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									Insurance days CHEN Yu-ting
?Take care of three families a week, continuous 570 weeks onward.

The insurance industry's Million Dollar Round Table membership honors
(MDRT) CHEN Yu-ting, president of Taiwan, even if it is MDRT Life Member, each
week three policies to promote the achievements over the past decade has not
  ?Insurance is the practice of doing "human care"
Always smiling to expose the CHEN Yu-ting said, after graduation, in fact, most want
to do volunteer work, and it helps people in need. Since the university, as a class
representative, it often during the holidays with the whole class to the hospital to
volunteer themselves also participate in Tzu Ching, will bring children to the
orphanage. She said if she had the background to meet the volunteer requirements of
today probably would not stay in the insurance industry has, but later, after joining
this area and found some aspects of the insurance practice is also a concern for her
CHEN Yu-ting that the insurance is the most difficult of all marketing materials to
promote a kind of marketing because it is a metaphysical thing, and most of the
people for possible future disasters, death are taboo. However, CHEN Yu-ting, if a
family's economic resources only by one person, then the insurance
Unfortunately, an economic source of potential risk there is a certain value.
The most touching her own time in a decade ago, a Mr. Chen to work at the site, often
need to climb scaffolding, but also suffers from epileptic condition was unstable.
There are three children starving at home. She said she finally convinced Chen to buy
insurance. In the policy of 28 days after signing, Mr. Chen unfortunately died at the
site of the disease. Later, she said, a company that claims more than 8 million. She
said that when the amount of claims submitted to Mrs. Chen in the hands of time, Mrs.
Chen thought it was a mistake.
In fact, when CHEN Yu-ting will contact the insurance industry, long confined to bed
only because his mother a stroke, she felt the risk of the disease has not only brought
physical and mental pain, the burden of money, more serious, so she entered the
community after a salary, the use of to buy the insurance.

  CHEN Yu-ting said that the insurance is very hard for a start, is because not many
people can recommend policy. Generally, a week to get the list of 15 phone calls to
demand visits to only about ten people would agree, in which ten people inside,
willing to look at plan will probably be six, to a final decision accepted as customers
only have about three. In order to sell an insurance policy for a client, or at least have
to run three times ─ introduce themselves first before seeking recognition; the
second time to understand client's family circumstances, needs analysis;
the third time only to mention plan, signed. So she must call about seven customers a
CHEN Yu-ting very embarrassed that she started doing insurance when visiting clients
in the course of the day very well, After being rejected six times, and finally do not
care clients in the seventh house and cried. She laughed lightly, and now their
professions, and would not do such things.
As an insurance salesman, constantly face the frustrations from customers. In
particular, the general stereotype for the insurance industry is often a call and find all
kinds of reason to refuse to visit.
"People were very resistant because of the insurance salesman, to the way I
carry a briefcase Wang Waimian lost." Turning first entered the insurance
industry, the entry also encountered many difficulties, particularly Prudential Life
stress crack troops serving in the system, only the specialist education, entered the
insurance industry is only a switchboard former Miss CHEN Yu-ting thank identify
what the original charge, to see her "enthusiasm,"
"caring" qualities, she joined the company. Usually take years
to ascend to the post of chief life insurance ad visor, CHEN Yu-ting in the first five
years into the Prudential Life Insurance had a chief adviser of the.

CHEN Yu-ting people feel shiny, not end appearance, and her brilliant performance in
the insurance industry. Since 1992, after joining Prudential Financial Group, has
reached a consecutive 500 weeks, a week to keep at least three policies beautiful
results. She said that as an insurer, she felt she should assume the responsibility to
take care of people. Uphold with this belief, she said proudly, I take care of nearly two
thousand families.
CHEN Yu-ting is currently serving as president of the Taiwan branch of Million
Dollar Round Table. "Million Dollar Round Table" is the global
insurance industry's highest honor, the world's only 6% of the
insurance practitioners to join the organization. To join the Million Dollar Round
Table, insurance professionals must meet six times in addition to turnover, but also to
excel in moral conduct, and evaluation through the application.
Years in the insurance industry, said this year's 30- year-old CHEN Yu-ting,
at the beginning difficult to achieve capability to do the insurance realm, and before
that, the insurer must always pay great energy and passion to care for others. Has
continued to pay their own, sometimes will feel warm and dissipated. However,
optimistic, tourism, sports and regular life, her heart continued to customers to
maintain a warm way.
CHEN Yu-ting now have a daughter, she said, beginning work, the first five years are
to remain single, at that time she was the most tired and most busy, and now have a
daughter, also provides a foundation, she said, always remember that their five-year of
bitterness, so is the Mini, has been insisting to do the right thing. Year-old daughter,
CHEN Yu-ting said she just wanted his daughter to have a healthy personality, a cool
head and a bold challenge to the heart forever.
CHEN Yu-ting it on, as a man, healthy and happy is most important. She also stressed
what she called happy, not the kind of unbridled joy, but really love their own lives
and happiness.


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