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									  Caddo Career &
 Technology Center

The Career & Technical Magnet
   of Caddo Parish Schools
    Shreveport, Louisiana
Our Mission
 Caddo Career & Technology Center
 prepares students for success in our
 rapidly changing world by providing
 quality career and technical programs
 empowering students to meet the
 demands of the world of work, pursue
 post-secondary education and address
 life’s challenges.
Our Challenge
 Show students that skill mastery
 provides power through financial
 independence and expanded options,
 that a job well done is the most
 meaningful recognition, that teamwork
 creates a sense of belonging, and that
 freedom and fun come from the security
 of having marketable skills and the
 creative interaction of working with
Our Faculty
Black    7    CTE Certified 23
White   35    Trad Certified 19

Male    20    Female        22

TOTAL   42
Professional Philosophy
 Hire the best and support them
 Provide and develop leadership through
  professional learning
 Articulate results and expectations
 Integrate technology
 Evaluate goals and objectives
Our Students
Asian        4   Grade 12 301
Black      477   Grade 11 289
Hawaiian     1   Options   33
Hispanic    15   Other    127
White      253
                 Female   352
TOTAL      750   Male     398
HSTW Key Practice:
High Expectations
 Annual  CCTC Challenge
 Back-to-School Night to orient parents
  to expectations
 Senior Capstone/Project required
 Industry-Based Certification exams, as
 Student Career Portfolio required
HSTW Key Practice:
Technical Studies
 CriticalEmployability Skills
 Character Education
 Skill Competition & Service
 Faculty
       HSTW Key Practice:
        Technical Studies
 Computerized   Student Competency
 Industry-Recognized Standards/
 Ongoing Facility and Equipment
       HSTW Key Practice:
        Technical Studies
 Industry-Based   Certifications for
 NCCER (HVAC & Carpentry);
 I-CAR pending/AYES (Auto Body);
 ASE/AYES/NATEF (Auto Tech);
 MOS/IC3 (Business);
 ProStart (Culinary Arts);
 Dental Radiology (Dental Assistant);
 ADDA (Drafting);
       HSTW Key Practice:
        Technical Studies
 Industry-Based   Certifications for
 EMT-Basic/CNA/First Aid/ CPR (Healthcare);
 NIMS pending (Machine Shop);
 NRF Customer Service (Co-op Marketing);
 CCNA (Networking);
 PrintEd (Printing/Graphic Arts);
 STAR (Teaching Professions);
 AWS/NCCER (Welding)
HSTW Key Practice:
Academic Studies
 Technical   Library
   Louisiana e-Portal
   Orientation to the Library/Internet

   Resume Preparation

   Employability Skills Across the Curriculum

   Career and College Information

   Research Career Projects
         HSTW Key Practice:
          Academic Studies

 “How  Math Is Used at CCTC”
 “How Communication Is Used at CCTC”
 “How Science Is Used at CCTC”
 Focused on Profession Development
 Technical Literacy Standards across the
HSTW Key Practice:
Program of Study
 Areas of Concentration/Career
  Pathways with all 10 high schools
 Diploma Endorsements: Academic &
 Complementing Home High Schools
   COE & Co-op Marketing, On Campus
   Education for Careers, Distance Learning
   Teaching Professions, Distance Learning
            HSTW Key Practice:
             Program of Study
 Specifying CCTC Course Prerequisites
 Eight Enriched Credit Courses Offered:
       Accounting Procedures
       CAD Drafting
       Commercial Art
       Dental Assistant
       EMT-Basic
       Nurse Assistant
       Networking/Information Technologies
       Teaching Professions
         HSTW Key Practice:
          Program of Study
 Articulated   Credit
   61   hours earned by 15 students
 Dual   Enrollment
   1,115   hours earned by 97 students at:
      Bossier Parish Community College
      Louisiana Technical

