I do not know shy and Monica Chan Ada Choi accused each site exposed scandal

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					I do not know shy and Monica Chan Ada Choi accused each site exposed scandal

Monica Chan (second from right) and Ada Choi (left) each ridicule each other
June 8, 2010 reported that, according to media reports in Hong Kong,
"Wong reports will be red and black 2010" Last night at the
Coliseum final performance, "Artist House" members of the
Ada Choi, Athena Chu, Monica Chan and Shang-day artists such as House members
of the E Sarkozy to attend, and in the final Ada Choi and Chernin, Monica Chan Tai
Bao to each other than each other. Ada Choi made fun of an old friend Monica Chan
picky eating, refused a bite, got can not go to the bathroom. Monica Chan Ada Choi is
a good counter noisy, character less patience and do not know shy. I do not know ugly
Last night a lot of artists also share experiences of marriage, Ada Choi and Max asked
what experience? She said that only two years of marriage, it still looks
"nice" and "good wife", but sometimes
his temper, the all kind of bad. Jin-year whether that awareness of Ada do evangelism?
Zhang Jin admitted that there is little relationship because talk is much more natural
touch, this is normal. Turning to his wife was made fun of Buzhi Xiu Chen Fa Rong,
Zhang Jin Bu Zhixiu laughing long known of the wife. Ada Choi was denied, to
clarify that he was just straightforward character. She also pointed out that her friends
are a good rogue, everyone Bu Zhixiu to be friends. And Monica Chan also added that
still really like Ada.
Athena Chu said later returned to the mainland movie, but she has no intention to
purchase properties, because she does not understand investing, she saw her friends
buy property in the Mainland is also very hard, because properly handle multiple
charges, friends call her not to buy, too tired
Ru Yee Ling sex tape 20 minutes of video to more than 39 [map]
Soldier dead weight behind the interpretation of subsequent opening of the place
before the rot "in charge" [map]
?Information pictures Liping Zhang Boyu second generation of stars, "Do
not let me lie" [map]
Strange girl ck cruel to kill their parents about the secret of its QQ space inner world
?Viola Colombian data image high-heeled legs show the full pseudo-tan [map]
Hangzhou, 12-year-old girl was sexually abused worker male toilet door after the
blast Video [map]
Foxconn Foxconn employee payroll announced the opening of the unspoken rules
killer [map]
To reproduce the Russian cannibal cult killings of wealthy own sacrifice [map]
Foul language and Xifeng door Mano Great PK [map]
Xie Jia, if you're being charge any tears away video thank good response to
the scene [map]

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