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Newsletter 8 Term 1                                                                         26th March, 2010

On Wednesday of this week we sadly waved goodbye to William, who has been in
Caroline’s class and previously Janet’s class since 2007. Not only shall we miss Willie
but also his grandparents Sue and Paul. Sue in particular has been a great support to
the school, not only as a parent but also as Treasurer of the P & C. Her drive and
enthusiasm aided our P & C over the last two years, in raising an unprecedented
amount of money to provide additional resources for the school. They are moving
back to the Gold Coast where their family resides. We will miss them greatly but wish
them all the best in Willie’s new school and their new home.

This week I was reminded of the many ways our parents also assist in running community groups. The flier I
got from the “Riding for the Disabled Association”, which provides wonderful experiences for a range of
children, seems to be run largely by parents from this school. The names Kronk, Peters and Hobbs figure very
prominently in the office bearers but what particularly impressed me were the positions that two of our
students have been appointed to. Eloise Kronk and Brendon Peters have the job of “Manure Picker Uppers”.
Congratulations to Eloise and Brendon on volunteering for this vital job. I would think that any keen
gardeners out there should try and ingratiate themselves with these two, to access an unending supply of top
class fertiliser!

To somewhat compensate for Willie’s departure we enrolled Cara from Hervey Bay High on Wednesday. She
is a delightful sixteen year old and will be in Dieuwke’s class. A big welcome to her and her family to our
school community.

                                                                                 DATES TO REMEMBER
Best wishes                                                             Swine flu vaccinations: Monday,
                                                                        29th March
                                                                        1st Term ends: Thursday, 1st April
                                                                        Pupil Free Day: Monday, 12th
Geoff                                                                   First day 2nd Term: Tuesday, 13th
                                                                        P & C meeting: Tuesday, 13th
                                                                        April at 9.15am
                  NO TUCKSHOP NEXT WEEK –
                  THURSDAY, 1ST APRIL.

Hi everyone. Well what a busy week everyone has been working hard and all the students are doing
exceptionally well at their work experience.
Due to the Easter break we will not be doing tuckshop next week.
Peter has been away sick this week and Norma has had a family member admitted to hospital so we are
grateful to Wayne for stepping in and applying his steady hand to the helm until our regular teachers returned.

Highlights of the week were:
Monday: Work experience for all of us and lots of jobs to do. However we really enjoyed
our ice cream at Hungry Jacks on the way home (thankyou Peter and Norma).
Tuesday: We did lots of academic work and bookwork with a well enjoyed break at the
gym in between.
Wednesday: Wednesday was a great day as we did some maths and literacy work and then we did cooking.
It was everyone’s favourite - “Mini Pizzas!
Thursday: This was a busy day as Peter and Norma were away and we worked all day with Wayne. We
managed to get the tuckshop done and everyone fed .What a great effort from the team. Special thanks to
Pauline who manfully took on tuckshop and did a great job!
            Friday: A happy day! Norma and Peter are back and everyone is working hard. Conan is working
            on his computer course with Erin and we are looking forward to going to the water park during
            middle session.

See you next week.

(Newsletter written by: Zana and Wayne)

Peter and Norma
Hi All,
                     This week has gone by so fast with so many activities going on. It has been a very active
                     week with lots of outside activities, now the rain has decided to mostly stay away. It has
                    been a valiant effort in class with all students working extremely hard. Our focus this
                    week has been on grammar, sentence structure and working our way through our time unit.
                     We have many chefs in the making in Group 2, as they were all keen as mustard to make
                     and bake biscuits during our cooking session on Tuesday. Thursday was the highlight of
                    the week, as it saw the class head off to the beach for a day of fun with Trent and Dale.
Activities included lots of swimming, water safety, piggy in the middle, cricket and a play in the park. Hamish
and Kobi decided to try and dig to the other side of the world - they didn’t quite get there, but they did manage
to reach water in the sand. Some well placed cricket shots left students (and Dale) chasing the ball all over the
beach and Ricky received a lesson in how to tackle.
Each student’s favourite part of the week was:
    • Daniel – Umm, playing cricket at the beach was my favourite.
    • Kobi – Colouring an Easter egg.
    • Teegan - Cricket at the beach.
    • Courtney – Doing lots of school work.
    • Alexis – Going to the beach.
    • Ricky – Taking a day off.
    • Hamish – Going bowling. Teegan and I won.

