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Xu is the first Huawei data center, technical super cattle, a director, vice president of
Huawei, the annual income of over 10 million data center is built with volcanic rock
deep underground in a large building. Radiation, can prevent the satellite's
electronics radar and other means of surveillance. which are like the kind of
large-screen satellite launching center, computer room filled with three meters of large
servers and mainframe computers. connect the Huawei globally each terminal, the
Huawei more than 300,000 messages per day , overseas and global synchronization of
R & D, internal information management, internal processes, Huawei
adopted by domestic and international IP phones are out.

Last week, I formally submitted a resignation report, prepared for their careers a big
turning point, this is my time of the final decision made. But really ask for leave, the
recall in the company's ten years, or mixed feelings.

July 16, 1997, I alone carrying a bag from the Shenzhen Baoan airport, the plane, out
of the airport, the sky is so blue, clouds so low, the air then the tide, looking upward to
heaven, this city, on the company, the forthcoming work and life, confused about their
future. to the Science Park and found a desolate and remote areas, but experience in
this respect quiet, school years, a series of strikes, so I seem a bit like the quiet,
desolate , away from home feeling. Now that I think, after years of work, their minds
can easily just really numb. then the heart, as if what is not always something landed
in the surging, but unable to speak, only listen to Dvorak's
"Symphony *** rehabilitation", they find that there is deep
sympathy and even more tears.

Since a large number of fresh students missed the reception, I came to own a Science
Park Building 1, clean and tidy building, handsome, a sweet security and prospects,
employees coming and going, full of energy, feelings of people lifted. as arbitrary as
no flies away for a while after, a Sister of human resources is very professional,
enthusiastic, patient told me how to apply for entry formalities and arrange my door
that night in Guangdong Huawei House temporary living quarters after they arranged
matters in a foreign land unaccompanied people feel at home, still remember.

To Shenzhen, to Huawei was indeed a matter of luck, 96 Love is not for the fame ring,
especially in the industries, the students home once in a while I see a Huawei
People's News, a few pieces of paper has a deep impression: one is written
in the European study experience ZHOU Jin, speaking a European small company of
20-30 people and have a kind of global operation strategy, ability, and tolerance. an
east wind is written in the Tang was named outstanding staff commended feelings
after. There were the first big one, "Central Research Department of
Intellectual Property Department", was first taken aback by this name. The
article mentioned the year of Huawei R & D total investment 180 million
yuan, made me scared of a bounded from point. I Tsinghua University, one year to
research funding was also more than 100 million points, what backing this company,
spent more than R & D investment than Tsinghua? time, some interest.

Shortly before graduation, when repeatedly frustrated, most students find a job with
the same year, hoping to stay in Beijing, but successively Lenovo, Founder, Kehai,
Satcom and other famous companies were taking tens of thousands of dollars then this
can be resolved to pay account problems, the thought of such a company there
Huawei, send a resume to Human Resources. just a few days, a telephone in Shenzhen,
said that one day a certain period there is a vice president to Beijing, an interview
about. hold Try to run with the attitude of later, the company's former vice
president Hu Hongwei, he basically did not ask me any questions, to be briefed about
the case of Huawei, then human resources manager Tianjing Qi call came over, gave
me a spot "Letter of Acceptance" and the entry operation
guidance. I have a stomach whispered, this is not a crook company? how this even
passed the interview? even pay no chance to ask how much. After the report has been
to before, a little doubt Fortunately, undergraduate students, worked in Huawei, after
consultation to understand the company he was real and some only come under the
determination. In general, is to be a Huawei People's News
"cheat" to the .

Huawei to just muddle their way to a start a new employee training, strict discipline,
rigorous, shuttle will not wait half a minute, followed by departmental training, large
amounts of information rushing toward. After to the workplace, the work assigned to
me is the ERP system administrator and DBA, although previously been engaged in a
number of large systems, such as part-time did India's major banks to
customers of software development, but to see our ALPHA8200 and our software,
ORACLE, heart or excited. IT the rapid advances in technology and 10 years ago than
today, many people may not understand the. then backward, many people have no
access to this advanced system at that time. I see we actually have a great memory 2G
" super-server "and marveled at it is, the administrator can do it
for their own pride, but also for their future and anxiety it can not Fun. I see Master
Wang Zhongning I put down my book" ORALCE ADMINISTRATOR
GUIDE " a Cunban thick English book, blank is read from beginning to
end within a week and wrote a thick book notes and a lot of do not understand the
problem, since no longer afraid of thick books in English.

At that time the company just did not take long on-line ERP, business is being
implemented, the system unstable, half a day concurrent program is run wrong, the
system will frequently CRASH. I read a book, in just a OneBookMan when
questionnaire came, there was a significant run × × introduce procedures sometimes
out, sometimes do not run out. To tell the truth, then on the ERP, ORALCE, almost all
the operating system or a loss, and the question has been transmitted came up and had
to bite the bullet, and explore for ages, finally came to understand a group of data in
the down time, the system standard error. tens of thousands of pieces of data, a test
section is impossible, and I came up with a dichotomy, batch number of the test,
completely by hand movements, awkward, time-consuming, laborious, done dozens
of times, spent a whole day had missed lunch, and finally to one of the positioning
data, and then found to be long and the database data definition calibration procedure
is not long enough and did not check out BUG. After they return to repeat the
verification, that the reason is found correct. it was really joyful heart, in almost any
knowledge of the system, do not understand what this program is not understand the
logic of procedures, do not know where the design of the database to locate this BUG
out and return to the ORACLE addressed. This is after I go to work to solve the first
problem, since I do not understand the problem itself, Ha ha. It made me realize a
truth, work and school not the same thing, is to solve the problem is to produce results
and output. Anyway, to find ways to solve problems, to have good output that is
successful. the pursuit of reading is slowly read it, read up.

At that time the system is really precarious and can be dangerous, high-speed
development of the company's business, the business has also been
implemented, the system load increasing, but the system is not always downtime is
run as slow as ox. Our technology and management level, is quite different to the
present. No physical level up, we dedicated to bear the responsibility, break through
all the difficulties, at last, or survive. Now that I think, really is a bit scared of the
slightest mistake could really crumble. I can understand that some large enterprises,
why back up so fast. modern organization, are often highly complex organizations,
like living things, low earthworm broken into two, still survive. The people of higher ,
who poke a small hole may be killed. highly complex organizations, like the human
body as a place within the small key issue if the organization may collapse. to ensure
that no collapse of the only two: 1) the organization itself design and process design
of high scientific, redundancy, and sufficient institutional response mechanisms, it is
the strengths of Western countries, their companies do not experience one hundred
years back, there is strong internal factors of .2) rely on each organization the height
of the smallest units in charge, alert. Altho

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