Malton Long Term Care Facility - DOC by aae14500


									Nursing Co-op at Malton Village Long-Term Care

Learning Opportunities:
    Experience working in a long term care facility
    Observation of staff in varying roles
    Learn about and observe clients assessments/tests/treatments
    Learn about and observe client care
    Learn about documentation tools and confidentiality re: clients
    Interact with clients
    Observe cooperation and care between departments
    Experience working as part of a team taking responsibilities for defined roles
    Tour this and associated areas

   Languages:
          o Moderately high level of English, both verbal and written skills to communicate with staff and
          o Additional languages may be beneficial

      Physical Abilities:
          o Strength and agility to lift boxes less than 10 kg and push wheelchairs/carts
          o Comfortable with extended standing and walking
          o Good hearing/visual acuity

      Interpersonal Skills:
           o Expectations include maturity to recognize need for sensitiv ity to the clients’ privacy
           o Ability to work in a busy environment

      Work   Ethics:
         o     Attention to detail ensuring accuracy at all times
         o     Confidentiality is vital whether it be pertaining to diagnosis or treatment
         o     Time Management Skills
         o     Personal Management Skills

Duties and Responsibilities:
    Students will work within the scope of duties as volunteers with the added observance segment to
       provide learning opportunities
    Assist with client care duties such as making beds
    Shadow various professionals
    Assist with charts, for example, stamping forms, putting charts together
    Photocopying, faxing and filing
    Distributing mail and messages to staff
    Design and maintenance of displays and client education materials
    Other miscellaneous office/clerical duties
    Assist with maintaining tidiness of unit
    Advice is not to be given regarding treatment or care
    Charts must not be accessed without specific authorization
    Confidentiality must be honoured regarding identity, diagnosis and treatment
    Policies and procedures presented during department orientation and training must be followed

Students who do not display appropriate behaviour, motivation or positive attitude and follow the rules or
             guidelines may be dismissed from the program.
Learning Plan:
During the placement, duties will be given to integrate the student into the area. It is expected that the student
will be involved with the learning plan and will conduct some aspects independently with minimal support from
the staff.
The following activ ities are suggestions only to facilitate ongoing learning.

 Orientation to       - Tour - Layout of unit and associated areas
 department           - Schedule for placement – start/finish/break times
 and                  - Absence, accident, incident reporting process
 department           - Appearance requirements, policies (scent, footwear, electronic
 routines                          use, parking, etc)
                      - Meeting staff and learning names
 Week one             - Infection control measures
                      - Long term care codes and student responsibilities
                      - Completing WHMIS learning modules and quizzes
                      - - Location of WHMIS information
                      - Occupational safety requirements on unit
                      - Fire and emergency
                      -Code of Conduct, Regional Values, Conflict of interest
                      −Resident Centered Care
                      Prevention of Resident Abuse
                      Resident’s Bill of Rights
                      Access cards

 General client      - Observe/learn resident’s admission routine
 care and            - Assist with a resident’s admission (ie height and weight)
 associated               - Learn about daily schedule for resident care and activities
 areas               - Learn discharge routine
                     - Observe discharge instructions
                     - Read Malton Village Long Term care manual for volunteers
                            - Learn about monitoring vital signs
                       - Learn about procedures for giving various type of medications
                       - Observe resident charting/shift change report
                       - Support residents who are independent in transferring and
                       - Escorting residents to other areas such as dining room or
                     - Restocking residents washroom cupboards with personal
                   Restocking the clean utility rooms with personal care items
                   Restocking the care carts with personal care items
                       - Delivering or picking items up from other departments/areas
                       - Perform other duties as appropriate
 Personal              - Follow resident through morning routine/assist resident if
 patient care      needed
                       - Accompany a nurse observing and assisting with duties as
                       - Assist with hearing aid, eyeglasses etc
                       - Assist with shaving/hair care
                   Assist with setting residents up to do mouth care
                       - Give backrub to resident
                         Assist with bed making
                   Maintain tidy appearance of resident’s drawers and room
 Nutritional           - Distribute drinking water
 needs                 - Assist residents at mealtimes-can assist with feeding if received
                   Assist with passing nourishments

 Recreational       - Exercises/walking with resident
 activities         - Read to client /turn music on/play cards etc
                Assist with nail spa- no cutting of nails
 Interpersonal      - Spending time with select residents
 skills             - Observing resident's condition and reporting
                    - Developing empathy and compassion for residents
                    - Observing/researching resident’s condition/treatment
                    - Visit Malton Village Long Term care library to research
                    - Research resident education provided
 Assisting the    - Learn about unit clerk role
 Clerical Staff   - Stamp charts and other duties, as appropriate
                  - Answer phone inquiries
                  - Photocopying, faxing and filing
                  - Picking up unit mail
                  - Call bell system
 Researching    Researching careers
 careers            - Roles of various staff active on unit
                    - Observation of therapy sessions
                    - Education required by staff to obtain/maintain current
                    - Binders and other educational material for staff
 Reflection on Reflection on placement
 placement          - Clarification of questions/concerns
                    - Review any outstanding requirements for school

By the end of the placement the student should have acquired a working knowledge of a long term care facility
                - Healthcare terminology used in the area
                - Typical conditions admitted to a long term care unit
                - A general understanding of client routines

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