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Kosovo Media Highlights - DOC


									Main Stories                                       30 September 2009

   Distribution of customs revenues outside protocol’s scope (Koha Ditore)
   EC: Serbia to treat border with Kosovo as a state border (Zëri)
   EU expects pragmatic stance from Serbia towards Kosovo (Zëri)
   European parliamentarians insist on visa liberalization for Kosovo (dailies)
   UN responds to Serbia’s protest (Zëri)
   Busek: New recognitions depend on ICJ decision (Zëri)
   Police in the north celebrates with crime bosses (Koha Ditore)
   Macedonian flag set on fire at football match (Express)

Kosovo Media Highlights

Distribution of customs revenues outside protocol’s scope (Koha Ditore)
The draft protocol for customs cooperation between EULEX and Serbia, although still
under review in Brussels, will not deal with the issue of customs revenues according
to EULEX officials. EULEX Customs Spokesperson Alexandra George has said there
needs to be a decision on the applicable laws before the customs revenues issue is
tackled. “And this is a political decision which is not under EULEX competencies,”
she added. However, Koha Ditore quotes unnamed international sources as saying
that EU officials prefer to leave the customs revenues matter completely outside the
protocol. “If this issue remains a part of discussions, it is likely that the agreement will
not be reached for another year,” said the source.

EC: Serbia to treat border with Kosovo as a state border (Zëri)
Zëri reports that the European Commission is planning to visit the Kosovo-Serbia
border in order to ensure that Belgrade authorities are treating this border in the same
manner as every state border. This was confirmed by European Council officials, who
said that the visit will take place mid-October and aims to confirm the degree to which
the protocol signed between EULEX and Serbia being implemented.
EU expects pragmatic stance from Serbia towards Kosovo (Zëri)
Zëri reports that the Swedish Foreign Minister, Karl Bildt, has said that the European
Union is expecting a pragmatic stance towards Kosovo, with regard to its aspiration to
become and EU member. IN response to this statement Serbia’s Foreign Minister Vuk
Jeremic stated that the recognition of Kosovo is not a condition which can be imposed
on the Serbian government. “Serbia will not accept this condition under any
circumstances,” said Jeremic, adding that “during the UN General Assembly session,
in more than 70 meetings with foreign officials, the Serbian delegation and the
delegations of other countries invited parties not to recognize Kosovo’s declaration of

European parliamentarians insist on visa liberalization for Kosovo (dailies)
The European Parliament is increasing pressure on the European Commission and
European Council to find ways to include Kosovo in the visa liberalization process
without impacting the status debate. A European Parliament member from the Foreign
Affairs Committee, Sarah Lutford, suggested that Kosovo be given a “roadmap” for
the visa liberalization regime.

UN responds to Serbia’s protest (Zëri)
Following Serbia’s protest at the Kosovo President being admitted to the UN at the
time of its largest annual summit of member states, the UN Secretariat investigated the
issue and announced that President Sejdiu very likely entered the UN building, located
on the East River, with the Albanian delegation. “The United Nations did not give
permission to the Kosovo representatives to enter the room of the General Assembly”,
said spokesperson for Ban Ki-Moon, Brandon Varma. Varma also explained that all
participants at the General Assembly have at their disposal a certain number of
permits which they can give may give to anyone of their choosing, allowing such
persons the possibility to enter special rooms to follow the meetings. Serbia’s Foreign
Minister Vuk Jeremic responded that “this step violates the rights of the United

Busek: New recognitions depend on ICJ decision (Zëri)
Zëri reports that the longtime leader of Stability Pact, currently director of the Institute
for Central European Studies and president of the Alpbach Forum, Erhard Busek, in
an interview for Radio Kosova, said that Serbia’s request for further discussions on
the Kosovo status is unrealistic and that the request is being made by Serbian officials
for their internal political needs. Busek said that the decision of the International Court
of Justice would have a major impact on further recognitions of Kosovo’s
independence, especially with regard to the five countries EU members states that
have not recognized Kosovo.

