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					Insurance claims process GovHK
Insurance claims process GovHK
1, auto insurance claims process
   1, the driver (the insured) insurance companies are required to report within 24
hours, and fill out the "dangerous condition of motor vehicle insurance /
claims notice" and signature.
2, promptly inform the insurance company damaged vehicle location to be damaged
vehicle survey.
3, according to "Road Traffic Safety" shall be dealt with
incidents of property damage required to obtain appropriate compensation bills,
4, vehicle repair and emergency treatment and closed the case, the required
information for insurance claims:
⑴ motor vehicle insurance policy and endorsement original original and copy;
⑵ motor vehicle insurance dangerous condition / claim notice;
⑶ driving permit and driver's license copy;
⑷ compensation receipt.
Depending on the nature of the accident also need the following information:
a, fire accidents: ⑸ reasons of public security fire department's fire proof;
b, natural disasters: ⑹ meteorological reports clippings to prove or disaster;
c, traffic accidents: the traffic police do take ⑺ certified in Traffic Accidents and
Accident Compensation mediation book; by the court need ⑻ the end of the Road
Accident Compensation mediation book; ⑼ civil mediation in civil judgments or
d, loss of property be ⑽ vehicle repair, rescue fee invoices; ⑾ vehicle damage
photos; ⑿ damage to property list; ⒀ property damage repair, rescue fee invoices;
⒁ property damage photos;
Second, life insurance claims process
1, according to the different types of insurance, different ways of reporting.
① All applications for hospital medical insurance are required to first pass through
the marketing department to the company's claims department again.
② In addition to hospital for medical insurance than other types of insurance
available through the Department office or directly to the claims report.
2, according to the different types of insurance, the claim should not the same as the
information provided (general requirements for the relevant documents of the
① death benefits application for a general request for payment, the insured, the
beneficiary and the applicant's identity card payments death of the insured
account of this, death certificates, forensic identification of the book or certified in
traffic accident liability, insurance, and final a receipt.
② disability payments to provide benefits for the general application requirements,
the insured, disability beneficiaries and the applicant's identity, forensic
books, hospital out-patient medical records or certified in traffic accident liability,
insurance, and final phase of the receipt.
③ general requirements for medical payments to provide benefits application, the
insured, medical payments and the beneficiary ID card applicants, hospital out-patient
medical records and medical fee receipts, insurance policies, and the final phase of the
Third, health care insurance claims process
1, the insured person suffering from disease due to claims handling procedures
(1) proof of medical diagnosis or discharge summary;
(2) the original receipts for medical expenses;
(3) The list of costs and billing details;
(4) copies of identification card or registration certificate.
4, accidental injury insurance claims process
1 hospitalized after accident or injury should be promptly call the insurance
company's customer service phone, aware of the need to prepare the
documents for insurance claims quickly, need to report to insurance companies in
three days.
2, the insured claims due to accidental injury when handling the required procedures
(inpatient medical insurance be provided in recognition of the two insurance
companies (including 2) or more hospital, doctor):
(1) proof of medical diagnosis;
(2) issued by the departments concerned to prove accidental injury;
(3) the original receipts for medical expenses and prescription;
(4) copies of identification card or registration certificate.
3, the insurance company documents complete in all cases, closing will be made
within 7 days of notification, the insured or the beneficiary received the notice, the
coin is my ID card and household registration documents to the insurance company to
receive compensation.
                 The specific circumstances of each company provides.