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									Holmesglen Institute of Government
Holmesglen Institute of Government
Holmesglen Institute Of TAFE
School Description:
Holmesglen Institute of Government was built in 1983, located in Melbourne, 12 km
from the city center. With its low tuition, teaching high quality, better job prospects
and international recognition of diplomas and heard widely. Is Australia's
largest public comprehensive vocational and technical colleges, is the most
prestigious Australian vocational education and training institutions, the first in
Australia     to     ensure      the     international    quality     certificate     of
"ISO9001" for educational institutions. Institute of innovative
and lively world-renowned teaching system, using the latest teaching methods to
provide students with the highest quality teaching service. Institute of certificates,
diplomas and graduate certificates and other qualifications, the education sector by the
Victorian government recognition, and recognition of the whole of Australia. Provide
and Monash, Deakin, La Trobe, and Charles Sturt universities and other degree
programs. Holmesglen Institute of Government offers a wide range of vocational
education and training programs were commenced 7 days a week, which allows
students in a weekend course or rehabilitation of some additional courses;
College's teaching facilities for all the weekend all open, there are
consultants who can speak Chinese.
Degree courses: Bachelor of Commerce (jointly with Charles Baptist University
Transfer Course: Bachelor of Deakin University, Trade, Monash University,
Engineering (Computer) Bachelor, La Trobe University Bachelor of Business Studies
(Tourism and Hotel Management), Monash University Bachelor of Engineering
(building design, civil engineering and management)
Graduate Certificate (6 months) classes: advertising, marketing, public relations
Diploma Course (1-2 years) and Certificate Course (1 year): accounting, advertising,
banking and finance, construction, communications, computers,
Graphic design, hotel management, information engineering, interiors, international
trade, marketing, multimedia, tourism
Preparatory classes: business, science, humanities (11 and 12 grades), Degree
Foundation Programme
Intensive English Course: Beginner to advanced courses
To Holmesglen student, you can choose the following accommodation:
School dormitory: 120 AUD / week. Not include meals and cleaning. Students set for
each at least 10 weeks. Students need to bring their own bedding, or before the
payment will be to Australia AUD 165, school Shopping Service.
Homestay: 200 AUD / week, including meals. Plus 200 Australian dollars, retreat
Temporary accommodation arrangements: Price based on length of stay and the
package or decide to eat.
Arrange accommodation for students through the school, arrived in Melbourne, the
car will be responsible for the airport, and sent to their residence.
Other costs:
Students are recommended before leaving, at least prepared to AUD 2,000 yuan to
pay for temporary living expenses and handling charges apply for permanent
residence. Or buy clothes. These costs may include one month's rent, one
month deposit, household items, furniture, and services.
Melbourne's consumption level is reasonable, comfortable life. Students a
year the cost of living is about AUD 12,000.

Opening Date:
  Each year in February, July and October school. (Not suited to all courses)
English courses (ELICOS) fees: 240 AUD / week;
Certificate courses, specialist courses, undergraduate courses, and tuition fees for
undergraduate transfer :8,400-8, 500 Australian dollars / year;
Graduate Certificate course fee: AUD 4,200 / year.

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