      Southern University,

        HSTW Key Practice:
        Work-Based Learning
 Job Shadowing (Groundhog Day, AYES
  and others)
 Student Internships
 Healthcare Clinicals
 Paid On-the-Job Training with Industry-
  Developed, Standardized Criteria
         HSTW Key Practice:
         Work-Based Learning
   School-to-Work Coordinator
       Student Work Surveys
       Job-Seeking Skills
       Job Readiness Assemblies
       Job Shadowing (Groundhog Day)
       Friday Seminars with SkillsUSA Total Quality
        Curriculum & Junior Achievement’s “Success
       Mock Interviews
       Employer Contacts & Data Collection
    HSTW Key Practice:
    Work-Based Learning
 Thanks Friends Ad (80 to 100 Employers)
  & Letter
 Co-op Education Banquet
 CCTC Advisory Councils
 CCTC Foundation
       Scholarships
       Partial IBC fees
       School advocacy
       Project partners
     HSTW Key Practice:
  Teachers Working Together
 CCTC   Advisory Councils
 Whole Faculty Study Groups
 Teachers in the Working World
 Teacher In-service/Activities
 Teacher Technology Center
  AFE Conferences, IBC Professional
HSTW Key Practice:
Students Engaged
 Business/Industry   Simulations &
 Student-Based Enterprises
 Internet Career Mentoring (Drafting and
  Commercial Art)
 Career-Technical Student
HSTW Key Practice:
Students Engaged
through School-Based Enterprises
 A + Construction     Graphic Solutions
 Building the Future  Hot Off the Press
 CCTC Body Shop       Hot Rods
 CCTC Plotting
                       Hot Sparks
                       The Catering Corner
 Campus Craze
  Boutique             The Garden Shop
 Class Act Wood
HSTW Key Practice:
Students Engaged
through Partnership/Service Projects
   Sample Projects:
       VOA Playhouse
       Hibernia House/Union Street Project
       Ad Agency Project
       AEP-SWEPCO Bluebird & Barn Owl Conservation
       Learn & Serve Grants
HSTW Key Practice:
Career Guidance
 Career-Focused   Assemblies (Job
  Readiness, Career Cluster &
  Motivational Assemblies)
 Career Interest Inventory
 Guest Speakers
 8th-Grade Tours
 Career Fair for
HSTW Key Practice:
Career Guidance
 Summer  Camps: Educator Exploration,
  Camp Culinary Junior Assemblies &
 Next Step Assemblies with Follow-up
  Packet and Lesson Plans
 CCTC Job Fair
 Scholarships for PS Education
HSTW Key Practice:
Extra Help!
 Professional Development Using Site Guide
  # 6: Extra Help and Time
 Faculty-Developed List of “Extra Help and
  Time” in CCTC Teacher’s Handbook
 School-to-Work Coordinator
 Special Education Inclusion Teacher and
  Teacher’s Aides
 Options/GED Program
 Library resources and assistance
 Before-school, after-school & Saturday
  tutoring and competition prep
HSTW Key Practice:
Outreach & Keeping Score
  January Mail-out to Parents of 10th/11th
   Graders, February Open House &
  Periodic Sharing/Review of all School Data:
        End-of-Year Reports to Sending High Schools
         Senior Follow Up after One Year
        Work-Based Learning Data
        Student/Teacher Surveys
        Employer Feedback
        Enrollment Growth
        HSTW Assessment & Student/
         Teacher Surveys
HSTW Key Practice:
Outreach & Keeping Score
 Blending Career Tech, High Schools That
  Work, LINCS, School Improvement Plans
 “A Tool for Teachers – Linking Businesses
  and Schools”
 Presentations to Business/Civic Groups
 Newspaper/TV Coverage
 Luncheon/Tours for Business/Civic Groups
 Clean Campus and Shreveport Green
  Achievement Awards
    The Workforce Gap
How Louisiana’s Class of        Where U.S. jobs
2001 (not just graduates)       are based on
chose to prepare for the        Workforce 2020
workforce                       projections
32% entered 4-year public       20% require 4-
or private colleges             year college degree
9% entered 2-year colleges,     65% require 2-
proprietary schools or          year associate’s
apprenticeship programs         degree or advanced
24% graduated and entered
directly into the labor         15% require
market                          minimum skills for
35% dropped out of the
system before completing
high school or left the state
                  Spring 2006 GEE 21
                                  State Level Data

      GEE                                    Students                         Career & Tech
    Component                               In General                          Students
Language Arts                                  65%                                        66%

Mathematics                                        62%                                    64%

This data represents the percentage of students who scored at the Approaching Basic Achievement level and higher
               Achievement Levels - Advanced, Mastery, Basic, Approaching Basic, Unsatisfactory
Results Achieved:
HSTW Assessment @ CCTC
                        2006   2004   2002   2000   1998

% of students meeting
reading goal of 279     56%    52%    57%    28%    29%

% of students meeting
math goal of 297        56%    50%    38%    37%    34%
HSTW Goal               297    297    297    295    295

% of students meeting
science goal of 299     39%    40%    44%    39%    37%
HSTW Goal               299    299    299    292    292
Lessons Learned
 Model, Mentor & Monitor – It’s all about the
  “people” & the “work”
 Constant Professional Development is
  needed to emphasize & implement
 Develop Teacher-Leaders for local, state, and
  national leadership roles
 Showcase successes: professional
  recognition cannot be overdone!
Why Adopt HSTW?
 It is our road map for school improvement &
  student success
 It provides a network of positive “seekers”
 It creates a common language to use in
  linking all school improvement efforts
 It includes a way to evaluate and connect
  school changes to our core mission
Next Steps:
 Continue   Ready – Fire – Aim!!

 Caddo   Career & Technology Center
   Increase  Student Attendance
   Finalize CCTC Website
   Expand Dual Enrollment & Distance
   Strengthen/Expand Senior Projects
   Add Industry-Based Certifications
   Continue Partnership/Service Projects
Next Steps:
 Continue   Ready – Fire – Aim!!

 Other   Caddo Parish Schools
   North Caddo Welding
   North Caddo Culinary
   Huntington Carpentry
   Business Department Certifications
   Middle School Courses for HS Credit
  Caddo Parish School Board:
   Gayle Flowers, Director
    Career, Adult & Alternative Education
    1961 Midway Avenue
    Shreveport, LA 71108
    O: (318) 603-6548
   Rosetta Boone, Supervisor
    Career & Adult Education

  Caddo Career & Technology Center:
   Gary Weese, AYES Instructor
   Jo Lynn Ross, Business Teacher

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