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What makes a first class franchise?
Is O'Briens first class?
Is it right for me?

These are just some of the questions most people consider when contemplating a
franchise with O’Briens. There may be no easy answer, but we hope to address these and
others for you in this franchise brochure.

We believe the three key elements to achieving a successful franchise could not be
simpler - a good concept, a good retail location and a good franchise partner.

Our franchising business has flourished in the last decade due to the quality and passion
of the people we attract as our partners. Our franchise partners’ ambition and enthusiasm
for success is what puts us ahead of the pack.

By employing ambitious, first class people to support the initial research, opening and
development of individual businesses, and by recruiting the best franchise partners, we
have steadily grown to become a first class franchise with a passion for success. Our
growing track record for creating superior and sustainable businesses is proof alone.

Maintaining a fresh, young, modern concept, while adopting all the best industry sector
developments, to our innovation and new product development, no stone is left unturned
in our efforts to do it more quickly, more profitably, and most of all, to do it better.

This is the first step towards finding out if you are right for us and if we are right for you.
After all, we believe that a good franchise arrangement is like a marriage where both sides
will benefit if they work together.

Welcome to the start of your journey with us.


Fiacra Nagle
O’Briens Sandwich Bars
the O’Briens brand
                                            A strong brand ensures a greater degree of differentiation from competitors. Our brand
                                            is already well established in the markets that we serve. Our proposition is based on
                                            premium levels of service but, most importantly, it depends on the people that deliver the
                                            package.The strength of the O’Briens brand can be seen in every aspect of the business

                                             - the quality of our franchise partners and the staff we attract
                                             - our supplier partners who join our distribution network
                                             - the own brand products that we sell in our stores
                                             - our ability to rent prime retail sites
                                             - the fact the same product is presented in the same way in Singapore and
                                               Australia, London and Dublin

brand values
Our brand is much more than the sign over our stores and the logos on our bags and cups. It is a reflection of
our core values and beliefs.

quality & service: We only provide the finest quality food and drink.We are a premium brand and the ingredients we
use should reflect that.We choose quality over price every time.

We believe that support, training and creating a positive work environment is essential to exceptional service. At O’Briens we
work as a team.

a brand with a conscience: For example - On a global scale, choosing to buy direct from the grower is inherent
in our values. By moving towards ethically sourced coffee and Fairtrade tea, we’re changing lives.

Our juice cups are made from 100% Corn and are 100% renewable, compostable and biodegradable.

innovation: We strive to keep our product range fresh and interesting. Continual product development and improvement
is integral to generate interest. It’s imperative that we attract new customers but it’s just as important to keep our loyal
customers’ interest.

business model
retail offer
Our sandwiches are freshly prepared in front of customers, so they can see exactly
what is packed into their favourite selection, whether Shambos™,Wrappos®,
bagels or baguettes, all available hot like our Toosties®. Even in our Express units
all sandwiches are made fresh daily.

O’Briens’ espresso-based gourmet coffees are made from the finest roasted coffee
beans. Every coffee is prepared individually and freshly for each customer.

On the drinks side we’ve complimented our juice bars (which offer freshly
prepared real fruit juices and smoothies) with an extended iced drinks and
milkshake range.


    business model
    store location
    Next to offering great food comes a great environment in which to serve it all up.That is why store location and design is one of
    the most important facets of the O’Briens operation. In fact, it is a key ingredient in the pulling power of our retail operations.We
    like to create a home from home atmosphere that is comfortable and enjoyable for all.

    In order to keep the ambience contemporary and meet the demands of today’s everchanging way of life, we are never afraid to
    introduce new ideas. Exciting new layouts and concepts have been developed, each store is uniquely suited to the particular type
    of location:

    - High Street Takeaway
    - High Street Coffee Shop
    - Shopping Centre
    - Food Court / Express
    - Business Park / Carts

    Building your O’Briens business involves not only the
    development of one and then a series of retail stores,
    but parallel to that the development of a catering
    business, supplying bulk catering requirements to
    local businesses, which can also include our in-house
    coffee cart solution.

    Each aspect of the overall business is complementary.
    The retail store is the centre around which the rest of
    the business revolves.While this develops as a sit down
    and takeaway business servicing walk-by traffic, it also
    serves as a production centre for the catering business.

    Development of the catering side enables you to bring
    the brand to customers who might otherwise not visit
    your store.

    buying an established business
    Most franchise partners will view their O’Briens business as a long-term investment. As well as earning income from the
    day-to-day business, many will be taking into account the value they are building up in that business and will one day want to
    realise their capital investment and sell on one or more stores.

    Whilst there is nothing like the excitment of seeing an empty shell become your new O’Briens store, buying an existing O’Briens
    unit is one path to franchise ownership that is too often overlooked, but can offer the best of both worlds.The advantages of an
    already established profit centre, in addition to the safety and high likelihood of success associated with a franchise, can get you up
    and running much quicker with the benefit that much of the hard work has already been done.This means you can often move on
    to second and third store ownership sooner.

franchise support (how franchising works)
                                                              In addition to our network of franchise partners, we have built a
                                                              dedicated and professional management team committed to
                                                              ensuring the success of the brand. That means as our franchise
                                                              partner, you are in business for yourself but never by yourself.The
                                                              O’Briens team is there to support you through every problem and
                                                              every opportunity you may meet in your journey with us.

