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									Thompson Soccer Association and Soccer Touch Academy Form a

        Thompson Soccer Association and its competitive branch Club United, are proud
to announce a partnership with Soccer Touch Academy. While many details are still
being defined Thompson Soccer Association is looking forward to providing soccer
training to its Membership.
        Soccer Touch Academy also known as STA is Northern Colorado’s most elite
soccer training organization. STA has been providing soccer specific training in the area
for 10+ years. The Director of Coaching, Luis Dominguez Sr. has been a huge supporter
of the sport in the Northern Colorado area for more than 25 years. STA has been held in
high regards by many TSA/ Club United players & families. Both Luis Sr. & Luis Jr.
have coached for TSA/Club United and Luis Jr. played for Club United.
        Erich Neubert, the competitive commissioner states, “Having used several
training groups here in Northern Colorado I have found STA to be the best at helping
players break into new levels of play in there game both at the individual and team level.
“We look forward to working with STA to provide Camps, Training Sessions & more
soccer related opportunities for our Membership (Neubert).”
        “I feel that this partnership will help increase the individual abilities of players in
the Loveland area, as well as increase the love and passion of the game (Luis Sr.)”
         Thompson Soccer Association (TSA) has been providing opportunities in the
Loveland area for youth to play soccer since 1985. They have done a great job of
offering competitive level play as well as fielding district and recreational teams.
Thompson Soccer Association and Soccer Touch Academy are looking forward to this
partnership in hopes of providing a unique opportunity for players in our community.
Please check their websites for additional information.

Erich Neubert
Competitive Commissioner

Luis Dominguez Sr
Soccer Touch Academy Director of Coaching

Please check our websites for upcoming information.

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