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					           FLINDERS NEWS
        NEWSLETTER NO. 18
    THURSDAY 24 NOVEMBER 2005                                                    AWARDS DAY INVITATION
           DIARY DATES
                                                                        On behalf of Council, Staff and Students of the College, you are
28th November - 6.30pm - 11.50pm
                VALEDICTORY DINNER
                                                                        invited to our 2005 Awards afternoon scheduled for Wednesday
                KD Stewart Centre, Deakin Uni                           14th December. The event will be held in Costa Hall at the
                                                                        Waterfront Campus of Deakin University. Please enter from
29th November - LAST DAY OF CLASSES FOR                                 Brougham Street. Seating will take place at 12.30pm before the
                YEAR 10’s                                               commencement of the Awards Ceremony at 1.00pm.
              - 9.00am - 2.00pm
                Lodgement of Second Hand
                Books to the College Hall
              - 11.45am - 3.15pm
                Yr 9 OED to Ocean Grove                                           PRINCIPALS’ REPORT
              - 7.00pm - 9.00pm
                Sale of Second Hand Books at      SUCCESSFUL LEADING SCHOOL’S FUND PHASE 3 SUBMISSION
                College Hall                      On Tuesday, 7th November we were informed that we were one of two Geelong Secondary
                                                  Schools, and one of 71 across the state, to be successful in DE&T’s Leading Schools Fund
30th November - All Day
                Yrs 11 & 12 2006 VCE              application. We have been granted three additional staff; two highly accomplished, innovative
                ORIENTATION DAY -                 teaching and learning experts and one highly competent ICT specialist for three years and
                Compulsory                        $450,000.00 for capital works/equipment/furniture. The common strength of the
              - Sweethearts performing at         refurbishments and new buildings associated with this project is that they are student centred,
                Pacific School Games, Olympic     with new spaces catered for new learning styles. As this submission is a Middle Years
                Park and Melbourne University     initiative, it is envisaged that the Leading Schools Fund Capital Works will be actioned at the
                Athletes Village                  same time as the refurbishment of the Helen Fraser Campus.
              - 1.30pm - 3.30pm
                All year levels collect unsold
                books and money in College Hall   OCCUPANCY OF HELEN FRASER CAMPUS
                                                  We have received confirmation that we are now looking at the commencement of Term 3 2006
1 December     - 8.45am - 12.40pm                 to occupy our new refurbished site.
                 Yr 12 2006 VCE ORIENTATION
                 DAY - Compulsory                 MIDDLE YEARS CURRICULUM AND ELECTIVE CHOICES
               - 9.00am - 3.00pm                  The teaching community are in the midst of planning curriculum which will reflect VELS to be
                 Yr 10 Excursion to Direct        incorporated into our Years 8 and 9 learning programs for 2006 and beyond. Students will
                 Factory Outlet, Essendon
                                                  receive elective choice proformas within the next couple of weeks. It will be imperative that the
               - 7.30pm start in College Hall
                 Gala Performance Evening         date stipulated on the sheet is strictly adhered to.
                 Yr 8 Drama, Yr 9 Dance, Yr 10
                 Performing Arts. Gold coin       YEAR 8 CAMP UPDATE
                 donation.                        At the time of compilation, one of our three camp groups has safely returned from their Year 8
                                                  camp experience. Feedback to date has been overwhelmingly positive with students sharing
2 December     - GALA DAY - College closed        “It’s been the best camp they’ve ever been on!”. We wish camps two and three the same
5-9 December - Wollangarra Camp
             - Sweethearts Primary School
               Tour                               END OF YEAR ACTIVITIES
                                                  All Year 7, 8 & 9 students should have brought home to you our end of year Activities Program
5 December     - CORRECTION AND REPORT            Outline and Response Sheet. (See Page 2 for details).
                 WRITING DAY-No students
                                                  GRADE 6 ORIENTATION
6 December     - Yr 7 2006 ORIENTATION DAY        We look forward to welcoming our Year 7 2006 students to the College on Tuesday, 6th
                 (No Yr 9 students at school)     December for the annual Orientation Day. The Year 7 intake will have six mainstream classes
                                                  and one accelerated learners class. Planning is well in hand to ensure that our new students
7&8 December - Yrs 9I, 9N and 9D camp at
               Moggs Creek                        have an enjoyable introduction to Matthew Flinders. Following Orientation Day, as is tradition
                                                  at Matthew Flinders, families of our Year 7 intake will participate in our Home Group Interviews
8&9 December - Yrs 9F, 9L, 9E and 9R camp at      on Friday, 9th December.
               Moggs Creek
                                                  Helen Fraser                  Alison Gook                   Sandy Thompson
9 December     - 2006 Yr 7 Intake Home Group      Principal                     Assistant Principal           Assistant Principal