                                                              Operating across five continents with regional bases in each area,
                                                              our dedicated support personnel are there to provide you with the
                                                              premium support levels you would expect from an innovative,
                                                              progressive and dynamic organisation such as O’Briens.

initial support
Throughout the initial start-up period we will guide you through each stage of development. This includes assistance with
property acquisition and negotiation, store layout and design, as well as training for both you and your new staff. Most of our
existing franchise partners had no knowledge of our industry before they joined us. Our comprehensive induction training,
covering all aspects of our business, is often complimented for it’s relaxed but energising content and style.

We will also help you prepare a business plan and get your local marketing campaign started. Once your store is up and running
you will then move on to our ongoing support structure.

ongoing support
Each store/franchise partner is assigned a dedicated member of
our operations team who will advise you on day-to-day
operations, employment law, health and hygiene and other
legislative requirements.They will also be available to help you get
the catering side of your business off the ground with practical
advice and training.

This is backed up by group purchasing (which ensures you’re
benefiting from the entire purchasing power of the network),
financial advice and support, and ongoing training and development
for franchise partners and staff.

One of the biggest benefits of joining a franchise comes in the form
of our dedicated and progressive marketing support, to ensure
your smooth transition from new to established business.A mix of
leaflet drops, high quality point of sale material, promotions, blitz
campaigns, local radio ads, national media activity and public
relations helps drive sales and profits.

We will also be there to guide and assist you when it comes to
expanding your business with additional stores, coffee carts etc.

    Lee Fish, Franchise Partner
                                         O’Briens continued expansion is fuelled greatly by its growing force of
                                         successful franchisees - some of whom have made drastic career changes to
                                         carve an enjoyable and profitable future in sandwiches, coffee and catering. Lee
                                         Fish is one of O’Briens recent success stories.

                                         Today, he is the successful owner of four O’Briens outlets in the Glasgow, Edinburgh and
                                         Livingston area where greater than expected year-on-year sales and unprecedented
                                         popularity of the brand in Scotland, have put him firmly on track for a
                                         £2.5m turnover.

                                         Yet for Lee, life wasn’t always as thus. Despite reading law, studying for an MBA and
                                         pursuing a successful career in the financial services as a market and business strategist for
                                         over 10 years, Lee was bored, frustrated and unfulfilled by his career choices.

    “I was working hard for other people and sick of wasting my efforts in thankless bureaucracies,” confides Lee. “I was tired of
    making money for big corporations, and having my income limited to salaries and bonuses.What I really wanted was a career
    where I could earn an uncapped amount of money without having to always be present in the business. I guess that was the
    most fundamental thing that attracted me to franchising - much of the hard work has already been done.”

    With ambitions to open 12 stores over the next three years, Lee’s vision for O’Briens is a true reflection of his avid belief in
    the brand.“It’s so important to marry into a name you feel strongly and passionately about, as this will impact directly on how
    effectively and successfully you drive the business,” said Lee.“Even if you’re unsure about which direction to take your business,
    with O’Briens there’s always a strong support network to advise and help you make informed decisions.You’d never have that
    security if you were an independent business owner with an unrecognised brand. It’s a winning formula and it primes you
    for success.”

    Bill & Leonard Lynch, Franchise Partners
    Cork born brothers Bill and Leonard Lynch are undoubted experts at growing multiple stores. Despite a slow start to the
    business seven years ago, they established 11 successful outlets in and around Cork in Ireland, benefiting from the cluster
    approach to brand exposure.

    “We waited more than a year for our first location as we knew if it wasn’t right we would never get to open a second,” said Bill.
    “It was well worth the wait. And with the support provided by O’Briens, we can continue to ensure our customers receive the
    same high standards no matter what their choice of outlet.”

    Bill and Leonard have now sold 5 of their city centre stores
    to incoming franchisees Don Cahalane and Colette Moyles,
    while they continue to develop new opportunities in the
    region.“One of the most important ingredients of our success
    is our front line ambassadors for the brand - our staff!”

    No strangers to the O’Briens concept, Bill, Leonard and their
    team are all excellent role models for O’Briens and always at
    the forefront of new developments.They are more than happy
    to share their experience with new and potential franchisees
    whenever they may need a little support and advice.

Support Offices

Ireland / International
23 South William Street, Dublin 2, Ireland
t: +353 1 4721400 f: +353 1 4721401 e:

England & Wales
2 Elsinore House, 77 Fulham Palace Road, London W6 8JA, England
t: + 44 208 741 7777 f: + 44 208 741 7788 e:

The Isokon Building, 98 Holm Street, Glasgow G2 6SY, Scotland
t: + 44 141 222 2600 f: + 44 141 222 2700 e:

Asia / Singapore
37B Boat Quay, Singapore 049826
t: +65 65357891 f: +65 65357892 e:

PO Box 220, West Pennant Hills, NSW 2125, Australia
t: +61 2 9899 7921 f: +61 2 9899 7921 e:

1 Toronto Street, Toronto M5C 2V6 , Ontario, Canada
t: +416 504 6262 f: +416 504 6263 e:

Riverville Square, Shop No 6, Tianzhu, Shunyi, 101300, China
t: + 86-10-6450 9669

Karolinenstrasse 21, 86150 Augsburg
t: +49 1737 461 750 f: +49 821 540 44 83 e:

B1-08 Megan Ambassy, 225 Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
t: +603 2161 1281 f: +603 2161 1282 e:

Kingdom of Bahrain
c/o Mesk Holdings, PO Box 21449, Manama, Bahrain.
t: +973 17 713712 f: +973 17 713511

Saudi Arabia
A & S Abdullah Al-Rashed Ltd., P.O. Box 92293, Riyadh 11653, Saudi Arabia
t: 966 1461 5500 f: 966 1465 6074

South Africa
PO Box 26488, Hout Bay, Cape Town 7872, South Africa
t: +2721 7903480