Have a good weekend.
Aubrey, Cameron and Dale (and Trent)
             Hi everyone.
             This week we have been very busy starting our Easter activities. The boys have been very busy
              doing numeracy and literacy sheets with an Easter theme. They have also made their Easter
                cards and decorated an Easter tree. It is similar to a Christmas
                tree however instead of baubles and tinsel, they have decorated it
               with Easter eggs, bunnies and chickens. It looks very nice indeed.

Every morning we start the day with an obstacle course in our new area outside our classroom. This week
Josh Z. has been the leader. He thought up some great moves for the other boys to follow. They certainly
enjoy starting their morning with half an hour of exercise. This then allows them to settle down and then
come in to the classroom to do class work.
Our student of the week is Thalan. He has been working very hard on completing his tasks
each day. He was very pleased to be presented with his gold medal. We found out that he
loves chicken nuggets, chips and Slush Puppies, his favourite colour is red and likes to
watch movies especially Shrek and Toy Story.
Joshua B., John and Brandon have been working hard on their sight words and reading.
They are making very good progress. Jordan has been working hard too on his phonics and
is going really well. Nick has been doing some great counting and has enjoyed using his
skills on a new game that involves counting Easter Eggs.
For cooking this week we thought we would keep in the chocolate theme and made chocolate crackles. It was
hard work trying to stop the boys eating them before they got home. They all enjoy cooking however the
cleaning up seems to be a no-go area....what is it with boys??
Instead of our usual swim at the Aquatic Centre we tried out Wetside this week. What a great time they had.
It was a beautiful sunny day and they ran and ran. They just love it when the bucket tips over! I think we
may go there again next week!
Well that’s about it for this week, until next time....keep smiling!

Teresa and Nicole
All good things come to those who wait!!!! We are all counting down until all the Easter treats start or are we?
Life in our class is always a treat. Even Laurel enjoyed her Monday morning with our students. Our 4 EVER
THE BEST group never ceases to amaze us concerning their co-operative nature and the wonderful incidental
learning that takes place as students share information with each other. A big thanks to Bill for engineering
Paige’s new style eating table.
                    To Ben for proving through Google search that Europe fits into Australia
                    two times over; to Gemma for being the best cricketer and being our fast
                    finisher on Thursday; to David for passing 2 days of spot-on behaviour
                    and providing the music selection for our class; to Kelly for his all round
                    creative streak including those Fab frames, his art work and a very
                    realistic Komodo Dragon that really woke up Sue and Christine; to Paige
AWARDS              for her soccer prowess in gym sessions as well as her great stretches on
                    Thursday; to Tash for assisting to pilot Paige around the shopping aisles
                    of Coles and for her clear speaking at the shops and in class. (Her Dad is
                    a great speaking coach too!)

Tiffany will be stepping out to school in Brisbane after Easter so we wish her the very best. We hope we can
have a letter from her so we can all pass on our news to her. We’ll miss her and her Mum, our dedicated
shopping volunteer.
Group 4 continued
Students artwork based on their interests are taking shape with so many different styles. Their portraits are
looking good too. Shirley and Sue are expert tutors. All students are rehearsing and changing the room ready
for our Aussie Trivia Quiz next Tuesday. We also have our curtains up, cushions are installed and Whiteboard
is ready for action. Today we checked out the library for some new reading books, CD’s and videos.
Students’ confidence with number patterns is sky-rocketing and they sure can spot a bargain while out
shopping. We had some hard to find ingredients too! Students made a very tasty mini chicken roll this week.
Their organizational skills in the kitchen are improving each week. Way to go!!!! Please encourage them to be
a chef at home over the holidays.
Students helped us draft a letter about our excursion next week and we have some great strategies for
waiting...we may have heaps more upon our return too. Look out for some Easter treats next week. Thanks to
all parents for sending back the IEPs. Sue and I look forward to guiding students towards success with those
goals as well as creating worthwhile learning experiences to promote independence.

Christine and Sue
Again a big Hello to all! Well, our Easter activities are in full swing and the girls are on the way to making the
class a bit more colourful. Brooke definitely prefers the colouring in or painting over the cutting and gluing of
our craft items. She also puts a lot of effort in that. We have also had an addition to our class: Cara has
                                       transferred from Hervey Bay High School and has already found that she
                                       has a lot of friends in the school. Welcome Cara! We hope you will get
                                       to love coming to our school just like the rest of us do.
                                       The ever-faithful Maryborough Toy Library has brought in a tent for us
                                       and we had some fun setting it up in the classroom. Now that it’s up it’s
                                       a great hiding spot for people who need a little bit of quiet. It seems it is
                                       also a hiding place for people who do not want to do work so we’ll have
                                       to monitor who’s in there all the time. It’s really nice to have though, as
                                       every one needs a little place of their own sometimes.

