I Monash _MONASH_ of the Food of Love by fdjerue7eeu


									I Monash (MONASH) of the Food of Love
?November 17, 2005, when the aircraft landed in Australia's land, my mind
wanders and finally fell down. Out of the Melbourne Airport that moment, my mood
is excited and agitated. I finally arrived! After a difficult and winding preparation, I
finally realized the dream of studying abroad. What the future will be like? Go its own
way, to not forgive!
Should be the fate fates got tied with MONASH, my three university students are
studying here. A school finance, a study of international business studies, a study
Tourism Management. Of the reasons, I understand MONASH is best at, be proud of
ranking, a reasonable course structure, excellent quality of education, diversity of the
campus culture. When my friends with their own personal experiences validate the
truth of all this, I also threw in my application and handed him the honor of my study
in here career.

I studied education, the main campus in Clayton. Campus area of large facilities is
also perfect. The campus has a standard football field, football field, hockey field,
tennis courts, as well as a comprehensive sports and swimming pools. Students
favorite place to go is the Campus Center, where you can meet any demand. You can
enjoy authentic Chinese food, can also go to the students run their own vegetarian
restaurant Chang Changxian and of course coffee gathering place. You can buy a
small supermarket in the lives of the necessary supplies, there are shops specializing
in selling electronic products. The two branches of the largest banks in Australia, but
also the establishment of the office point here, of course, post offices, bookshops,
optical shops, clinic and so students often have to deal with in life place. There is also
a small library, cinema, radio stations, computer rooms, great to meet the daily needs
of the students.

Another place I like is the main library, I can Paoshang day here. Stacks possession of
tens of millions of library books into Undergraduate and Postgraduate, undergraduate
or graduate students, but whether the two stacks of books can be borrowed, but the
number of days the number and library differ. Library journals and magazines here are
of the most popular journals and magazines the most authoritative collection of
updated very quickly. There is also a dedicated Asian Culture Research Center, a
number of Chinese books in the treasury, of course, Japanese, Korean, Thai,
Indonesian, there are many books. I prefer to have multi-media classrooms, you can
borrow a variety of media resources, and even has a microfilm reader. In short here,
with various carriers to provide the greatest information needs of academic research,
is really a treasure house of knowledge.

Come before the biggest concern is the fear I do not understand the teacher lectures,
learning can not keep up. But when I went to was when the class teacher professional
and logical explanations, stimulating thinking and guide, I at once put into it. While
there at the beginning of a large part do not understand, but later discovered that as
long as a good read, do a good job preview and review the work, they still make catch
up classes, and some when it comes to local students as to raise question. Here is a
rigorous academic atmosphere, ideas are active, the discussion was positive, the
maximum potential of inspiring the students in learning knowledge, the mind and the
ability of students Gengrang been improved. Group discussions, impromptu speeches,
live simulation, variety of teaching while I became like the new school, love learning.
Often in class time I felt quite short, often in and always hoped that when students
leave class quickly came under, where I was able to experience what is the fun of
MONASH Another feature is the international cultural life on campus. Gathering
together a variety of topics, a variety of campus culture, festivals, clubs and civic
organizations. You can have access to different cultures and deliver them to friends
around the world. Here really is like a United Nations that we thought were open and
positive. No national, ethnic, racial boundaries, you know you want to know, but also
to express themselves vocally. My thinking here has been greatly tempered my eyes
open, and life and values have undergone no small change.

A year's time is short, I ended up learning in the MONASH career, my
heart was touched and excited. Here, I give time and effort, but got a future. Studying
and living here is my life, a crucial step on the road, I believe my future life will be
more exciting! Thank MONASH, thanks to my friends!

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