IAAC: Solar Decathlon cabins by fdjerue7eeu


									IAAC: Solar Decathlon cabins

2010 "Solar Decathlon Europe competition" in the 17 to 27 in
Madrid, Spain into the final on-site display unit. Tianjin University, Tongji University
were             brought            piece            "Sunflower",
"bamboo" and from the United States, Spain, UK, Germany,
France, Finland's 17 universities to enter the final of the competition unit.
"Solar Decathlon competition" is a global university for the
participating units of the solar building technology competition designed to explore
the solar energy technology, energy technology and the integration of architectural
design innovation model. Participating universities to design, build a no more than 74
square meters, completely rely on solar power's future building,
competition and strive in the near future, these "future of residential solar
energy," the prototype to the market. "Solar Decathlon
competition" by the U.S. Department of Energy launched in 2002, the
world's only 15 to 20 universities to finalists each event. The race for the
first time in 2010 the Spanish government contractors by the European countries.
"Decathlon" refers to the building, so lar energy, comfort, social
and economic, strategic five major items in the 10 individual indicators, namely:
construction, engineering and construction, solar energy systems, energy balance,
comfort conditions, household appliances and facilities, communication and public
awareness, industrialization and market, innovation, sustainability.
   The following is the jury announced the construction of a Chinese network of
design solar house, the cabin area of 75 square meters, the structure is light
wood-based, to meet a family of four uses, and industrial mass production it can be
generally a house can be assembled in 15 days.

Roof design


Longitudinal section


Assembly process plans
After the completion of the housing recently updated photo

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