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					Impression on Aaron
If you've seen the Abu's Blog, you'll be scared,
because you will find a sunny smile as the young boy to begin with was actually spicy,
he wantonly to vent the gray text with their dissatisfaction in this society, measures
The bold words stunning, really not too much afraid of the tiger. Fixing new plays, he
moved; summer came, he was a bit childish and cute; foot injury, he became negative;
been stung by the reality of the entertainment circle, his anger, his disappointment, he
becomes sad ... ...
Of course, his true not only stay in the blog. Fahrenheit together on the program, he
often described as a cry baby easily disgruntled. The piano since childhood, when the
students visited the United States, drive their children to school with her
mother's youth, is the careful care of his family grew up. His tears with the
Big East in the ups and downs in the entertainment industry a few years hard work
brings bitterness tears is different because the greenhouse petals dipped in a dew.
Mei-Mei program with the beautiful game he could play into the show to tears, like an
elf under the circular singing like all the time, can upset the program on the silent, but
a sudden smile lit one day .
However, he has a cane a lame step in following the members on all over the Taiwan
variety shows. How many times, I do not know too much injury in the host made the
request, provided that is not very difficult for he never refused, so once again delay
the rehabilitation date. Feet, then removed the bandage to flutter up, remove it wraps,
but he never complained once. Fat piece of that time, he had cried a mess in all
occasions. However, this one has no difficulty in getting hard to participate in
activities of regret, but the more he thinks he is a member of the hind legs dragging,
he said, "I do not know you so worthwhile for me to pay." The
first trip to the mainland and Hong Kong he was unable to attend, feeling that time he
hit bottom. May be filed several months later, he only "I survive
the" lightly.
"Kangxi to the" High Fidelity, he told his teammates about the
same tone with a placid, his own story. Uncharacteristically, he did not tear. Do not
cry, not because they no longer moved by the touching, but do not want to reveal his
secret heart the deepest of all laughing at a gag in entertainment. Exchanges a year,
but only met six side alone went to the door waiting eagerly for the other seven or
eight small Shique empty-handed, that is what experience? In fact, he is mind, when
the program first love in his teammates showed off his girlfriend to give their gifts,
only he, holding a failure to send the bracelet, smile.
He's also a relationship, more to drama, the story of ex-girlfriend died in a
car accident, it seems that in the daily necessities of life is not dissonant. But that is
true, but he also has been rumored ex-girlfriend with egg which are sent to the
diamond earring, whether before or debut coming up, all the time, never took off. A
second interview, he said, "If time could rewind, I would like her to return
to my side, we start again, no argument"
Than the other three, Abu always silent, do not have much chance to speak. So great
was emotional ups and downs as "impulsive," silence has been
described as solitary cold. However, he really did it? Once on the program, also
Confucian playing English songs, singing tone can not be found several times.
Keyboard teachers had to wait to see a joke, can sing again, finally is about right.
Listen carefully, but found that in addition to the voice also of Confucianism, there are
a male voice whispered in the background with the singing. Is Abu quietly with his
own voice also found the tone of Confucianism. Another time, four people on stage
and sing "in love with you," sang back when RAP simply can
not bear to listen to badly described, an embarrassment the audience on stage. The
results or Abu, he just turn the tide with their own voice, tone of the other three hard
to pull back.
Loyalty does not necessarily show on the table. Great Eastern worked overnight show,
which collapsed because of physically frail, he volunteered, asked his father, a doctor,
so that Great Eastern was admitted to the National Taiwan University
Hospital's first-class wards. Did not participate due respect less the
"ultimate class" performance so first joined the row is
extremely harsh, and once had had the idea of withdrawal is Abu has been
encouraging him, so he had the courage to stay. But when they need help, Abu did not
want to trouble other people. Crippled, and he tears to forgive him for his teammates
drag on; go to Hong Kong, obviously all the way through with a quick 40-degree
fever, but quietly that no one knows.
He repeatedly mentioned his family. "As a boy my mother often helped
sand Grilled shrimp gut and cook rice." "Hid in the room with
my sister to sleep." "Of course, going to Grandma's
Qula festivals, a lot of good food." ... ... He said that he elementary time
because the bullying students to the United States fighting an entire country in three
weeks away from home, a cell phone that can reach 8,000 NT monthly bill, they can
spend time shopping NT 50 000, clearly passed the Business School has chosen to
read Department of ... ... a look that is loved by their parents grew up in small children.
They taught him the piano, taught him English, took him to travel the world, to his
good qualities. No one knows when the program title and writers always his fluent,
but loving reading, also made him develop a different perspective from the problem of
Love Buffet complex film Dingzhuang "Death girl" shooting
press conference

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