpretation of the insurance claim disputes, must cover the six
major diseases and other 25 kinds of major diseases, the insurance industry made a
uniform interpretation and management to accompany standard. Details please see the
next blog post.
This also can be seen, compared to other industries, the insurance industry, there is
more than an independent industry, insurance companies and more than a simple
business sense business practices, the state insurance industry to give full play to the
role as a social stabilizer, on the insurance industry have been implemented with a
high degree of policy interventions and monitoring and management, to fully protect
the insured and the insured person's interests, so that more people receive
due protection, the ultimate goal of achieving a harmonious society.
There are also a considerable part of the health risk is not from a similar cancer, major
organ transplant, acute myocardial infarction and so menacing a major disease, such
as pneumonia, gastritis, hyperplasia, etc., then, how to prevent these diseases caused
losses? Insurance, medical expense reimbursement is the main solution to this
Since the reform and opening up, especially 1995,1996, the mainland insurance
market has just begun operations, the period of critical illness insurance health
insurance only, and no medical expense reimbursement type of insurance, and later
with the national Social Security and Medicare reform, At the same time also to fit in
with the insurance market's demand, it appears Lei medical insurance
reimbursement, however, 直到 most of today's medical costs are to Fa
Sheng Bao Xiao Huan patient as the premise, based on additional risk Xing Shi Er Ju
additional Zaizhu risk (eg, major illness or life insurance, life insurance protection)
above. Thus, for the insured or the insurer may have a passive and embarrassing three
Awkward one, the risk of security blind spots:
If the insured person suffering from disease or suffered harm in no way an insurance
contract of the major diseases of Fan Chou certainly are not entitled to major diseases
and access to the claim the insurance money, if Tongshi You Mei You were the
hospital to receive inpatient hospital Zhi Liao, by the This generated a large medical
expenses or can not receive compensation for, this is a blind spot risk protection;
Embarrassing Second, the main risk (major diseases), and additional insurance
(hospital reimbursement) the relationship between the decision:
Once the insured person suffering from a major insurance (critical illness insurance)
are agreed upon major diseases, and claims received by the primary insurance (critical
illness insurance) claims payments, the main risk termination of the contract,
additional insurance (hospitalization, medical expenses) insurance naturally there is
no existing space. But more is: a lot of medical expenses in the first year is just the
beginning, the cost of a large place in the next 3-5 years, or even 10-20 years. Kim
claims first-year drop in the bucket, the end of the contract claim after the termination
of seriously ill, serious decline in the earning power of the insured person will be left
alone to face protracted huge medical expenses.
Embarrassing three additional medical reimbursement insurance, a one-year
underwriting, does not guarantee the renewal:
The actual risk of more such cases, additional insurance is usually one-year consumer
insurance, an underwriting year. The event of a claim year, next year when the
renewal is likely to be refused insurance coverage insurance company, said it strongly,
for the insured and the insured, this is a major trap. Explain: If the 25-year-old
able-bodied young people to the main insurance (critical illness insurance) and
additional insurance (hospital reimbursement) means insurance, sick at the age of 40
(non-serious diseases), and hospitalization, for and get the additional hospital costs of
insurance claim payments, renewal next year when the hospital charges, insurance,
additional insurance is likely to have been refused insurance coverage. 40-year-old
takes on a human health risk is the starting point of the saying that "young
people often look for disease, middle age is to find someone to the disease."
At this important time had lost most in need of protection for medical expenses, no
doubt cause the insured risks are in an awkward situation into. And more than 40
years of age, other medical insurance claims go kind of insurance, compared to 25
years old, high premium is positive, physical condition and certainly not as good as
25-year-olds that year, plus have been insured had rejected records, buy new
insurance denied the possibility of very large insurance. By that time, the insured will
face in the most need insurance when the original cost of the additional
hospitalization was refused insurance coverage can not renew the insurance, medical
insurance reimbursement insurance, a new possibility of not much, from the age of 40,
insured medical expense reimbursement related risks can not be spread and transfer,
this risk will be irreversible, lifetime.
Based on the above three points, we recommend that you carefully examine what you
already have insurance, or health insurance new class of insurance must be taken into
account the above factors.
Thank reform and opening up! Thanked China for its accession to WTO!
Let us thank the participation of foreign insurance companies have reference! Thank
healthy competition in the market!
Currently, the insurance market, there are some good insurance, especially health
insurance companies specializing launched as an independent primary risk insurance,
medical reimbursement, and a fixed guarantee period and the sum insured, guaranteed
renewal. Basically solve the customer's risk in medical costs hidden. From
this we can also see a trend, the risks we face the future will be more refined, like a
separate company through an insurance company of several products to meet all of
the risks of personal and family protection is completely impossible. Only the
combination of the insured and the insured's actual needs, through several
insurance companies have their own competitive products, the formation of packages,
to get the best cost-effective security programs, and ultimately protect the interests of
equal maximum premium.
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