Trish has been back in our class this week because Carrieann has a cold. We are enjoying having Trish with
us and hope that Carrieann gets better really soon as we all miss her and she’s become such an important part
of our class.

Now it’s over to Yvonne:
Hi everyone! My goodness we’ve been busy this week! Trying to get Easter projects on the go and finished
so they can decorate our class before going home at the end of next week, and also, following up on a theme
day that we began planning the last time I was in. We were talking about our favourite movies and the
Princess Diaries came up and so now we’ve decided that today we’ll all be ‘Princesses for a Day’, complete
with dress up, tiaras (which we’ll make) and of course… the movie the Princess Diaries, complete with
popcorn for a treat. Every good princess loves a good movie and popcorn!

Group 5 continued
Today is also our cooking day and we’ll be making spaghetti bolognaise (with extra cheese…. shhh don’t tell
anyone), and if this turns out as good as our fruit smoothies from the last time we cooked together, I think we
all agree that we’ll enter ourselves to become contestants in the next series of My Kitchen Rules – Go
Queensland and the Hervey Bay Special School Group 5!

Cheers all and have a great weekend!

Dieuwke, Yvonne and Carrieann

                                                Wheelchair dancing has really been a big hit in our room this
                                                week. Vicki brought in some beaut boppy country music that
                                                Col can’t stand but is just right for action. Ashley and Tory had
                                                a great time in the pool on Tuesday and Maddy has relaxed on
                                                the waterbed. There are some cheeky looking rabbits popping
                                                up around the room as we begin our Easter activities (and a lot
                                                of paint appearing in unusual places!) We took in some fresh air
                                                and sunshine at the beach at Scarness on our outing this week.
                                                We had two Noeline’s helping us. What a beautiful morning it
                                                was. We did some more Easter cooking and had fun tasting and
                                                licking the spoons and bowls along the way. We now have
                                                Trish helping in our room as Sheree is very busy with other
students. Sheree still pops in during the lunch time and it is good to see her. Dellyse’s son is in cyclone
country and experienced 214km winds in Ului, but except for everything being covered in mulched up bits of
leaves, all is well. He said the boats looked liked spiders being tied down with so many ropes!
We wish Saraid, Tory’s sister, all the best as she competes in the Athletic Carnival in Townsville.

Col, Dellyse, Vicki and Trish
It is so nice to finally have some sunshine at last but even so everyone is coming down with colds. I hope a
nice rest over the weekend will see the illnesses disappear and everyone will return fit and well next week.
We now have Jenny back with us which is lovely, but we still have Trish popping in and out so we really have
not lost her we have simply gained Jenny.
We created a lovely autumn poster this week with Dellyse. It looks great. The kids enjoyed making a gooey
finger paint mess on the table then taking a print of the gorgeous autumn colours. They sponge painted a tree
then cut out autumn flowers to paste on the trees branches. The total effect was brilliant. You are welcome to
come and have a look at our artistic creations.

Group 7 continued
On Tuesday Jenny cooked a fantabulous marble sponge cake for Willie’s Party on Wednesday. We really
enjoyed the afternoon with Nan and Grandad coming in for the going away party. We will sorely miss Willie
in the room but hopefully he might be able to visit Mrs Joyce again. I would like to thank Sue and Paul for all
their help throughout the term. I would have found my job much more challenging without all the input Sue
so generously offered me whenever she was able.
Thanks again and our best wishes to Willie and the whole family in their new home.

Enjoy the weekend.

