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					How to make money through the website

   I was tired and busy, read my post I may feel more harsh words this man, Oh is not
actually the case. I too hope to do Affiliate Marketing China, or say that
"Wang Zhuan" person, you can earn big money. Only a long
time, I was to look at post time visitor, very frown, or those who engage in click fraud
is deliberately misleading the novice who has only made posts asking for a lot of
low-level problems, post back to praise others, but No new real action,
"Mourning the Misfortune, Blame Him", so join the forum as
soon as a write so few posts, I hope helpful to the novice, as you can of that blog post
which I read out what , then benevolent see benevolence and the wise see wisdom of.
Since this may be the last one recent post, I also hope that a moderate tone so as to
encourage new look.
  ?All of us are newcomers that came from, and every cow in real life no matter how,
Internet Marketer in the domestic and foreign large cattle both mean to go step by step
from the new, no life to it will make money was born to him will succeed. So, as a
rookie, do not think that a bleak future, feel stupid, ignorant, must make money. First
of all, to correct mindset, if you want to join the Internet Marketing or Affiliate
Marketing field, do not think of making quick money, do not think one night will be
able to learn all the knowledge, do not think that attending a training course, buy a
bunch of information, and the master or spend a few hours, you can become a master,
it was not possible. To achieve results in this area which also needs to pay the same
effort, time, need to study hard and need to constantly test optimization, need to
accumulate experience. But since you decided to join here, it also must believe in
yourself: efforts, will surely return. Even if you are a totally a new, if you spend three
hours every day, and even even one hour, hands to do something real (not look back to
post messages, not chat), up to three months, You look back again, must be surprised
at their progress and results, and by then you will have a new Affiliate Marketing
knowledge and understanding of the speed of progress will also be faster.
  ?I put my novice experience to others. My first website was Taobao's
Guide, which is also copied some of the content of heart and full
at that time, from the application domain to create a site took less than a day to
complete, and then wanted to of how to make money, spend money to help people
posting their own to post, the results have not yet tired of the half to death a harvest
was a little discouraged, I hard enough? Or am I wrong direction? Or lack of
experience? When I was ready to give up when I suddenly received a pot of gold, can
be a great encouragement to me, it makes me feel so Wangzhuan not too impatient, to
step by step, slowly and surely, to make money. The site can now bring ordinary
people pay it five times, and I still have some websites, income, friends have no
  ?I remember when just starting Affiliate Marketing, Google Adwords inside in the
first campaign, set a daily budget for how much? 2 yuan! But now, when a campaign
optimization and returns considerable Well, I can budget set to 1 million (Note 1). I
cite this example not to show myself how they spend money, I am now advertising
costs completely from my previous ad alliance in which the income. Therefore,
novice, please do not complain how much their little start-up capital, and even
insisted that the start how much money can be involved, as long as you work, even if
you begin to available funding or resources available, as you accumulate experience
in At the same time accumulation of money.
Remember I just started optimizing keywords, each one of the words may have to
spend days and days of time to observe, to test the optimization. But now, I can add
hundreds of keywords once, in a very short period of time which a preliminary
screening, of course, the continuous optimization of the follow-up is still necessary.
Therefore, novice, do not feel lack of experience level is not another job never emerge,
online information, free and worthy of countless, as long as you live it, continuous
practice, you learn something far more than training classes or e-book content inside.
When you experience more, you will naturally find their work efficiency and broad
 ?Remember I just started in a foreign country which the English forums to learn, to
see someone make a 10 dollar a day that felt good envy. Now see the Sales Letter that
one thousand U.S. dollars a day which was also not surprised, because I have reached
over (Note 2). Therefore, novice you the envy of others when, but also to a large or
small your goal, then action, and to that goal, if not quickly reached, you will almost
day by day towards that goal.
Remember when I first started, only to use the Blog to promote, watching traffic
slowly increased every day. But now, in addition to outside the main PPC, SEO,
Email Marketing, Artical Marketing, Social Marketing, has the understanding and try
to, of course, always my favorite, or PPC. Therefore, novice, please do not look so
much promotion measures on the headache, you can try, after all tried to find the most
suitable for your own way, are further in-depth study. I believe that newcomers to this
post which, in the future there will be many people in a number of promotional tools
go beyond me, and I am glad to see this, Hello, everybody is really s good!
Note 1. Although Google is every to 5000 yuan (or 500 U.S. dollars) on a fee income,
but actually if you pay the account the past record of good, you spend more than 5000
a day without any problems. The next day as long as it can be deducted from your
credit card the money to go inside, you will have the normal operation of the ad, in
fact, even if the deduction does not go out the next day on the third day your ads will
not be stopped, but will continue to send letters urging you, probably more than 5000
or the fourth day after the fifth day no charge if successful, your advertising will be
Note 2, realistically speaking, I have not yet able to reach the level of thousands of
dollars every day, as some better goods or Leads when there is a time-sensitive, when
just the emergence of a new market, when no competitor they might earn Henshuang,
but the market close to saturation, or a competitor increased, profit margins declined
naturally. But I really believe that master can net thousands of dollars per day, and
hope that this goal is not far for me myself!
Give some suggestions:
   Do PPC's, Adwords Editor and Excel is the best tool to use. If you want
to expand the scale, bulk add or delete keywords for different keywords, different ads,
different websites, to set a different destination URL, then it must use the two tools. If
you encounter problems, please contact me to discuss:)
   Do SEO, and in fact I am also very envious of your free traffic, and relying on your
familiarity with and understanding of key words, you must be handy to use up
Adwords, so you must also use them as soon as Adwords, you will find your revenue
will increase exponentially. If you want to know how to better integrate SEO and
Adwords, and welcome to contact me to discuss:)
   Email Marketing to do, and must use Opt-in Email Marketing, spam market will
become smaller and smaller, and now the gmail, hotmail, etc. inside the mailbox,
spam is very little access to inbox, even into the income Inbox, reading rate is very
low. If you want to know which Opt-in Email Marketing System is the best, welcome
to contact me to discuss:)
Do Adsense, I have to thank you, because you done for us through the content
network PPC improved a lot cheaper (and sometimes poor quality) of the flow, but if
you also learn more about Affiliate Marketing, think about how to better use flow, I
believe that through Affiliate Network access will return several times in Adsense,. If
you want to know what advertising alliance to join the most suitable for your web site,
please contact me to discuss:)
In reality, there are products or resources, or companies, you want the network to
better promote and expand their business, Affiliate Marketing and Google Adwords
are your friends, an excellent Affiliate, a successful Adwords campaign is may make
your sales surge. If you want me to do your Affiliate Manager or Adwords Manager,
particularly welcome to contact me to discuss cooperation, absolutely Pay-for, do not
charge consulting fees:)
Give friends say a few words:
  QQ, plus my friend, very sorry I seldom QQ on the appearance time and you do not
exchange. But I always welcome your message, I will see the message as far as
possible the first time back to your question.
Still can not help but criticize the two people who write good posts that point to see
other people say "pull off the assembly line," "earn
points",         "soft         culture",       "not
original" kind of person, why do non- to do a "heart to push
others have belly" of the villain then? I hope you never do Loser:)
Finally, I wish you all Happy Marketing, Happy Earning!
Best Wishes!

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