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					How insurance group health insurance
【Source: Liberation Network - Liberation Daily】 【author: Lee Kum Ran】

More and more insurance companies group insurance for employees, and as a means
of retaining talent, which most medical and health insurance companies favor. This
year, the magazine received a number of medical and health insurance on the
group's advice, for which magazine reporter interviewed a lot of insurance
companies in Shanghai, about group medical health insurance, basic knowledge of
insurance considerations and other issues.

Three advantages of group medical health insurance

And for personal medical health insurance compared to group health insurance has
three major advantages:
1), lower rates. Group medical health insurance coverage is an enterprise of all or part
of the staff, number of people, risk diversification, Bingju group insurance in business
development and maintenance costs of the Bi Jiao Di, Suo Yi insurance premiums
have more than its Bian Yi; 同时, long time for the insured's customers,
but also can claim experience data to develop accurate rates, more favorable rates.
2) to protect a wide range. Group health insurance in some of the security risk is not
available, such as outpatient and emergency costs. Individual health insurance as the
reasons for the loss ratio is too high, the basic turning off the door emergency
insurance, health insurance, group medical emergency to protect the doors still open,
as long as the treatment is within the scope of health insurance, can get insurance
benefits; some group medical health Insurance employees can not only enjoy the
protection of spouses and children of employees can also be used as part of group
members have the same insurance benefits.
3), insurance and more flexible. Group medical health insurance when the insurance
does not seem like as rigorous, usually do not need medical group insurance coverage,
the age limit of the insurance coverage is also more lenient policy period the insured
may change at any time, make it easy to Danwei's personnel, financial

Insurance Notes

Enterprises in the insurance group health insurance should pay attention to the
following questions:
1) determine the insurance amount. How much health insurance coverage, is to let
headaches, spending too much premium will be a burden, if too little is not going to
achieve protection function, the general staff according to corporate welfare system,
according to the guarantees in the insurance the status of accounts to determine the
insured amount.
2), concern about the scope of protection. Currently, the market's group
medical health insurance coverage including: due to accident or illness or hospital
outpatient and emergency department due to medical care, hospitalization benefits,
women's health, major diseases. Health insurance, group health insurance
will be flexible with, and further meet the business needs: Some group insurance to
health insurance and life insurance, accident insurance together; some malpractices
health insurance group insurance as an additional insurance to increase the flexibility
of the insurance portfolio sex; Another independent group medical health insurance,
do not purchase additional insurance on the other, can be arranged separately.
3) the purchase, the company should provide details of employees, such as size, age,
identity, gender, occupation, health stated, if necessary, to provide employee health
needs to inform the book. Insurance companies will give precise details of the rates.
Group health insurance is generally the minimum number of 5 or 8, and the number of
insured companies to account for more than 75% of the total number to guard against
adverse selection, moral hazard insured.
4), see the policy's deductible and paying rates in many group medical
health insurance costs will be the emergency door of deductibles ranging from 50-500
dollars, and some do not. In addition, hospitalization, medical expenses Peifu ratio is
different, and some for the full range of Medicare benefits, some paid only 80%. If the
company benefits are good, you can choose low deductibles, paid a high proportion of
insurance, health insurance, group medical fully support functions.

Group medical health insurance, the insurance company will cover the members of
each service card and manual, to facilitate its a problem with the insurance company
timely advice; when the movement of enterprises, the insurance unit of insurance
salespeople in the group help to provide relevant documents and materials (the
company asked not to be exactly the same), you can apply to change or reduce
procedures personnel, the general five working days can be disposed of.

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How insurance group health insurance