Caroline, Jenny and Trish
Hi from Group 8.
A very dynamic week as we made a brand new start with a slight shift of staff. We now have Robert working
with us and he has done so well to cope with the order and routine of the week.
On Monday we had our usual morning talk. The boys talked about their weekend. We found out that Ben will
be going to an Easter Egg Hunt at the Seafront oval on Saturday. Aaron mowed lawns, including Trish’s. He
made lots of money! Brendon got his hair cut and he watched the movie 2010. In groups of three the boys had
turn at doing their projects with Bill. They used the interactive whiteboard to undertake the Target Maths
activity which involved subtraction. In the afternoon the boys sprayed crystal clear acrylic onto their paper
mache plates before shredding coloured paper.
On Tuesday we learnt some new Auslan Makaton signs like, warm, silly, and angry. Then we got ready to go
to Meals on Wheels. Everyone did a good job of delivering and Avis left us with some hot cross buns. Avis is
the supervisor of Meals on Wheels and organises the cooks and drivers. In the afternoon the boys earned a
good rest and sat down to watch Stuart Little 1 on DVD.
On Wednesday, most of the boys were able to buy their own thing and Ben was responsible for looking for
cooking ingredients to make Rocky Road. We have some new drums so it was with much delight that each
person had a drum to bang on for our music session. Trent was able to take the boys out in the afternoon for
ball skill practise and bike riding.
On Thursday everybody worked steadily on their diary work after talking about what they do in their
playtime. Most of the boys ride bikes. Sheree came to work with Nicky in the morning session and they did
some paper folding among other things. In the middle session the boys worked steadily with a chopping
activity as they made rocky road. We look forward to going to Wet Side in the afternoon.

Q. How can you tell which rabbits are the oldest in a group? A. Just look for the gray hares.

Group 8 continued

More news next week.

Lorna and Jenny

Hi from Class 8.
This week we have not been studying ufology but rather we have looked at Easter and have been basing our
class activities around this theme. In art we have made fancy Easter cards, in maths we have completed sums
that give you clues to solve Easter riddles and in cooking we made Rocky Road.
We have also spent some time this week completing our interactive school slideshows. The students have
practiced making their own sound recordings and are in the process of attaching these recordings to
appropriate pictures in the slideshows.

                                Wednesday was a great day this week as
                                we went to the Water Park instead of our
                                usual trip to the aquatic centre. Here is
                                Marg and Brendon at the Water Park.
                                All students seemed to have a ball and
                                particularly liked the hot chips we had
                                for our lunch entrée.

                            On Thursday this week we had Erin for Physical Education. Usually we have
                            Trent but he was on other duties. Our class have really improved their striking
                            skills over the past few weeks and are to be congratulated with the efforts that
                            they have put in. In particular their cricket batting techniques have improved
                            considerably as Chelsee demonstrates.

This week’s bowling winners were Chelsee and Brendon with a score of 84. Well
Today we cooked Rocky Road and scones. Here is Bonnie and Cody in action:

Enjoy the weekend.

Brent & Marg
It hard to believe the Easter bunny is almost here and preparing all the chocolate goodness. Hopefully he will
                             stop in to the boys in Group 10!
                             Last Friday instead of going out on the bus the boys had water play at school. They
                             all had such a great time wetting Daylene and Trent and squirting each other with
                             the hoses and buckets of water. By the end of the session they all looked liked
                             drowned rats – but rats that had a great time! As a treat the boys were surprised
                             with popcorn to help warm their little bodies up which of course they all devoured.
                             Here are a few pictures from last week’s water play adventures in the sensory

Our highlights this week have been the outstanding work all the boys have been doing in their structured
literacy and numeracy lessons. We have begun our sight word “word wall” with all the words we have learnt
and have mastered. At the rate Alex and JT are going it won’t be long at all until the wall is full. It is really
good to see the boys transferring and recognising these words in their readers and everyday environments.
In our food technology program this week the boys got stuck into the chocolate spirit and made a delicious
chocolate brownie! They all love to know in advance what we are cooking for the week – I secretly think
Thursday is their favourite day just because of the cooking factor. Hopefully some of the slice made it home
for families to try.

The boys have also thoroughly enjoyed the use of the bike
track and the various bikes and scooters to ride on. We are
very lucky at our school to have such a large and varied
selection of bikes to ride which assists greatly in the gross
motor development of our students. The bike track also
teaches the boys about safety on the roads and when and
how to cross safely. We constantly immerse the boys in
this learning context on everyday situations but to have the
bike track there to reiterate road rules and safety is a
fantastic resource to have within our school. Here are
some pictures of Alex and Daniel enjoying themselves at
the track.
That’s all the news for this week – have a great weekend.

Jess and Daylene


Q. What do you call a rabbit with fleas?    A. Bugs Bunny

With our first term nearly over, it is encouraging to see that the boys are beginning to work co-operatively
together. During computer sessions Sue and Maria now take a back seat while Caleb and Reegan log onto the
computers and navigate to the correct pages. Caleb is quick to jump up and help others when they are not sure
what to do. Reading and bookwork is another area where we are beginning to see co-operation and a helpful
attitude. At the beginning of term the boys were operating in their own space, solely concerned with their
own work. Lately they have started to check out the other boys work and help out with the tricky bits where
they can.