 CORRECTION AND REPORT WRITING DAY -                                        Monday 5th December 2005 - STUDENT FREE DAY

                                          SATURDAY 7 OCTOBER 2006
  PAGE 2                                                                                      FLINDERS NEWS
             END OF YEAR ACTIVITIES                                  SPECTACULAR ASIAN PERFORMANCES
              Miss A Gook, Assistant Principal                                   Ms J Riley and Mr R Barlow

The college will offer an activities program to students         Girls from our Indonesian and Chinese classes topped the bill
following the conclusion of formal classes for 2005.             at the Asian Spectacular held at the Zoo’s new Asian animal
                                                                 precinct. The Asian Education Foundation invited schools to
Years 7&8 students: Received information about this last         perform as well as featuring lively professional martial arts
week. If your daughter did not bring the notice home, please     experts from Indonesia, China and Korea.
ask her to collect another from the General Office.
Year 9 students: Received information about this on Tuesday.     Asmara, our school’s Indonesian
If your daughter did not bring the notice home, please ask       pop group, who are Jessica Friars,
her to collect another from the General Office.                  Erin Jobling, Tessa Wyllie,
                                                                 Shannon Regan, Jessie Fisher
The program will run on Monday 12th, Tuesday 13th and            and Shani Tripcony all of Year 11,
Wednesday 14th December.                                         delighted the crowd of school
                                                                 children, zoo visitors and
Permission slips and money to cover the cost of activities                                   elephants with several sweet and
must be into the General Office by Wednesday, 30th                                           boppy Indo pop songs. Then it
November.                                                                                    was the turn of the Year 8
                                                                                             Chinese Umbrella Dance Troupe
Year 7 have the opportunity of going to the Melbourne Sports                                 made up of Emily Fielding, Bella
and Aquatic Centre for a program that includes 10 activities.                                Charter, Katie Hines, Ashleigh
They also have the opportunity to go to an advanced                                          Taylor, Morgan Kitanoski, Hollie
screening of the new ‘Chicken Little’ film (rated PG) and to                                 Delandre, Emily Berry, Nicole
have a swim, and water slide at Kardinia Pool.                                               Grant and Annemarie Murrell to
Year 8 have the opportunity of going to Adventure Park and to    wow the audience. Dressed gorgeously in qipao (Chinese
the Direct Factory Outlets in Essendon.                          dresses) and carrying colourful
Year 9 have the opportunity of going to Adventure Park and to    Chinese umbrellas, the girls
the Direct Factory Outlets in Essendon.                          swirled and twirled to a favourite
                                                                 song from Mulan. To finish off the
Awards Day, Wednesday, 14th December will involve all            performance, Tegan Barnes and
students in a program at the College for the morning and the     Josie Thomas (Year 10 Chinese)
Awards Ceremony at Costa Hall in the afternoon.                  sang another Mulan song in
                                                                 Chinese ka-la-OK (karaoke) style,
Full Summer uniform with ‘White’ socks must be worn on that      as well as a beautiful acapella version of a traditional Chinese
day.                                                             folk song Molihua (Jasmine Flower). The performance
                                                                 couldn’t have been successful without the assistance of
                                                                 Sarah Luck on the sound mixing desk.
                YEAR 11 REMINDERS
            Mr A Hyde (Yr 11 Student Manager)                    We teachers and parents were delighted with all the girls’
                                                                 performances. Furthermore, we basked in the praise from
Exams: Year 11 exams are a compulsory part of the College        many zoo visitors who tapped us on the shoulder to
program. They run from 21 - 25 November. Students have a         compliment the girls and express a very favourable
timetable and know when and where their exams are.               impression about our rich language program.
Students are not expected at the College unless they have an
exam or if they are preparing for an exam. School uniform        If you’d like to view some of the lovely photos taken of the
must be worn during exams.                                       girls, go to www.casamento.biz/asiaspectacular and scroll
Year 12 Orientation: Orientation classes for next year are       down to about 500.
also compulsory. They run on Wednesday, 30th November
and Thursday, 1st December. These classes represent the
start of Year 12 and holiday work may be set. Students will
be dismissed at lunchtime on the Thursday. The Student
Leaders for 2006 will be required after lunch for a leadership                STUDENT MOVEMENT 2006
Year 12 Tops: The balance of the cost of the Year 12 top for     It is extremely important that Student Level Managers are
2006 must be paid by Friday, 25th November.                      aware of any students who will not be returning in 2006.
Interim Exit Forms: These have been distributed and              Staffing, subject planning and general organisation is
students must be signed out by Friday, 25th November.            dependent on accurate numbers. We urge that any student
Students will not be signed out until they return their          movement is communicated as a matter of priority.
outstanding absence form. Students who are not returning
next year must see Mr Hyde for a pink exit form.

