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Energy-Efficient Products Reduce Health Problems, Says
Environmental Consultant!

Oceanside, New York, USA --- An excerpt from the September, 2008 EcoHome
Magazine confirms that homeowners “...will pay extra with no expectation of a
financial return for ... products .... that positively impact the health of their families,
consultant Ellen Tohn told hundreds of public health and housing industry officials
Sept. 15 during the National Healthy Homes Conference. She also stated that
“..products that make a home more energy efficient are ones that reduce health problems,

Tohn, of Tohn Environmental Strategies, said the main reasons houses make the
occupants sick are mold, mildew, chemicals, malfunctioning combustion equipment,
lack of or poor ventilation, peeling lead-based paint in older homes, and radon.

Phil Konigsberg, President of Wave said, “Our lead product, the Ventilation Unit,
expels moisture that contributes to mold and mildew as well as expelling chemicals
and a host of other gases to the outside reducing airborne contaminants within the

Konigsberg added that Wave’s focus is on improving the efficiency of the home
supporting Tohn’s comments that “many of health problems vanish when a home is
energy efficient. Not only are utility bills lowered, but air quality and comfort are
improved, and moisture and pests are reduced.”

Wave Home Solutions proprietary product line focuses on smart, innovative solutions
that improve the ventilation and air quality in the home, significantly reduce the
heating and air conditioning costs, and an eco-friendly solution for hard water. All of
the solutions treat common, everyday problems in the home that are costing the
homeowner money.

Wave Home Solutions, Inc is a privately held company that was formed in December,
2007. It had operated as Humidex-Atlantic since 2000 but with the addition of
products focused on eco friendly solutions for common everyday problems, changed
their name in 2007.


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