One of the best things that happened this term happened last Wednesday. Everyone was involved in their own
reading activities and Keelan was watching the Virtual Literature book ‘If’ on the computer. One by one the
boys left what they were doing and crowded around Keelan to read to the
story with him. They laughed, chatted and passed comments about each
new page as Keelan used his switch to navigate through the book. It was
a great to see everyone sharing the same interest.

Other highlights of the week were;
       A great maths session with Belinda on Tuesday (see Brandon’s
       Swimming for two of our boys who remembered their togs. The
       water is getting a bit cooler so Sue is glad that swimming is coming to an end.
       Ball games with Trent on Wednesday morning – always a favourite!
       Sorting out our pictures and writing our story about Police on Thursday.
       Connor very helpfully pointed out that the red police cars are called
       Highway Patrol cars.
       Painting circles with one primary colour and adding another primary colour
       to create a different colour.
       Keelan running down the corridor of D Block in his walker (see Keelan’s
Today we are off to the Library and Waterpark for some fun and we are cooking
French toast when we return. What a great way to end a week! Have a good
weekend everyone.

Sue and Maria
Hi all
Well the end of term is upon us already! Only 4 days of school to go next week and…. even more
exciting….it’s not long before the Easter Bunny visits! Group 12 are beginning to show signs of the busy
term we have had and are ready for a bit of a restful holiday.
                 This week we have been practising the sounds we learned this term…s,a,t,i. and
                  have begun our Easter activities. We have made Easter baskets using paper to
                  weave through to make lovely patterns. We also did a woven Easter Egg and a
                  hopping bunny which you can see stuck to our windows. We have decorated a
cardboard basket which has holes all along the outer side which we will use to practise our threading skills.

Q. What do rabbits have that nothing else in the world has?   A. Baby rabbits.
Group 12 continued
On Tuesday we made Fairy Bread…a favourite of all of us and we love this activity as we can do it ourselves.
We had fun games with Trent practising our climbing and balancing and also made our own Playdough and
used it to make all sorts of animal and shapes.
On Wednesday we made Chocolate Crackle Egg Baskets which was a yummy treat. Courtney from Brent’s
room came in to help us which was good as there was lots of chopping and measuring to be done…thanks
Courtney and thanks also to Bonnie who came in on Wednesday and Thursday as Di has been away sick. Our
baskets turned out really well…just ask Micheala who ate both of hers down at the undercover area before she
went home. The baskets had rice bubbles, cream and Mars Bars and then real Easter Eggs sitting on top. In the
afternoon we had Sheree in our room as well as Bonnie and Belinda and we all had a fantastic time doing
messy play with Shaving Cream. Jayden loves to run his trucks through it while Scout, Micheala and Shanya
love oozing it thorough their hands and swirling it around to make patterns on the desk. We all smelt lovely
             and lemony afterwards!
                              On Thursday we had counting Games…5 Naughty Monkeys is Jayden’s favourite
                               and 10 fat sausages is Shanya and Scout’s favourite. We had another play with
                               our Playdough and Shanya got it all through her hair whilst Scout made hats
from his and                  put them on his head making us all laugh. Teela had a great time too and had a
lovely time playing with a container of flour…she looked like a little white ghost afterwards but it was loads
of fun.
Today we made an Easter card and played some new games that we have just got from the toy library so it has
been another good week.
In case we don’t get to write again next week we would like to wish everybody a HAPPY EASTER and hope
that you all enjoy eating lots of chocolate from the Easter Bunny! Thanks to all our parents for coming to IEP
meetings this term and helping us get off to such a great start for the year. We look forward to seeing you all
in Term 2. We hope everybody has a safe and funfilled Easter break.
Bye for now.

Micheala, Scout, Jayden. Shanya and Teela

Lisa, Belinda and Di

      GROUP 13

              The first term of the year is all but done. What a busy one it has been and how very well all our
               students have done. Next week we intend to reward the class with a very special treat - a visit
               to the movies on Tuesday morning to see ‘How to Train your Dragon’. It is made by the
               makers of Shrek, so should be a top class animation. It just happens to be a 3D production so it
              will be a funny sight to see us all there in our glasses. I might have to sneak the class camera in.
             Tuesday is going to be an extra fun day because we also go to the pool for our last swim at the
Aquatic Centre. The middle terms tend to be a bit on the cool side so we do other outdoor activities. We will
swim again in term four.
On Monday morning we have the vaccination team in to administer the Swine Flu vaccinations. A few of our
class are booked in to have this done so if we are all cleared to go early enough we will go for a drive and
have a scoop of our favourite Hot Chips for morning tea. Our little team will be extra brave, I’m sure!!
Thinking back over the last nine weeks it is amazing to recall what we have done so far this year.
During our Community Access program we have visited the Airport, the Marina and the Barge depot in
Riverheads. We have been to a couple of playgrounds for morning tea and checked out the Bat Colony twice.
Group 13 continued
We have had the best fun at the newly opened Water Park. We have tried camel and kangaroo spotting with
limited success as they were all rather far away.