Police in the north celebrates with crime bosses (Koha Ditore)
Koha Ditore reports that Serb commanders from the Kosovo Police joined in family
celebrations of northern crime boss Zvonko Veselinovic. The celebrations
accompanied, by shots fired in the air, marked the christening of Veselinovic’s son.
Apart from other members of criminal groups, the gathering was also attended by
many Serb senior officers from the Kosovo Police, who also provided security for the

Macedonian flag set on fire at football match (Express)
The Macedonian Foreign Ministry has reacted following reports that the country’s
flag was set on fire during a football match in Pristina, by stating that any step taken in
these delicate times should be aimed toward reducing inter-ethnic tensions and not
inciting them. Macedonian authorities have called on Pristina to take measures against
the perpetrators of the act.

Kosovo Press Headlines

Koha Ditore

Front page
 Distribution of customs revenues left outside protocol
 Police in the north celebrates with crime bosses
 Parliamentarians insist on visa liberalization for Kosovo
 Gruevski and Ahmeti: Academy to resolve problems with encyclopaedia

Other headlines
 The repatriated “lost”, Government does not know who is dealing with them
 Iraq and Mauritius review recognition of Kosovo (3)
 Parties breach rules and promote uncertified candidates (4)
 Skopje asks Pristina to condemn flag burning (5)
 Krasniqi requests Finland to lobby in EU (6)
 New RTK Board ahead of elections (7)
 Police takes EULEX recommendations very seriously (7)
 Matoshi: Dead ends (10)


Front page
 KFOR vacuum to be filled by Police, KSF and EULEX
 EC: Serbia to treat border with Kosovo as state border
 Busek: New recognitions depend very much on ICJ decision
 EU expects pragmatic stance of Serbia towards Kosovo
 CEC: Start of election campaign is violation of law
 Germany expected to return another 10,000
 Financial crisis hits Kosovo’s real estate market

Other headlines
 Finland reconfirms support for Kosovo (2)
 Sejdiu meets Alain Van Gucht (2)
 Hyseni meets Iraqi and Mauritanian foreign ministers (3)
 Sejdiu and Thaçi congratulate Merkel (4)
 Netherlands ready to support private sector (5)

Kosova Sot

Front page
 On the verge of elections
 LDD with €300,000, others keep it secret
 Police officer in traffickers’ network
 Campaign begins with violations

Other headlines
 Parliamentary trade debate delayed (2)
 On the verge of boycott (2)
 European Parliament requests inclusion of Kosovo in visa liberalization (4)
 Iraq and Mauritania consider recognition of Kosovo (4)
 Kosovo leadership congratulates Merkel for victory in elections (4)
 Road toward the International Trade Organization (6)

Epoka e Re

Front page
 Limaj: We have gone far
 Tirana supports Pacolli
 LDD does not care about those left in Decan

Other headlines
 Finland will support Kosovo’s institutions (2)
 Demaçi: We are proud of KLA (2)
 Hyseni meets Iraqi counterpart (2)
 European Parliament requests Kosovo’s inclusion in visa liberalization (2)
 Jeremic: Pressure on 30 countries to recognize Kosovo (2)
 Sejdiu and Thaçi congratulate Merkel (3)
 Sejdiu: We are not campaigning (3)
 Sejdiu: Public institutions must maintain their character (3)
 Kuçi calls for judicial reforms (6)
 UNDP supports fight against corruption (6)


Front page
 Serbian edginess
 This is violation
 At Isa Mustafa’s headquarters

Other headlines
 Buzhala: In memoriam (2)
 Virtual policy (3)
 Messages of the European Commission (4)
 Recognitions depend on ICJ (5)
 Macedonian flag burned (6)
 This is violation (7)


Front page
 Pacolli meets leading Albanian officials
 Super campaign
 Students begin protests
 Labour law to be adopted this year

