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   BWG Homes ASA
                                                                                        440 Wheelers Farms Road
                                                                                        Milford, CT 06461 U.S.A.

  Figures in Norwegian Kroner

                                 Wright Quality Rating:DBD0                                Key Data

   BWG Homes ASA is a Norway-based homebuilding company. The Company is engaged            Ticker:
   in the sale and construction of homes through own residential projects and for          BWG
   individual customers. Its offering comprises detached and terraced houses and low-
   rise apartment buildings. The Company owns the brands Block Watne and Hetlandhus        2010 Sales:
   in Norway, and Myresjohus and SmalandsVillan in Sweden. Block Watne develops
   housing projects and houses on the edge of the larger cities and highly populated
   areas, as well as construction of standard houses for customers with their own
   plots. Hetlandhus sells prefabricated houses. Myresjohus develops and produces          Major Industry:
   standard houses for customers with their own plots of land, or as residential           Construction
   projects. SmalandsVillan develops and produces prefabricated standard houses,
   mainly for customers with their own plots. BWG Homes ASA owns 10 subsidiaries,          Sub Industry:
   including Block Watne AS, Hetlandhus AS, BWG Homes AB, Myresjohus AB and                Home Builders
   SmalandsVillan AB.
                       Stock Chart                                  Officers               Country:
                                                                    Chairman               Norway
                                                                   Eva Eriksson
                                                                 Vice Chairman
                                                                                           Norwegian Kroner
                                                                 Harald Walther

                                                                                     Fiscal Year Ends:
                                                         President & Chief Executive
                                                                 Lars Nilsen         December

                                                              Chief Financial Officer      Employees
                                                                    Arnt Eriksen           971


                                                                                           Share Type:
                                                                                           Ordinaire Aksje

             Stock Price (9/2/2011): 14.85                                                 Market Capitalization:
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