I am dedicated to Mongolian poet and translator of poetry Hasson by fdjerue7eeu


									I am dedicated to Mongolian poet and translator of poetry Hasson
To Hanson
  ?Quote: Mongolian poet, translator, Hanson is my sister Lu Institute of Science, the
work of the Central Translation Bureau, she translated a Mongolian Chinese poet
Balabuha Su Rong's poems, published last year by the Nationalities
Publishing House . The occasion of Labour Day in value, I would like to sing with the
poem sister school of translation work, and told to the world: Translation is a great
and hard work.
   Study: sea breeze
Buildings in Mexico in the refreshing sleep Hong
Sides of the last subway away tired colon
Switch off your computer
Took off the glasses
Ulan Bator, the meniscus with the long hair combed
The branches on the Millennium guhuai
Habitat of a poem by Su Rong, the Palestinian labuha
Will use five thousand square punch line
Crisp to philosophical rhyme song
Light gray eyes, the glass curtain wall
    April 30, 2009, written in Hohhot Butterfly Chai
Hasson Description:
  At the Central Translation Bureau of Mongolian poet, translator, Hasson is the
School of Inner Mongolia University of Mongolia Mongolian Language and
Literature 1994 graduates. Over the years, she has concentrated on poetry, literature
and      translation,    in      the    "national      literature",
"Poetry", "Literature and Arts" and other
well-known poems, literary magazines, newspapers and published many original
articles and translations. In 2008, its translated as "Balahaba Su Rong
Selected Poems" published by the Ethnic Publishing House. January 2009,
Hasson poetry translations seminar held in Beijing, Lu Xun Literature Institute. Line
drawing, Wang Bin, in Minority Areas, Alatanba root, Bao Yin He Heeg, Hung Yen,
the tree before, Pakistan Boyle, Prague, Chen Ganglong, Wuna Qin, Cai Jinsong,
Yinhan Yin, Feng Dehua, valuable Min, Zhang Shuguang and other writers, critics
and industry, as well as the tenth president of the Lu Xun Literature Institute of
Advanced Seminar young writers of all teachers and students attended the seminar.
Vice Chairman of Inner Man United, the famous translator, Mr. Hadac just sent a
congratulatory message.
  During the Spring Festival in 2009, Hanson return to his alma mater, the University
of Inner Mongolia, special commission of the party committee propaganda
department, took its translated as "Selected Poems of Su Rong
Balahaba" gift to his alma mater. February 23, 2009, Inner Mongolia
University of Science Propaganda Minister Joe Wang, vice minister of white Toia to
Hasson's translated as "Selected Poems of Su Rong
Balahaba" transferred to the school of general Party branch secretary of the
Mongolian Golden Tiger. Party Propaganda Department on behalf of school will be
presented to the Inner Mongolia University Library book.

Balabuha Su Rong Resume: malaya baranikha Su Rong, an important contemporary
poet in Mongolia in 1945 Mongolia was born on November 25 strains of the central
province of Schleswig warm wood. 1962 began writing poetry as a virgin
"moon." 1974-1977 Art Institute in Moscow in the film script
classes to learn. Mongolia won the Writers Award in 1989. Between 1989-1992 as the
Mongolian Writers Association President. Mongolian Great Hural in 1992-1996 a
member. Mongolia since 1996 appointed president of puppet theater, art director.
Mongolia won the 1990 National Merit Award. United States International University
in 1992, won the doctorate. 1997 won the "Outstanding Merit Award
Mongolian        culture."    2003     won      the    "Mongolian
People's Writer" title. World Poetry Conference in 2007 won the
World Literature and Culture Association awarded the "Outstanding
Poet" award. Between 1985 to 1992, Mongolia has participated in the
annual "Crystal Cup" poetry contest, winning three back. Works
are "lyric poems Balahaba Su Rong" and seven poems, operas
six, five films, works of 36 children's plays, dance works by five, the lyrics
more than 40 first. He works full of dynamic poetry, philosophy texture, statements,
rhetoric is extremely elegant. His poetry has been translated into many languages and
many countries, in Russia, Bulgaria, the Netherlands, the United States, Japan, Italy,
China, Arab and other countries and regions widespread. Dynamic rich poetry of his
work, philosophy and feeling, affectionate statement, exquisite rhetoric has been
translated into many languages over the country.
Mongolian poet and translator Hasson's photo

Hanson at the Great Hall (which is not the place most people come ah)

Inner Mongolia University campus at his alma mater (ah! Scenery of the north)

Hanson's translation - Department of legend that is born the
"Balahaba Su Rong Selected Poems"

Party Committee Propaganda Department of Inner Mongolia University, Joe Wong,
Deputy Minister of white Toia (right) to Hanson's translated as
"Balahaba Su Rong Selected Poems"
Transferred to the school of general Party branch secretary of the Mongolian Golden
Tiger (left)

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