Insurance needs analysis

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					Insurance needs analysis
   Now is indeed a wide variety of life insurance products can be undertaken by
different types of insurance protection for different functions, can not buy an
insurance policy to get all aspects of security, an analogy, we can not use TV as
microwave use.

  Insurance, this thing is actually very simple, nothing more than a few levels then,
like a pyramid:

 The bottom is another accident like the inevitable bumps, cat scratch dog bites is
already common, as traffic accidents, who do not want to see, but also competing
media reports, the accident risk class had to prepare .

 The second is the hospitalization costs or benefits class In fact, hospitalization is
not necessarily a serious illness because of earth-shattering, perhaps with a fever can
make people live in ten days and a half months, and now the ratio of social security
reimbursement believe many people are confused, I do not go into detail, for example,
took 10 000 lives a hospital, his burden was almost three 4000, why, your medicine at
their own expense. A client of mine in 2006 was hospitalized hemorrhoids, minor
ailments it, after 27 days, he was on the hospital insurance benefits class one day to 80,
after he claims social security benefits as part of commercial insurance and then,
inside and outside where he spent only a hundred dollars, the risk he was handed two
hundred dollars a year.

The third layer is the main event, important disease risk. Disease risk re-insurance
costs are difficult to treat diseases with high. July 2007 Physicians Insurance
Regulatory Commission and the joint development of new standards for heavy illness,
the insurance companies selected according to their strength and security which
disease, but as long as Paul has a disease, determine the basis of the disease is the
same. Insurance and some cheap, some expensive insurance better than to buy other
commodities, insurance premiums are all developed a life table based on the same,
Paul's certainly more than the price slightly higher, not only cheaper plans,
saving really need to claim something When the disease does not suddenly find
themselves within the scope of protection, it really worse a.

 The fourth tier is the old-age insurance was that I would not have an accident, my
body very well could be, both of which you can gamble, but one would have to
change the old, old age would dare bet? Now the implementation of social security
pension is a pay system, that is, the money received from the grandchildren issued
soon retire grandparents, social security retirement account deficits, we can learn
more about through other channels, in a word after we get from Social Security
pension can only maintain normal life. I believe we often can see the majority of
foreign tourist group visiting the elderly, because the people at a young age through
the insurance and fund pensions for themselves ready. Sunset is magnificent, and
leisure have to have money, so while they are young have the ability, through the
insurance companies save money for themselves, is the sensible choice.

 Fifth floor is the investment risk category Such as the introduction of universal risk
insurance, investment linked insurance, and some banks to sell insurance on behalf of,
does not dwell on them here. This is the level of insurance, every step, can not jump.
Some people used to say that insurance is a lie, in fact, some salesman, but relevant
personal and professional qualities, not by the level of design protection for customers,
such as only a protection for the customer design risk serious illness, no previous
hospitalization class The results for small customers do not receive compensation for
hospital patients, who put the body who does not pique Yeah, so a transfer to dozens
100, insurance is a lie as if to become true.

Talk so much, that is to say that just because so many insurance products and dazzling,
the spirit of the pyramid structure to choose their own insurance, is to do thorough.
Well, in fact, insurance products are not good or bad, only then is not suitable for the
sub. Would like each to have friends on the insurance benefits of a comprehensive and
stable security.