Helen wong jewelry industry leader who nominated Man of the Year 2009 Billboard of Chinese brands

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					Helen wong jewelry industry leader who nominated Man of the Year 2009 Billboard
of Chinese brands
   November 1, 2009, "Man of the Year Award China 2009 brand
organizing committee," officially announced the "2009 Man of
the Year candidate for the brand in China", the new general manager of
brand management, Han City helen wong Successful candidates, as 66 candidates

City brand management, new general manager Han helen wong
It is understood that, "Brand Personality of the Year of China"
brand      in     China     by     the     Industry     Alliance,     "Chinese
entrepreneurs", "China Times", Focus Media, Air
America Media, "famous Times" and other units jointly, the
industry's most authoritative and influence of "personal
brand" assessment activities.
The new general manager of brand management, Han helen wong City, Hunan
Province, the only successful brand of Chinese Person of the Year Finalist 2009,
Shanghai Jiaotong University is the CEO (President) Senior Management Seminar
Visiting Professor, Hunan, Central South University Business School (EDP) manager
Seminar lecturer who ... ... in more than ten years business management practice has
created a remarkable business performance and success stories, and accumulated a
large number of successful brand management experience.
He has written a legendary Chinese jewelry industry to create a more than 200
franchisees jewelry kingdom, to build a well-known set of jewelry in China R
& D, production and sales of high-end jewelry chain in the brand
management company. He brought the "you're brand"
brand into the church, a few decades, only a dream - "to become a
respected New Han city enterprise"; him to create my brand, strong spirit
of our ability, to create brand is the largest patriotic duty, extraordinary courage of a
warrior, so the new city of the Han grocery store from the original model to the
current stage of the brand, creating the rise of the legendary jewelry brand; he led the
city of New Han friendship for the Chinese art school trained a large number of
integrated human resources - qualified store managers, excellent regional
management personnel, purchasing personnel sharp, attentive service personnel, and
regular training on the franchisee will, in order to solve the brand franchisee
management, brand marketing, brand communication and a series of puzzles, create
jewelry industry's top brand sales; his "scrolls of
Love" as their duty is committed to caring education for mountain children
warmth, love and Donation " Han Hope Elementary School New City
"... ...
The coercive force of the responsibility, confidence, future success. Evaluation
activities have recently entered the public voting (with Internet voting and SMS
voting based) publicity stage, the final selection results (10 Man of the Year Award
nominations and 10 good) will be December 18, 2009 held in Beijing, "the
ninth Brand China Summit Forum 2009 China Brand Personality of the Year Awards,
"the official announced.

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