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					How do genetically modified foods

How do foreign GM
Taking into account food safety, agricultural trade and other reasons, the European
Union restrictions on genetically modified agricultural products very strict,
complicated procedures, since 1998 the EU suspended imports of genetically
modified products on. But in this year's European Parliament has adopted
new regulations of genetically modified foods, genetically modified food is no longer
prohibited, but requires labeling of genetically modified food must be sold before.
This legislation marks the European Union opened to release genetically modified
foods green light.
Unlike the EU, the United States, Canada, Australia, biotechnology, genetically
modified agricultural products in developed countries is relatively relaxed attitude,
public opinion on the acceptability of genetically modified higher management of
their genetically modified products are basically similar.
For example, in Canada, genetically modified agricultural products and food are
classified as "new food" category. In accordance with the
"new food regulations" requirements, in sales or advertising to
sell genetically modified food before, the manufacturer must inform the Ministry of
Health Canada Product Safety Bureau, and submit information about the food, after
examined and approved by the Ministry of Health Canada, the product can enter the
market sales. Logo on the issue of genetically modified foods, plus the
Government's current policy is: As the market were all genetically
modified products as "substantially equivalent" of traditional
products, are not mandatory for vendors on GM products posted a special tag. Only in
certain nutritional products, ingredients, large, or is likely to produce allergic
reactions in some people, except when.
However, with regard to genetically modified organisms on human health, ecological
environment and flora and fauna, the impact of microbiological safety, at present,
there are still different in the international opinion, inconclusive. So the United
Nations " 生 物             Diversity" and "Biosafety
Protocol", of GMOs and product safety evaluation, consumer information
and to cross-border Zhuan Yi Deng made a very clear Guiding: Genjuyufang Yuan Ze
permits importing countries on exporters The implementation of a safety assessment
of genetically modified organisms and the identity management, and 270 days to
agree or disagree with the decision. Thus, strengthening the management of
genetically modified products has become an international practice.
In recent years, genetically modified food controversy
Brazil nuts events
American Pioneer Seed Company scientists in the quality improvement of soybeans,
the preparation of "Brazil nut" in a protein, "rich in
methionine and cysteine," to soybean. But found some people on the
"Brazil nut" and allergic reactions. They then on the
"Brazil nut" of transgenic soybean protein test also found the
same phenomenon, so the cancellation of this research project.
Pusztai case
Scotland Rowett Research Institute, the autumn of staff ArpadPusztai1998 declared
on television that he used to switch snowdrop lectin gene in rats fed the potato,
"causing serious body weight and organ weight reduced, the immune
system is damaged." Although the Royal Society in May 1999 report that
the Pusztai's research is wrong, but this still led to international safety of
transgenic crops debate.
Monarch Butterfly Event
1999 Losey of Cornell University and other reports: in the laboratory to mix with
insect-resistant Bt-corn pollen genetically grass fed milkweed monarch butterfly
larvae can lead to death. "Environmentalist" organizations
should be limited accordingly proposed the production of genetically modified maize
and sales.
Nestle events
In 2002, "Greenpeace," the Hong Kong official said, there is
evidence "Nestle" sold in China, "genetically
modified" food. Greenpeace issued in a test report, said:
"Nestle" its "is beautiful jade white soup"
in the soybean contains a herbicide resistance gene, and the food is the same year in
May in a Beijing supermarket chains to buy. Therefore, the network has caused a
wave of protests. (Chen Maosheng tube Dengfeng)
Genetically modified foods safe?

