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					IMBA Australia Victoria University Master of Professional Introduction Class
Chinese Ministry of Education Certification Program
IMBA Australia Victoria University Master of Professional Introduction Class
School characteristics
In order to cultivate high-quality competition in the international market business
management personnel, 学位办批准 by the State Council, China and Australia,
University of Victoria (Victoria University of Technology) jointly set up in the
Australian School of Business, the International MBA (IMBA) Professional direction
of the joint recruitment, training international professionals.
University of Victoria (formerly Victoria University of Technology) was founded in
1916, is Australia's largest one comprehensive university, located in
Victoria, Melbourne. University of Victoria in the "best ten universities in
Australia," was ranked as "the best course for the
students," universities in Australia and Southeast Asia has a high reputation.
Strong school teacher, teaching experience, there are currently more than 50,000
school students, faculty two thousand, the school can not only awarded Master of
Business Administration (MBA) degree, Doctor of Business Administration can also
be given (DBA) degree in business education and enterprise information management
(ERP Business Master) has a world-class education standards, and has extensive
experience in international cooperation in running schools.
Students in-depth systematic study Business Administration, Victoria, Australia who
pass receive degree certificates awarded by the University and the Ministry of
Education Service Center for Scholarly record. In the book by Victoria University
students permission to go to Melbourne and Singapore to learn any campus, or
participate in degree-granting ceremony.
This project uses flexible education system, students of English to achieve the
necessary level, can be any of various elective courses offered by the school, pay
tuition fees according to the course. Xiuman required courses students complete the
relevant teaching session, after passing score, according to the specialty could be
obtained for MBA, ERP business degree. All courses must complete a four-year
September 2003, Nobel Laureate in Economics, Professor of Economics at Columbia
University, World Executive Chairman of the Advisory Board of Directors of the
annual conference on Mondale in the world issued the "world's
most influential MBA Ranking" and Australia Business School, crowned
"the        most      influential    Chinese-foreign   cooperation     MBA
Curricula hours
Business English Courses 300 hours
Work and Organization Systems (work and organizational systems)
Management Information Systems (MIS)
Marketing Management (Marketing Management)
Accounting for Management (Management Accounting)
International Management (International Management)
Quantitative Analysis (Quantitative Methods)
Economics for Management (Managerial Economics)
Leadership and Corporate Government (Leadership and Corporate Governance)
Business Finance (Corporate Finance)
Managing Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Management Innovation)
Strategic Management and Business Policy (Strategic Management and Business
E-Commerce (e) 39 hours per course

Diploma sample:
Entry requirements
1. Enrollment targets and conditions
Bachelor degree or above; or tertiary level education, and more than two years work
2. Admission procedures
(1) the applicant participated in the written English language school
(2) According to the written test results into the Business English class learning
(3) pass in English class after receiving the admission letter issued by the University
of Victoria
(4) into the Specialized Learning
3, without examination conditions
Valid for two years TOEFL (TOEFL) scores 525 points or more while writing (TWE)
score of 4.5 points and above, or IELTS (IELTS) score of 6.0 academic (read 5.5 and
above, writing more than 6.0 points and the remaining part of each not less than 5
minutes) or more, to participate in business English courses.
4, exemption conditions
Valid for two years TOEFL (TOEFL) scores 580 points or more while writing (TWE)
score of 5.5 points and above, or IELTS (IELTS) Academic achievement of 6.5 points
(no less than 6 points each part) above may be exempted from taking English for
Business directly participate in ERP core courses.
5, special conditions
Students have participated in domestic and foreign cooperative education program
Undergraduate (English medium) and obtained a degree qualification, or to obtain
bachelor's degree in English-speaking countries and can provide English
transcripts can apply for the exam-free exemption of Business English, have been
approved, directly to the core Kechengxuexi start .
Application materials
1. Curriculum vitae in English;
2. University diploma and degree certificate original and copy (photocopy retained);
3. At school transcript and a copy (photocopy retained);
4. If TOEFL and IELTS English language test scores, etc. to provide original and copy
(photocopy retained);
5. Your work experience.
6. 2 inch photo
7. Registration fee: 200 yuan / person (overseas applicants can be sent)
   Registration Time: 2010 4 months - in June
Entrance Examination: June 26, 2010
Registration Time: September 9, 2010, 10
Opening time; September 13, 2010
Years of study: Two years
Tuition fees (excluding data charges):
ERP Core Curriculum: 66,000 yuan;
Business English: 16,000 yuan.
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