                                   SATURDAY 7 OCTOBER 2006
   PAGE 3                                                                                      FLINDERS NEWS
                                    YEAR 11 FAREWELLS YUKI AND CLARA
                                            Mr A Hyde (Year 11 Student Manager)

 At the Year 11 assembly on Thursday, 3rd November the students farewelled Yuki Fukuda and Clara Alfieri. Both girls have
 been with us since the start of Term 3 and have been very valuable members of the student group. They have been part of
 Year 11 classes, been on extra-curricular activities and made many firm friends.

 Both girls made wonderful speeches about their time here and thanked the staff and students for making them welcome.
 They were presented with a gift to remember their time in Australia.

 I wish them all the best for the future and hope that we hear from them after they return to their homes.

                  YUKI FUKUDA (Speech)                                             CLARA ALFIERI (Speech)
  I would like to say thank you very much to everyone of            Hi everyone! I just want to say a big thank you to all of
  Matthew Flinders. I had a great four months at this               you because even if I don’t know some of you, you were
  school. I felt the Australian school was much better              part of this amazing world I’ve had the chance to live in
  than the German or Japanese schools because the                   for five months. Obviously, special thanks to my friends
  teachers are nicer, students are kinder and there are             and those who took care of me, involving me in
  more interesting subjects.                                        everything which helped me in having a great time.
  A special thank you to Mrs Wong, Mr Sheriff,                      Thanks also to the teachers who were all very helpful
  Ms Lowcock, Mr Backwell, Mrs Gunning, Mr Hyde and                 and friendly to me, which was something unusual
  Mrs Wilson who took me cross country skiing and                   because back in Italy we have a more formal and ‘cold’
  surfing. I really enjoyed it and it was a wonderful               relationship which makes school more boring. Thanks
  experience for me. Mr Barlow, thank you for taking me             especially to those who took me to Central Australia
  to the Melbourne Zoo with Asmara, it was fantastic! At            and gave me the chance to see that wonderful part of
  last I would like to thank my friends who supported me:           your country.
  Tessa, Victoria, Adelaide, Michelle and Jessica Friars            Finally, thanks to Mr Hyde who supported me in all
  who is my host sister and my best friend.                         matters, with changing my subjects and for actually
                                                                    keeping my suitcase in his office nearly every Friday.
                                                                    This was probably the best experience of my life, so I
                  EQUESTRIAN NEWS                                   want to thank you again for making it possible and
                    Megan Kennedy 11D                               suggest you don't miss the chance of being an
                                                                    exchange student. It is difficult sometimes being away
                                                                    from home but if you meet half as many nice people as
Recently I was lucky enough to go on a trip to the Australian
                                                                    I’ve met , you will have a great time.
Institute of Sport (AIS) in Canberra. I was given this amazing
opportunity through the Victorian Young Rider Dressage
Squad, of which I am a member.
                                                                      PROCEDURES FOR THE SIGNING-OUT OF
En-route we had a surprise visit from Heath Ryan (he                     STUDENTS FROM THE COLLEGE
represented Australia at the Olympics in 2000) who gave us a
                                                                                      Principal Class Team
motivational speech on achieving our goals.
                                                                  Regretfully we find ourselves in the position of asking
Three players from the Australian under 17’s soccer team
                                                                  parents/guardians/caregivers for proof of identification
gave us a guided tour of the facilities which were
                                                                  when collecting your daughter/s from the College’s
unbelievable. The volleyball surface cost over $250,000,
                                                                  Attendance Office. We seek your co-operation on this
second hand from the Sydney Olympics. We were able to
watch some of the athletes in training and later on our friends
from the soccer team taught us how to play - mind you, being
dressage riders none of us were any good!                                          CONGRATULATIONS
We attended a few lectures on the mentality and nutrition
behind dressage, both of which were very interesting.
                                                                  Congratulations to Kerry Lewis who won the Siemens Fine
                                                                  Art Scholarship at RMIT. This was announced on Tuesday,
The highlight of the weekend was dinner on Saturday night
                                                                  15th November. Kerry is completing a masters in Fine Art at
with the Sydney Swans.
                                                                  RMIT as well as working at Matthew Flinders Girls
                                                                  Secondary College supporting the Students with Disabilities
This was a fantastic experience and one that will never be
forgotten. Hopefully we will be able to go again next year to
do some intensive training.

