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Hip-hop jump


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									Hip-hop jump

Hip-hop jump
Shang Yuan
Beijing in the spring, from popular dance from the Dance Dance Revolution and
blanket, the young men and women enthralled came again to the street dance.
Hip-hop late 70's early 80's once popular abroad, particularly in
Japan, weekends and holidays people wearing T-shirts, jeans and leather jackets and
street dancing, this is a relatively primitive hip-hop, very little We are here this
evening as the streets of ballroom dancing. But the country that people do not jump on
the street, but its move into the interior, such as Beijing's point of greatest
hip-hop on the altar of the day of the month will line fitness, daily from 9
o'clock, people flock to come. It is usually written HIP HOP (Street Dance)
This is a very general, it is called, the former LA BOYZ ZOO dance by playing that
way, almost all have been included in the HIP HOP name. The only exception of a
few dances. The most prominent feature is said to HIP HOP in its explosive strength,
highly exaggerated dance moves. It is often said that old-fashioned street dance,
called the Old School Hip Hop. New types are more sophisticated.
Out of a kind of physical and mental freedom
North Reading MBA is the Miss Sun can be said that hip-hop enthusiasts. She told us
time MBA is a chore, but for the total I heard this thing out after reading the body of a
decent side can make big money, do not learn early. Light said the share of people
were nervous enough. "So I went mad for a free hip-hop dance for a
while." According to Miss Sun's sense of other dance now
dance like ballroom dancing can make people relaxed. "You do not want to
social dance is to communication. To communication can not bother you."
So she likes a man to street dance. Also jump jump tired easily, and temporarily put
all the tiring tired heart of things forgotten, dance dance to the bubble bath. Now
middle-aged people are not only tired, that is also true of young people, the rules of
competition for survival more and more, more and more detailed, you're
nothing else to do, light walk around these rules, most of body and mind have to
languish, So it is getting no love in hip-hop and some non-beam front and dance while
the dance machine blanket.
A fresh enthusiasm to jump jump
Differences of living in an era of novelty, fashion is often a constantly changing the
pattern. Girls guy on the street to see their hair, yellow red, red powder, a word,
colorful head filling the streets. Dancing too. Dance Machine Dance blanket hot soon
cold. As the saying goes, as "the sun is new every day." A young
assistant manager just play good hip-hop, in an interview bluntly told us:
"Who would not want to live comfortably today's point of live
stimulus that is fresh is good for life." Another a certain university lecturer
told us: "Now people no longer care about living well or not, but attaches
great importance to life the rich and fresh. recreational opportunities, and enjoy the
opportunity for more. I also like jumping Street dance, it brought me some strange
feelings can not be found on campus. "fresh is not only a stimulus, but also
a dynamic, enjoy a positive fashion.
Took it as a fitness dance
Living in the city, people's activities, although very frequent, but according
to the expert survey, most people compare the activities of a single way. Therefore,
fatigue, weakness, irritability, and other modern urban diseases easy to come one after
another. Including the contents of the wide street dance in a certain sense, it is also
suitable for fitness. Mr. Xu has been dancing hip-hop some time past he had diarrhea
boring soft feel, easy to sleep at night, finally fell asleep, no one more will they wake
up, say nothing and then sleep. Someone advised him to run, he felt tired. Advised
him shadow boxing, he said, not learn. Not long ago, by unit just arrived in the Big
pony pulling graduates to join in the fun style to jump back to hip-hop, I feel that their
appetite, "This is not my wife was advised to go to jump. Whole body can
be opened Activities . "
What popular street dance
Street dance in the interview process, where we learned from the dancers, with the
popularity of hip-hop, and soon there will be some sweeping up and dance. Miss Yu is
the editor of Beijing, a famous site, she is also a street dance at the same time one of
the early enthusiasts, from the old to the new HIPHOP HIPHOP, she jumps well,
dance a sweet. Gives a very intoxicated feeling crazy beautiful. She said that as far as
she knows there are men and women who dance in the city also will slowly catch on.
LOCKING called "lock Dance", the name of very good play
with me. "This is the most attractive place to dance is the dance moves the
process to change hands to produce a dazzling effect." There is a more a
more casual alternative dance called HOUSE (clean persons). This dance is more fun,
it only provides the action steps, but the hands are completely free. "You
see," she said, gesturing in a circle on the spot, which is very fun.
"Dancing for urban men and women today is not the performance but was
expressed in some of our own feelings of urban life, the more free to play dance, pop
was also faster."
Indeed, the fashion to go live, they should allow people to use it to express.
(From "Beijing Daily")

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