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					Insurance claims
Most of the debts
Sank compensated two million dead
NEW YORK (correspondent Zhang Cong) "Thank you for the victims and
the families of the crew resolved to worry about!" The morning of January
22, Xiamen, chairman of the board to the spring sea shipping Xiamen Branch of
China Life Insurance was sent a "sincere and trustworthy, good as gold
"banner. In the "11? 9 shipwreck" killed 10 staff
received 2 million yuan compensation management, is by far the largest single
Xiamen life insurance claims history.
November 9, 2008, contains 28 foreign crew members of Xiamen, "Fu
Chik-cheung, No." cargo passing through Kenting, Pingtung County,
Taiwan, Seven Star Crags, the Tu Yu eight strong wind waves hit, the right side tilted
up vessel capsized 19 people on board were killed. "We even had time to
lay down no life rafts, disaster came too fast!" According to survivors,
Two days before the accident, cargo ship owned Xiamen Quan their subordinates Sea
Shipping Co., the insured, "China Life Insurance Personal Accident
Insurance Policy," the death of the insured amount per accident 200,000
yuan and accident insurance the amount of 10,000 yuan of medical expenses, time
date. The 10 victims were Peifu total of 200 million yuan.
Unexpected comfort
Not be free to spend a compensation
NEW YORK (correspondent Huang Shuwu) an accidental death, not spend money on
insurance, has received from the branch of China Life Insurance Company of
Gongcheng 5,000 yuan claims. March 1, access to the Gongcheng compensation Zhu
Xinghua Village, a wish, it is moved. It is understood that amount of claims submitted
for free the first case in Guangxi.
December 28, 2008, Gongcheng support the company's salesmen to wish
Ka publicity, insurance, accident insurance to buy a proposed Zhu Xinghua, busy
selling dried persimmons, he hoped that after years of purchase. This year on January
1, salesmen once again came to the home Zhu Xinghua, China Life will be a
Thanksgiving card sent to him, and said: "This is a Chang
Kuo-t'ao Thanksgiving card is China Life to thank our customers free of
charge personal insurance cards , you do not spend a penny can get insurance.
"Zhu Xinghua skeptical to accept the Thanksgiving card.
January 20, Zhu Xinghua at home on the second floor accidentally fell from the
window, sent to hospital died invalid. The next day, Zhu Xinghua brother Zhu Xinglin
try the idea of holding a report, ask received prior to the effectiveness of China Life
Thanksgiving card, immediately got a positive response. The company on March 1
arrived Zhu Xinghua home 5,000 yuan will be sent to his wife claims the hands of
The protection of foreign
Victims compensated 560,000 customers in South Africa
NEW YORK (correspondent Jin-Hui Lin) customers in the domestic insurance,
unfortunately, killed in South Africa. February 4, China Life Insurance Fujian
Province Putian Hanjiang District, will support the death of 56 million yuan
compensation for the families sent to the hands of customers.
Chen on August 11, 2008 the Bank of China in the local insurance "China
Life Insurance Hilltop endowment (dividend-type)", wholesale premium
177,000 yuan, the basic insurance amount of 187,974 yuan and 563,922 yuan right
(basic insurance amount 3 times) accident death insurance.
August 31, 2008, Chen areas in South Africa, Mpumalanga EVANDER self
supermarket, because of the vicious robbery and suffered accidental death. After
receiving the report, the company paid its first death insurance beneficiaries 563,922
Filial insurance
Daughter, father deceased insured compensable
NEW YORK (correspondent Huang Xiangwen) "sent you this award, not
only to pay off the family's funeral expenses incurred, but also left me a
future cost of living, a nice relief ah." Recently, when the valley in Hubei
Province City, county towns Liu old man's wife took the branch company
of China Life Insurance SPEED and tears after the 14,000 yuan compensation.
Years ago, Liu old man at home and a few old friends gathering for happy drink more,
unexpected stroke stumble, He died the death. Liu, Living off the land year round, no
other source of income, debt is also owed more than 5000 yuan, which makes the
already less well-off family it worse. Fortunately, insurance, married the daughter of a
strong sense of the field, on November 28, 2002 to insure a father, "China
Life Insurance Millennium financial endowment (dividend-type)", the
annual premium pay 1750 yuan, the insurance amount of 10 thousand yuan .
Access report, the company promptly sent to the beneficiary claims the hands of the
unfortunate family were thwarted sent to comfort and hope.
Figure wrote:
A customer in a timely manner Peifu 2 million yuan in Xiamen company sent a
2 Gongcheng support will free the hands of management compensation sent to the