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									Informatics Institute
Informatics Education Group was founded in 1983, the group from the Informatics
Computer School and Thames Business School composition. Education is the first
listed company in Singapore, received ISO9001 international certification, is one of
Singapore's national brands. Group has more than 600 colleges, 52
countries around the world. Singapore Informatics Institute on the establishment of
the Group headquarters, located in the western part of Singapore Education and
Technology Centre, the location is very superior. It is Jurong East near the bustling
town center, convenient transportation, nearby subway interchanges, Singapore
Science Centre, Singapore National Library Jurong Division and many other public
facilities. Campus occupies 600 thousand square feet, with four academic buildings ,
80 classrooms, laboratories, libraries, restaurants, good sports facilities (2 football
pitches, two basketball courts, two tennis courts, two badminton courts) and the full
range of wireless Internet access. College can accommodate 15,000 students.
Singapore Informatics Institute more than a year to help more than 10,000 world-class
university students to complete their studies, with matriculation, college, senior
college, undergraduate, master's and other high-quality education, in which
the computer program is especially well known; and close cooperation with famous
universities abroad , the implementation of credit transfer system. in Singapore to
provide students with an international authority available to qualified graduate and
platform. College courses are all breaking in the new Ministry of Education, Canada
to register their internationally recognized diploma. College in 2003, breaking the first
increase the quality of education to acquire new level certification (SQC), SQC is the
Singapore Productivity, Standards and Innovation Board of Singapore, a private
college for evaluation and certification of quality, accredited private school quality
education and management be recognized and affirmed the Government of Singapore.
2005 was CaseTrust (CASETRUST), this marked increase protection of breaking in
the new interests of international students, also shows that private educational
institutions, the Government of Singapore to monitor the quality of
education's determination to improve to attract international students in
Singapore competitiveness of Singapore as the education hub of Asia has laid a solid

School Accreditation
The school certified by the Chinese Embassy in Singapore and qualifications to be
recognized, but also Consumers Association of Singapore (CaseTrust) and the
Singapore Quality Class Service Quality Supervision Bureau qualification (SQC)
dual-certified schools.
Diploma certificate
Singapore Informatics Institute award from the Royal Melbourne Institute of
Technology, University of Southern Queensland in Australia, Oxford Brookes
University, Northumbria University, UK University of Portsmouth University of
Wales, a diploma. The six school diploma is recognized by the world. They are The
People's Republic of China Ministry of Education and Information
Network by foreign regulators cited by the recognition of the school. The
People's Republic of China Ministry of Education information gateway
foreign regulatory certification in the six schools see here:
1. Australia's Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT University)
2. Australia University of Southern Queensland (University of Southern Queensland)
3. Oxford Brookes University (Oxford Brookes University)
4. Northumbria University (University of Northumbria at Newcastle)
5. UK University of Portsmouth (University of Portsmouth)
6. University of Wales (University of Wales (Prifysgol Cymru))

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