June 10, the International Council of Scientific Unions issued a report that GM foods
are safe to eat, because the market since 1995 has reported no adverse effects. But the
report warned that this does not guarantee that as more and more food will not be in
danger after transformation, the future still need to carry out more effective security
Department of Agriculture Office of genetically modified biological management
process, Deputy Director, Gold root in an interview said: We can responsibly say that
our country Yangejiance after GMO Dushi's, 而且 detection technology is
safe, edible stickers are available for consumer confidence GM products are marked.
Institute of Biodiversity Science, Fudan University, Dr. Lu Baorong that GM food is
not terrible, by the rigorous testing of genetically modified food is safe and reliable.
One-sided exaggeration of some examples of genetically modified food insecurity,
genetically modified foods of insect resistance, disease resistance genes on the human
body is not harmful.
Peking University president Xu Zhihong botanist example of a very popular
explanation        "security"           issues:      the       current
"turn" of foreign genes in crops, and many come from plants
and animals themselves. Such as the cabbage in salt tomato gene introduction, the
cultivated tomato salt. "Tomatoes and cabbage, can eat the food
In 2002, futurist John Naisbitt said the visit: "Internet is allowing us to
more easily do what we have done before, and genetic engineering will change the
course of humanity and its evolution." U.S. scientists have advised the
world: "Do not give up the green opportunity."
Do you dare to eat genetically modified foods?
● human food chain to enter China now GM has more than 20 million tons of food
● China's top three on the table on genetically modified foods: soy, corn,
● GMOs on human health is affected, there are different views in the international
arena, there is no conclusive
Glossary of transgenic
GM is the means of molecular biology, gene transfer of certain organisms to other
species and going, so there does not have the character of the original species or
product. To GMOs in food production for the processing of raw materials is
genetically modified food.
GM is the means of molecular biology, gene transfer of certain organisms to other
species and going, so there does not have the character of the original species or
product. To GMOs in food production for the processing of raw materials is
genetically modified food.
Where is the focus of GM debate?
With DNA technology developed from the transgenic technology, can significantly
increase crop yields, there is a very significant economic benefits, and can increase
the pest, disease and weed control, saving labor and time, reduce production inputs
and increase their income. Provide consumers with clean, nutrient-rich, delicate
fragrance and delicious, and even functional, therapeutic food. But others thought: the
human gene biological engineering work is still preliminary, not fully control the
ability of recombinant consequences. GM technology can not be ignored, the random
and the excess of exogenous DNA into the genome of the species itself and on the
environment, the long-term adverse effects on human health problems.
Food safety experts said Chen Jun Shijie Shao, made of genetically modified food
genetically modified logo, not because it affects the health, food insecurity, but to
respect the consumer's right to know. Genetically modified food as a
novelty, their safety and the need for long-term monitoring, which is causing public
concern and debate about security reasons.
In 1983 the first British nurtured an antibiotic drug class antibody genes of tobacco,
10 years later, a ripe tomato can be delayed, as the first market of genetically modified
foods to the U.S.. Since then, the man began to eat genetically modified food, but the
world has still not been found in the consumption of genetically caused cases.
Even       so,      the    "mad        cow        disease"       cancer
"dioxin" and tossing frequently, after humans, for food safety is
extremely sensitive to the Europeans, the "GM" food hazards
may be heard and began intimidating. 60% of Britons oppose the consumption of
genetically modified foods, even the original lead in consumption of
"genetically modified" food, British Prime Minister Tony Blair
has recently changed its views.
People no longer turn a blind eye on genetically modified foods.
On GM food in China has laws and regulations
According to "China Youth Daily" reported that Chinese people
now enter the food chain, genetically modified foods has been more than 20 million
Foreign Economic and Trade University professor Xia Youfu said that the current
producers in China from imported genetically modified soybeans, rapeseed, corn, etc.,
most of them are genetically modified.
In China the people's table top three genetically modified foods: soy, corn,
It is said that at present China's import of soybean is mainly used as raw
materials, production of soybean oil, tofu, soy milk and other products.
To strengthen safety management of agricultural transgenic organisms, the State
Council on May 23, 2001 promulgated the "Regulations GMOs safety
management"; the Ministry of Agriculture on January 5, 2003 issued a
"Safety Evaluation Administration of Agricultural Genetically Modified
Organism", "Agriculture the import of genetically modified
organisms safety management approach "and" agricultural
genetically modified organisms identified management measures, "and
provides on March 20 this year go into effect.
"Regulations" and three supporting measures constitute our
agricultural genetically modified organisms safety management regulations, which
marked China's agricultural genetically modified organisms in research,
testing, production, processing, management and overall management of import and
export activities began.
Procedures        in     accordance      with      World       Trade     Organization,
"Ordinance" means the three supporting the implementation of
set aside more than 70 days of preparation, and to inform the WTO Secretariat. These
laws were released into account the rules of the World Trade Organization
requirements and the time of accession to the WTO commitments. China will be
scientific, transparent and fair manner, in accordance with international generally
accepted principles of prevention, case review of the principle of substantial
equivalence principle and the implementation of agricultural genetically modified
organisms safety assessment. (Chen Maosheng tube Dengfeng)
Life in common genetically modified foods

According to incomplete statistics: genetically modified food is now up to ten
thousands, but little is known about domestic consumers, the following describes
some of the most common species of life -
Bean products
Most of these products, including some cooking oil and soy sauce
Dairy products
Color, the smell is no different with the traditional milk
Color red, tall uniform, is the character
In addition to color outside the head and conventional potato with the same.
The extension of foods: potato chips, french fries
Corn on the cob
Big big golden particles
Ha gram
Lili huge Fragrant Glutinous Rice, unbreakable
I eat the same as the traditional coffee
Instant noodles
Mainly in the Google rankings and additive ingredients are cute and sweet peppers,
nutritious cereal, delicious hamburgers, sandwiches, fried chicken and so on.
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