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									Buying a car is a big investment,                                         Things you should
but it can be exciting and                                                know when buying
rewarding, especially if you feel
like you got the right car at a fair
                                                                          a car ...
price. Here are some resources
that may be help you make
your decision:

Consumer Protection Division
Office of the Attorney General
One Ashburton Place
Boston, MA 02108
Telephone: (617) 727-2200
TTY: (617) 727-4765

 In addition, the Attorney General
has regional offices in Springfield,
New Bedford and Worcester. Visit for additional details.

BBB of Eastern MA, ME & VT
Natick MA 01760-3767
(508) 652-4800

BBB of Central New England
Worcester MA 01608
(508) 755-2548                  This message brought to you by:

BBB of Central New England             Your Local Independent Insurance
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(413) 594-2160
Things you should know when buying a car …

You look GREAT in that little red           You will want to make a quick call to
sports car! The salesman says the           your insurance agent or company to
dealership can process your loan            find out how much it will cost to insure
application, and you can drive it           the car.
home today. Sounds great, right?
Maybe … and maybe not!                      If buying the car is a “go”, here are
                                            some things you should know:
There are some things you should do                                                        pay for the new plates
BEFORE you sign that dealer                    1. The dealer must assign the               (cost varies depending
purchase agreement, because once                  vehicle’s title to you at the time       on plate type) or a plate
you sign it, you don’t have the right             of delivery. Make sure the back          transfer ($15), a title ($50),
to change your mind.                              of the title is one of the               and the sales tax. The sales
                                                  documents you sign before you            tax is based on purchase
Before you make your final decision,              drive away.                              price for dealer sales and
you’ll want to know what that hot little       2. If you are trading in your old car,      “book value” (to be
number will cost you to insure.                   in some cases you may have a             determined by the RMV) for
Massachusetts is a compulsory                     “grace” period to give you time          private sales.
insurance state, so you must have                 to get to the RMV. Your               4. Your new car must have a
liability insurance. The loan                     insurance agent or company can           safety inspection within seven
agreement you sign to buy the car                 tell you whether this law applies        days of registration.
will, no doubt, require you to carry              to you.                               5. If you are buying a used car,
physical damage – comprehensive                3. To register your new car, you            you may also need to have a
and collision – coverage. You might               will need an RMV-1 Application           pre-insurance inspection
be surprised to find that the tiny little         for Registration form and the title      within ten days of purchase.
sports car has a very big price tag               to the new car. This RMV-1 form          This inspection is different
when it comes to insurance,                       will be completed by the dealer          from the safety inspection and
particularly if you have a somewhat               or by your insurance agent or            required by Massachusetts
checkered past in the accident and                company if you are buying from           regulations in order to
ticket department!                                a private person. When you               determine if there is existing
                                                  register the car, you will need to       damage or broken glass.

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