                                    SATURDAY 7 OCTOBER 2006
  PAGE 4                                                                                         FLINDERS NEWS
 Mrs P Potts/ Jess Young, Beth Moorfoot and Tegan Clingan                                   Mrs W Kerry

On Wednesday, 2nd November I had the pleasure of                   Our champion team travelled to Melbourne on Friday 11th
accompanying our 2006 College Captains, Emily Lawrence             November to compete in the VSSSA State Finals. Eight teams
and Molly Jones, and the Middle Year Leaders, Tegan                represented the various regions and teams were divided into
Clingan, Beth Moorfoot and Jess Young, to the 2005 Young           two pools of four teams.
Leaders Conference in Melbourne.
                                                                   Our first match against Flora Hill was a 0-0 draw - but a draw
Following is the Middle Years Captains’ report.                    is better than a loss. Against Canterbury in our second game
                                                                   we were blown away with a 4-0 loss. Two of our players
“It was 2nd November when the 2006 Middle Years Captains,          sustained bad bruising to the toes after being hit with the ball
alongside the 2006 College Captains and Mrs Potts, boarded         and both had to be replaced on the field.
the 7.40am train to Melbourne. It was early and we were
tired, yet still Mrs Potts encouraged us to fill in a leadership   The last game was a really terrific contest as neither team
questionnaire. It not only made us think about our positions       would make the final. We were eventually defeated by
but got our brains motivated and ready for the day ahead.          McKinnon 2-0.

We entered a room in the Melbourne Convention Centre               Overall, our team of fresh new players has done incredibly
along with thousands of other students. There were students        well to make the finals this year. Thanks to all the parents
from schools throughout Victoria and even Tasmania who             who came along to support their girls and an extra special
attended the seminar. The event was held by the Young              thank you to Francis and Courtney McCullough for their
Leaders Foundation of Australia. There were speakers such          interest in and encouragement of the entire team.
as Janine Allis (Boost Juice founder), Drew Ginn (Awesome
Foursome), Simon McKeon (Executive of the Macquarie Bank,          Let’s look forward to next year, girls. I’m sure it will be a big
Melbourne), and Katrina Webb (Para-Olympian runner) who            success.
were both inspirational and motivating.