We have rewarded good behaviour with visits to Hungry Jack’s for morning tea and last week we checked out
MacDonalds. And we are about to go to the movies. All these experiences are helpful in expanding our
language and teaching us how to behave in different situations away from school.
                    Our Physical programs have included Ball Skills, balancing and movement games with
                    Trent, our wonderful P.E. teacher. We go swimming every week and use the Multi Sensory
                    Environment regularly for sensory and tumble foam play. Our bike riding program teaches
                    us steering and braking skills and gets us using our larger muscles. We can even get regular
                    exercise in the classroom on our little rebounder or the rocking horse when we need to let
                    off steam.
All students have made very impressive starts to their Pre-Writing books by using improved pencil grips and
making a big effort to follow the prescribed lines. Our Pre-Reading tasks using symbolled instructions to
prompt colour and picture matching are proving very motivating to the class. Matching and naming colours
and working on number recognition and quantity from 1-5 takes up the focus for maths sessions. Everyone is
trying very hard and Sally and Irene are so impressed with the concentration and willingness that everyone
demonstrates. Recently we have started some letter of the Alphabet familiarisation at Circle Time which has
had a good response. Circle Time always includes songs, finger plays and stories, the weather chart, daily
timetable and name matching. The amount of time our students are able to stay focussed during these sessions
has improved considerably, which is a great bonus. Great listening everyone!
The class computers and the wonderful Interactive Whiteboard give everyone a chance to develop an
understanding of this aspect of technology and to build on Literacy and Numeracy skills. These activities are
very popular.
Music sessions where we sing, bash along in time on percussion instruments and participate in action songs
teach us to expand our vocabulary, take turns and enjoy MUSIC! When we need to calm down we sometimes
listen to a bit of Mozart in the classroom…noise levels drop without us even noticing it.
What fantastic progress everyone has made. Sally and Irene are so very proud of Reanna, Paige, Alex and
We hope you all have a great weekend and are raring to go for the final four days of the term.

Sally and Irene


Q. Why did the Easter Bunny hide the egg?
A. Because it was a little chicken.
                                       We have been busy in Class 14 this week. On Monday we set up our
                                       cubby house with lights inside and it was extremely popular with
                                       everyone. Lilly and Piper also made another cubby house (girls only)
                                       which was decorated with bells and dangly things inside.

Tuesday we worked very hard on IEP’S and made the most delicious yoyo biscuits. Dré and Susan thought
they were the best, while Xanthe enjoyed spreading the filling and licking it off before she stuck the biscuits
Wednesday Kaylene took us on a journey to River Heads. We saw the barge out in the distance and then we
went to the park near the community centre. We had a lovely morning tea and then a play before Xanthe had a
quick line dance with the ladies in the hall before we came back to
Thursday morning we sang our usual songs and worked through
our activity charts. Lilly and Xanthe did exceptionally well with
their work charts, while Jay discovered the plasma car and parked
it in the cubby garage.

In the afternoon we went to Maryborough to visit the Tess farm -
it was so much fun and everyone was really interested. This will
lead us into our class work unit on farms for next term.

Today we are looking forward to starting our Easter Bonnets and
our smart moves program in the afternoon.
Until next week keep having fun - we will!

Kaylene, Susan and Group 14
          HERVEY BAY EASTER FUN DAY                                  SPECIAL REQUESTS:
   Saturday: 3rd April, 2010                                         We would like lots of empty shoe
   From 10am to 3pm at Scarness Park, the Esplanade                  boxes for next term.
   Bring the family along and have some fun with lots of             Also please keep the old beads and
   entertainment for all to enjoy.                                   buttons coming in.
   Entertainment from local artists; stalls for all ages;
   amusement rides; children’s activities; games and
   Easter Bunny photos
   For further information please phone:
   Kerrie Marshall on 041 771 8490
   or Melissa Duncan on 042 127 0800