Other headlines
 Serbian diplomacy is upset (2)
 President Sejdiu congratulates Chancellor Merkel (2)
 Busek: New recognitions depend on ICJ decision (2)
 Finland reconfirms support for Kosovo (2)
 EC: Serbia should treat border with Kosovo as a state border (3)
 NATO Military Committee visits Kosovo (3)
 EULEX judges welcome work of Kosovo Judiciary Council (5)
 Thaçi: Kosovo is home to all (5)

Bota Sot
Front page
 Failure of an international conspiracy towards Kosovo
 Pacolli: To see Kosovo as soon as possible in the UN

Other headlines
 For an environment where you can breathe freely (2)
 Kosovo is an important NATO mission (3)
 EC-Serbia to treat border with Kosovo as a state border (4)
 Lutfi Haziri: LDK has a tradition (6)


Front page
 Slavs endanger Macedonia

Other headlines
 Visa liberalisation also for Kosovo! (2)
 Protocols still far away (2)
 Iraq and Mauritania review recognitions (2)
 Support from Helsinki (3)
 Recognition for health (4)
 Macedonians, danger for Macedonia (5)
Belgrade Headlines 29 September 2009

   UN Secretariat examines Serbia’s protest (Tanjug)
   EULEX: Cooperation with Serbia is important (dailies)
   Cvetkovic expects visa liberalization as of 1 January (dailies)
   Council of Europe should deal with human rights and not status (Vecernje

UN Secretariat examines Serbia’s protest (Tanjug)
The spokesperson of the UN Secretary-General, Brandon Varma told Tanjug that the
UN Secretariat General was discussing Serbia’s protest lodged due to the presence of
Kosovo president Fatmir Sejdiu in the UN headquarters during the General Assembly
session. Varma pointed out Kosovo is not a UN member-state and that the Kosovo
delegation did not attend the General Assembly officially. “Kosovo Albanian
representative were present in the hall only on Saturday during the speech of Albanian
Premier Sali Berisha at the invitation of the Albanian delegation, and not the
Secretariat Genera,” said Varma.

EULEX: Cooperation with Serbia is important (dailies)
EULEX Head Yves De Kermabon says he believes cooperation with Belgrade, “even
if minimal,” is necessary in order to solve cross-border issues. De Kermabon also
stated that people, drug, oil and cigarette trafficking activities have intensified,
“especially in northern Kosovo, which is majority Serb-inhabited.” “If we wish to see
progress in northern Kosovo, this has to be done in coordination with the Serbian
authorities,” De Kermabon said.

Cvetkovic expects visa liberalization as of 1 January (dailies)
Serbian Prime Minister Mirko Cvetkovic said during a meeting with Vice-President of
the European Commission Jacques Barrot that Serbia has met all requirements from
the roadmap and that he expects the EU Council of Ministers to make a positive
decision regarding the travel of our citizens without visas to the EU as of 1 January
next year. It was concluded that the unilateral implementation of the Transitional
Trade Agreement by Serbia was a good move, which would contribute to Serbia’s
accelerated integration in the EU. Barrot said that Serbia has made a big improvement
in the EU integration process and that all activities regarding the fight against
corruption and organized crime are important for the country’s EU integration.

Council of Europe should deal with human rights and not status (Vecernje
The Council of Europe (CoE) should deal with the human rights issues in Kosovo, and
not its status, this was the conclusion of the debate conducted at the session of the
Political Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the CoE. The debate was
conducted within the procedure of drafting the report of Swede Bjorn fon Sydow on
the situation in Kosovo. As guests, present were Oliver Ivanovic, Rada Trajkovic and
two Kosovo Assembly representatives Bujar Bukoshi and Zulfije Hundozi, Vecernje
Novosti writes.

This media summary consists of selected local media articles for the information of UN personnel. The public distribution of
this media summary is a courtesy service extended by UNMIK on the understanding that the choice of articles translated is
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