We learnt that with being a leader comes responsibilities and
sometimes a leader is not always the smartest or loudest in a
group. A good leader should listen and should give a positive
contribution to their area of influence. Our influence, we
hope, will be on the Matthew Flinders school community,
helping to make your school life more enjoyable.

We will not forget this day and are sure that it will have a big
influence on our leadership skills. We look forward to working
with you all next year to help better the school and it’s

                    LIBRARY BOOKS
                    Resource Centre Team                                               YEAR 7 CRICKET
                                                                                          Miss S Kabylakis
                     Students, please can you begin the
                     search for the elusive library book that is   The Year 7 girls continued their fine form on 8th November
                     recorded in your name to be outstanding.      by beating Pascoe Vale Secondary College by two runs!
                     It is extremely important that all library    Overall result: 9 for 123 (MFGSC) / 3 for 121 (Pascoe Vale).
                     books are accounted for prior to the
                     conclusion of the school year. Your           There were some excellent skills shown in this close and
                     efforts would be greatly appreciated by       exciting match, including great fielding by Nerida Arbuthnot,
                     the library team.                             dedicated wicket keeping by Ashleigh Vogler and Tenille
                                                                   Roberts, and some accurate bowling by Claire Dittloff and
                                                                   Mia England.
                                                                   Well done to the rest of the team: Tess Butler, Maddison
                                                                   Cameron, Sumeyra Eren, Hayleigh Jarvis, Gabrielle Millar,
                                                                   Amy Robertson, Bronwyn Ryan and Briahna Telford. Three
Please note that Year 9 students are not                           cheers also for our fabulous umpire Ellen Anderson.
required at school on Tuesday, December 6 due
to this day being Grade 6 Orientation Day.                         Good luck for the State grand final on Thursday, 24th
                                                                   November at Oak Park!

                                   SATURDAY 7 OCTOBER 2006
  PAGE 5                                                                               FLINDERS NEWS
                                    VICTORIAN SCHOOL OF LANGUAGES

                                         LEARN A LANGUAGE!
The Victorian School of Languages (VSL) is a Government School which specialises in teaching languages. The school is
committed to the provision of language programs for students who do not have access to the study of those languages in
their home schools.

The benefits of studying a language are many:
    > Every language studied through to VCE level earns bonus marks for entry into University Courses;
    > Skill in a second language opens up greater opportunities for employment;
    > Students who learn a second language have been shown to be more flexible thinkers and better at problem

Students may enrol for the 2006 classes in the following languages:
           North Geelong Centre                                Matthew Flinders Centre
           Albanian, Bosnian, Croatian, Macedonian             Chinese, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese,
           Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Turkish, Vietnamese   Spanish, Auslan (VCE Units 1 & 2)

                                                All classes commence: Saturday, February 4th!
                            For information, contact the VSL Area Manager, Marjory Palmer on 5277 9833, Monday to

                                         SECONDHAND BOOK SALES

                                               Tuesday November 29, 2005
                                              Time: 7.00pm – 9.00pm ONLY
                                                   ALL YEAR LEVELS

   The benefit of selling and purchasing any books is that 20% of the profit goes to the College for
   upgrading facilities and equipment not covered by the College Global Budget eg: In previous years, lockers
   and enhancing College grounds. Alternatively, you can sell and purchase second hand books at other book
   outlets, but any profits don’t go to our College. Costs are set by bookstores on buying and selling. This
   is the only time you can purchase second hand books for your daughter.

    Watch the Flinders News for further information. The book sale will be held in the College Hall. It is
    suggested that you line up at the Myers Street entrance from 6.00pm onwards. Educational Maintenance
    Allowance recipients may contact the Welfare Co-ordinator, Mrs Mitchell, by November 21, for advice on
    purchasing texts.

