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									How to build a standardized labor quota management system
How to build a standardized labor quota management system
Date: March 2010 25-26 March 2010 27-28

Location: Shenzhen, Shanghai
Meetings Organization: Chilean sea Jin Baidu Online Training Management
Consulting Co., Ltd.
Labor quota, as one of the most commonly used manufacturing management, but in
practical applications in recent years that many companies experienced during the
unprecedented distress. Changes in the market brought about changes in production
methods, economic and social development impact of personality on the staff, the
legal system and continuously improve the management of breeding conflict, the
international financial crisis on the real economy, and many other tragedies, the
traditional labor quota management is facing many new challenge.
The corporate side, the face of small profits and rising labor costs, both to take time
wages or piece-rate wages, seems to think that it is the need for labor quota
management. Can be counterproductive: A lot of businesses work in order to achieve
the management of fixed pay huge costs, it is difficult to receive the desired effect.
And employees? In the face of labor quota management approach, the first time not to
work hard to achieve or exceed, but frequently took "unfair"
often talked about three words. If you can not thoroughly understand and address the
employees in the eyes of the "unfair", and finally you will
become a fixed He was not called.
The traditional fixed management to do now? In the end how to bring out new life?
How can the employees feel fair? Only one way - the traditional labor quota
management system update!
Labor quota management, human resource managers, production managers,
purchasing managers (accounting supplier production costs)

Training aims:
Through work study, elimination of ineffective labor, reducing labor costs, improve
labor efficiency and labor quota management, improving labor quota management of
technological innovation and management innovation, the production management
system and associated management Bumen provide technical support.
Training Type:
Case study, discussion, teaching, computing work style and form
Course outline:
Lecture: The cognitive labor quota management system?
What is the fixed labor
The two main types of labor quota
Achieving the six aims of labor quota management
Five labor quota management system composed of system

Problem: the most basic labor quota is which?
Volume and small volume manufacturing enterprises which were fixed for

Second Lecture: On the system of standard working hours of cognitive
The definition of standard working hours and time of the two major characteristics of
Standard working hours established six principles
Does not belong to the scope of the five standard working hours
Composed of two parts of the standard working hours
Standard working hours off rate of the three components
Question: What is the standard operation?
What is the standard operation of the three major significance?

Third Lecture: direction of the management of labor and method fixed
Labor quota management of two major areas
Labor quota management staff responsible for staff
Labor quota management of the seven conditions necessary
Fine scale management of common units
Three methods of scale development work
Labor quota management amendment or change process (ie, standardized)
How to determine the amount of the change cycle
Question: how to overcome the fixed labor to bring negative impact on business?
How to calculate the loss of production line balancing efficiency and effectiveness?

Fourth Lecture: labor quota management indicators and calculation methods
What is to maintain fixed working hours
What is the effective and ineffective working hours working hours
How to calculate the effective utilization of time
What is the standard output of working hours
How to calculate the efficiency of fixed production
How to calculate the rate of energy factory integrated
How to calculate the integrated production of plant
What scale as the basic unit of labor
How to determine the various products of labor fixed unit price
Question: How to Analyze the direction of low production cost reduction?
How to determine the direction of enhancing production efficiency?
Instructor Introduction:
Chen Zhihua teacher MBA, domestic manufacturing management experts
Former world's five hundred Japanese production supervisor, quality
supervisor, production manager, manufacturing general manager, Chen teachers
proficient in the manufacturing industry's leading COB & SMT
& AI and other high-tech manufacturing management; He studied with one
also Ogawa (Japan Management Association Management Center experts Japan, WF
& IE of the first person to study the Japanese manufacturing industry
figures treasure) special study of standard working hours and the action has frequently
been sent to Japan and Singapore, education and training (Toyota JIT production, on
the NPS in a systematic and in-depth study and practice ), Chen-site teacher
specializing integrated management (planning, costs, inclusive of, quality, technology,
personnel). Speaker courses: "Building High standard working hours ST
management         system",       "multi-skilled     staff    training
system", "small production batches of Practice,"
"marginal profit of the fine on-site management",
"all of team leader training" and so on major publication,
"reflect Chinese factory management", "80 after
challenge management".
Professor Chen worked Lenovo, Panasonic Air Conditioning, Gree Electric
Appliances, General Electric, Emerson, Huawei Technologies, Philips Medical
Systems, Honeywell, ABB, Konica Minolta, Olympus, Fuji - Shi music, AU
Optronics, Eastern Communications, Yue Yuen Manufacturing Group, Lee Kum Kee,
Mentholatum, Kohler sanitary ware, backgammon, Xian Janssen, Aaron International
Group, FAW Toyota, Dongfeng Auto, Foton, JMC , Yanfeng Visteon, Qinshan nuclear
power, Skyworth, Yamaha, Kumho Tires, Guangdong Esquel, Jetta toys hundreds of
clients and provided training or consulting services, has more than ten thousand
people have received their professional training courses.
10 years of well-known Japanese companies manufacturing management experience
in actual combat, penetrating and profound point of view to explain cases of
interpretation, so that the teacher lecture on the maneuver like Chen. The content of
the practicality of its high, was seen by participants hailed as the most real and most
practical trainer!


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