    Thank you,
    Penny Potts/Raema Ash, Book Sale Coordinators

                                  SATURDAY 7 OCTOBER 2006
   PAGE 6                                                                                              FLINDERS NEWS
                     ADOPT-A-FAMILY                                            PARKING BAYS - FENWICK STREET
                Jessica Harding, College Captain

As we have done in previous years, the SRC has decided to “Adopt-        DROP OFF AND PICK UP ‘10 MINUTE’ PARKING ZONES IN
a-Family” that lives in the Geelong region to help make their                FENWICK STREET (Directly behind Bus Zone)
Christmas a happy one. With the money that we have raised
throughout the year, we are sponsoring a medium size family and        The City of Greater Geelong has rezoned two parking bays for the
buying them presents and food ready for that special day in            College community to use as drop off and pick up points.
                                                                       These two bays are 10 minutes in duration between the hours
We are putting a box in the General Office and asking all parents,     of:-
students and teachers to give their own generous contributions to                  8.00am—9.00am and
help make this Christmas memorable for at least one family who
                                                                                   3.00pm—5.30pm - Monday to Friday
would normally go without. We are requesting small gifts such as
chocolates and toys, as well as any packaged food that you think
would be suitable for a Christmas dinner. This box will be in the      We thank the City of Greater Geelong for its co-operation in this
General Office until the end of school, so please assist and support   matter.
us in helping to make a difference to a family in our own
                                                                        PARENT UPDATE—ELECTRONIC NEWSLETTER
                      NETBALL CLINIC                                                FOR PARENTS

                                                                       Parent Update is a new electronic newsletter that has been
                    Want to play for Australia?
Come, learn and develop your netball skills with State & Australian
                                                                       developed by the Department of Education & Training for
21/Under representative, Nicole Traynor and GFL 15/Under 2005          parents. The newsletter contains articles of interest to parents
Junior interleague coach Ellen Ladgrove.                               and information about what is happening in education and
                                                                       training across Victoria.
DATES:    Thursday 27 Oct, Thursday 24 Nov &      LIMITED
          Thursday 2 February 2005.               POSITIONS            If you would like to receive the free electronic newsletter, you
VENUE:    Lara Secondary College, Alkara Avenue, Lara                  can do so online at www.det.vic.gov.au/det/parentupdate.
COST:     NO CHARGE AGE: 11 years to 17 years old welcome
     CONTACT: 0417 156 814 OR 5282 8270 TO REGISTER
                                                                         YOUR COUNCILLORS ARE HAPPY TO ASSIST
                CANTEEN ROSTER
           MONDAY 14/11—FRIDAY 25/11                                   Please feel free to phone any of the following parent member
                                                                       Councillors if you wish to discuss any Council issues:
Monday 28 November            Diane Curry                                     Les Goding:                 5222-1180     (President)
Tuesday 29 November           HELP NEEDED PLEASE                              Dorothy Morgan:             5241-6701     (Vice-President)
Wednesday 30 November         HELP NEEDED PLEASE                              Helen Jellett:              5278-6860
Thursday 1 December           HELP NEEDED PLEASE                              Lyn Luck:                   5244-5158
Friday 2 December             Gala Day                                        Bryan Woodford              5282-5157

Monday 5 December          Report Writing Day
Tuesday 6 December         Angela Gates
Wednesday 7 December HELP NEEDED PLEASE                                         IT’S NOT OK TO BE AWAY
Thursday 8 December        Eileen Mills
Friday 9 December          Robyn Morgan, Barb Smith
Thank you for your help. Janet Roussety.
                                                                                      Good school attendance means:
                       UNIFORM SHOP                                       >   Improved understanding of your work
                          Mrs S Taylor                                    >   Higher grade results
                                                                          >   Maximised VCE Score
                          UNIFORM SHOP                                    >   Wider range of pathways/career choices.
                          OPENING HOURS
                      Tuesday 8.30am-11.00am                                                Reach your potential!
                      Friday 12.00pm—2.00pm

                                MATTHEW FLINDERS GIRLS SECONDARY COLLEGE
                Little Ryrie Street (PO Box 1285) Geelong 3220                    Telephone: 5221 8288 Fax: 5221 5926
                Website: www.mfgsc.vic.edu.au                                     matthew.flinders.girls.sc@edumail.vic.gov.au

                                     SATURDAY 7 OCTOBER 2006